Yuri Arakero gazed in wonder at the computer in her hands. Words scrolled across the impossibly high-def screen. At the same time, a soft male voice spoke from the empty air around her.

Congratulations. You are now in possession of an illegally obtained four-dimensional computer.

Yuri dropped the computer in surprise. "Show yourself!" she said. The voice, this time coming directly from the computer, said, I already have.

"If you're in the computer, what happens if I leave?"

Go right ahead. Good luck avoiding the other Illuminati without me.

"The... other... Illuminati? You're an Illuminatus?"


"The what do you mean the other Illuminati?"

There's two of us here, you know.


Think. I'm not an Illuminatus...

"So... you think I am?"

Finally... some logic. Now, why don't you do something with your fudu before it decides you don't want it?

"Do what?"

Look in the upper right corner. You'll see that it says 'enter password here'.

"Okay... what's the password?"

Whatever you decide it to be. This fudu's in setup mode, normally used for children ages two to five.

"I've got a password. How do I enter it?"

That's both the hardest part and the easiest. Hardest part, in that you have to use the most complex four-dimensional system ever discovered. Easiest, in that the system is one you are intimately familiar with.

"But I never even heard of four-dimensional systems until today. What could it possibly be?"

Assuming you have one, your brain.

"My brain?"

If it's really not a suitable input device, you can get a touch, but it's better to learn the mental interface first.

"Okay. I just think really hard about my password?"

Not exactly. Don't speak it aloud, but rehearse the sounds of your password, the muscle movements you would make to type, write, and speak them, their ultimate meaning.

The password flashed at the corner of the screen.


A/N: Immature and somewhat - well - improbable. I liked it, though. Did you?