Requited Folly

I know that you're up for it so I'm going down.
I'm like Treecko, from the get go I'll just Leer and I'll Pound.
And when this gecko jeers at you you'll see that you make a sound,
that happy place where joy's a plenty, pleasure's coy and profound.

You'll be stuck in your mind, the feelings churn and remind.
You'll find that these motions are devious and divine!
Emotions inclined with the laws of physics declined.
The rules of love break the grind, baby my soul's at its prime.
I just need your good word...a blurb of good verbs?
We're undertaking the making - of a couple of nerds.

So just know that I love you and rewind the rebuttal,
I know that you love me so let's just lie down and cuddle.
I used to have trouble, I couldn't sleep in this bubble,
and now that we stay up all night fortunately that makes double! ^-^