I'm so in love with you

It tearing me apart

And I can't even tell you

What did you do to my heart?

I didn't cut myself last night

But I don't feel like I'm getting better

Thought maybe this would go away

But here I am writing a love letter

When I'm near you I'm dying

And when we're apart I'm crying

And for some reason I can't explain

All this love feels like pain

Every time that I can't kiss you

Is another moment of agony

I know I could be happy with you

But you could never be happy with me

Sometimes I want to tell you

Doesn't it have to be better than this?

But I know you won't return the feelings

I won't give you up for just a kiss

But please have mercy

Please reconsider Please relent

I can't keep this up

I don't where my control went

Soon I'm gonna break

I can feel it in my heart

I'm so sorry for hurting you

But my love's tearing me apart