Silent Night

Haunting and sinister, his suit is dark red.
Saint Nicholas is a demon with blood on his sled.
His elves are moving bones,
his face is cold as stone,
his wife is a ghost and his reindeer are dead.

Every year Saint Nicholas is annoyed and harassed
to bring goodies to kiddies, an impossible task.
And all in one stride
they expect him to ride
and visit each house, kind and unmasked.

One year Saint Nicholas was disgruntled and peeved,
selfish and loathsome he wish they would leave.
With a snap of his appendage
he disappeared with a vengeance
and magically vanished until Christmas Eve.

Snowfall arrived. It was a hollow Christmas night.
Kids were building snowmen of death defying heights.
But lo and behold
the kids became cold,
it seemed death was not defied and they froze over with fright.

Parents woke up early, groggy with yawns.
They looked out their windows as the morning broke dawn.
They screamed and they shrieked
as they ran and they freaked
to find the kids dead with presents in their palms.