Rita looks at her watch and it says 10 pm.

It's Sunday and the new year's and the bar is going to be open till 1 pm.

She has three more hours before the bar closing time, and another hour more till she gets to her go home to her comfortable bed.

Rita, the best bartender in town is taking in all the orders and working as fast as her two hands would allow her.

Finally, the countdown begins for midnight, 10,9...3,2,1.

Shouts of 'happy new year' echo in the bar and some can be seen kissing other, while some are just watching people kissing each other, while
others are awkwardly settling down for hugging if not for a kiss.

Its almost 1am now and the tables are being cleaned and the few people still nursing their drinks are being told to leave politely by the

All the work is done and Rita's aching feet are killing her.

She bids goodnight to her colleagues and leaves for home.

While she's driving home, she hears the familiar beeping of the incoming text on her phone.

It's from her old school friend Poornima.

She says happy new year and has put 3 smileys next to it.

Rita smiles "Poo and her ridiculous habit of putting too many smileys..."

Rita parks her small Fiat in the garage, and is climbing the steps to her apartment.

Rita replies back to Poornima, wishing her the same.

Poornima bids her good night, and tells her to call her tomorrow, Rita replies okay and says good night back.

She washes-up and changes into pajamas and climbs into her bids, turns off the light.

Before her head hits the pillow, she's already asleep.