So my sister told me to right another one and here it is

I felt the rush of people moving towards the center of the crowd as everyone wants to watch Hannah Montana and Ray Mysterio fight. And it was a really bad fight. I mean Hannah Montana through Ray out the window and he came through the wall. It left a Ray Mysterio shaped figure in the wall. I somehow saw a flashmob in the middle of everything.

All of a sudden, the roof flew off and in a hole a few miles away. Everyone looked up, besides the people in the flashmob, and saw a starship. A screen flew out and on the screen was Ellen Degeneres.

"Hello everyone" She said waving

"That's my ship!" Everyone heard

Nicki Minaj came flying towards the ship. She was flying like a superhero, and for some reason, wearing a cape.

She found a hole in the ship and flew in it.

You saw her on screen and she tackled Ellen and you just heard screaming

I felt something drop on my head. I picked it up and saw it was a kitten.

It was gray and had bright blue eyes

"Meow" It said

"I'm keeping you" I said and putting it in my

jacket "I'm naming you Gandalf"

I felt more stuff drop on my head

I looked up and saw... Lima beans?

I also saw midgets falling out of the sky. And even more cats that are farting on their way down. Which was the weirdest thing ever.

My reaction to all this is what the heck? All this happened at a ho down throw down... The heck?

There it is. She makes me write the weirdest of stories