+Post New Thread

I clicked the subforum and patiently waited.
My page became frozen, Fedora delayed it.
And then it had loaded, I finally made it.
I looked at the icon, my mind became vacant.

I came to this forum to write away worries.
Collecting dark thoughts, I needed to hurry.
Ominous promise, my pride becomes dirtied.
Throbbing and sobbing my heart is now hurting.

I post a new thread but the contents are aging.
I look at the past and my mind begins raging.
I look at the ceiling, my friend's face is fading.
I beg him, please stay! I beg him, keep waiting...

I'll save you again, it's all I ever wanted.
Your death is unreal, my memories are haunted.
Alex, what happened? You were doing so well.
I know life can be tough, but suicide is hell.

I post a new thread but it'll soon be old,
lost in the archives of stories untold.
Pieces of my life, they lie on these servers.
Words once spoken become words once murmured.
Words once murmured become words unspoken.
Pieces of my life, shattered and broken.