Before we address the finesse of this corn,
we must acknowledge a homage and dutifully mourn
the ancestors before us who have shown us the way
so that we may enjoy our popcorn today.

A long time ago the western world was waiting.
Native Americans began celebrating
the discovery of their land by the pompous boat tuggers
who greeted and cheated the naive tree huggers.

They discovered soon after the western secret
available only to those who seek it.
They watched cultured men throw crops into the fire
and behold, they popped! A newfound desire.

Minds blown for popcorn the snack went viral,
even the Colonel was popping out a bible.
He thanked God for blessing him with tangible perfection,
he couldn't get enough of the holy confection!

So I sit here writing, eating off duty.
I have kick-ass kernels exploding with beauty.
With a bowl of bountiful and buttery corn
I say thank you Mr. Redenbacher, for having been born.