Crown-Town Elementary School, 2nd Grade Classroom 11:58 A.M.

At the 2nd grade classroom of Crown-Town's Elementary School, 9 students were paying attention and writing down the class a woman in her 20's were giving them. Among all the kids two of them, Hayden and Diamond, were talking a bit while they were writing down the class.

"Hey Diamond." said Hayden. "What plans do you have for the weekend?"

"I don't have any plans." replied Diamond. "What plans do you have?"

"Not much either, I wanted to know if you had any so I could ask you if I could join." said Hayden. "But maybe we could think of something when we're at my house."

Just as they finished, the ring belled as everybody closed their books, put their pencils, erasers and other stuff in their pencil-case and put the pencil-case and their books in their backpacks. Once everybody finished, they cleaned up their desks as their teacher told them to not leave yet.

"That's all for today, Enjoy your weekend and remember class, the writing contest will be on sunday." told the woman to the entire class. "If you wanna sign up, the pamphlet is there in the hall."

After that, the teacher told them they could leave and everybody left trough the main door. While they were walking around the halls Hayden and Diamond spotted a kid just finishing writing down his name on a list in a wall with the title "Writing Contest inscription List" above it with marker pens of varous colors close to it. Diamond walked to the list and grabbed the violet marker pen, Hayden following her.

"Diamond, You're gonna sign up for the writing contest?" asked Hayden.

"Of course." answered Diamond, writing her name on the list. "I love writing, so this contest was made for me."

"I would think twice about signing in if I were you." told Hayden to Diamond. "You are not afraid that you won't know what to write about?"

"Hayden, my young mind is filled with infinite ideas of infinite potential." said Diamond putting the marker pen back on it's place. "Besides I already signed up and there's no eraser for this, so I have no choice."

"Well, if you say so." said Hayden, rolling his eyes and continuing to walk with Diamond. "Let's go now."

Dreizler's House 12:02 P.M.

At the Dreizler's House, Hayden and Diamond arrived trough the main door and Hayden closed the door. The two went to a table in the kitchen and put their backpacks there.

"Good thing you live just across the street from school, Hayden." said Diamond.

The two then sat on the couch.

"Okay, Diamond, let's think about something." said Hayden before starting to scracth his chin. "What do kids our age do?"

"Question why we're hanging around with a member of the opposite gender?" asked Diamond, scratching her chin too.

"No, let's try to think about something else." said Hayden.

Hours passed and passed as Hayden and Diamond tried to think of something to do on the weekend. About midway trough it, Diamond got off her chair and walked to the front of the kitchen, where she saw Asphodel cleaning the dishes.

"Hey, we don't we ask your sister if she knows anything we can do?" asked Diamond, pointing at Asphodel.

"Good idea, Diamond!" exclaimed Hayden, appearing right behind Diamond. "Asphodel will surely know anything we can do."

Hayden and Diamond walked to Asphodel, who continued cooking without too much bother.

"Hi sis." greeted Hayden.

"Hi Hayden." greeted Asphodel back, not seeing the two kids. "What do you need?"

"We wanted to know if you had any suggestion for something we could do on the weekend." answered Hayden.

"Hehehe, that's something you should know instantly." said Asphodel as she finished washing the last plate. "You're 7 year old kids, you're entertained by anything, or so I think."

"Oh man, I was hoping you had any suggestion." said Hayden.

"Well, why don't you go around trough the city?" suggested Asphodel. "Fresh air would certainly do you good."

"Yeah, that sounds like a good idea." said Hayden. "Let's go Diamond!"

"Not now you silly." said Asphodel, catching Hayden and Diamond's attention. "Go after dinner and a bit of rest."

"Oh, yeah, I forgot we just arrived." said Hayden. "We'll be waiting there at the living room."

Hayden and Diamond left the kitchen as Asphodel went to a cabinet nearby and took out some stuff to prepare dinner. Hayden and Diamond returned to the living room and sat on the coach again, this time looking dissapointed.

"Huh, At least we'll be able to go without supervision after all of that." said Diamond.

"And I'm coming with you." said Asphodel, hearable to the Living room.

"How did she knew we were talking about that?" asked Diamond.

Streets of Crown-Town 3:00 P.M.

After dinner and a rest, Hayden, Diamond and Asphodel were walking trough the streets of Crown-Town. Asphodel was taking care of Hayden and Diamond while the two looked around the stores, parks and other buildings in amazement.

"Hey look!" exclaimed Diamond, pointing in one direction. "That store looks interesting."

The trio stopped in front of a store with an MM picture in the roof and other exotic stuff promoting it. The trio went closer to the store, where a performing teenager gave them a pamphlet about the store and winked at Asphodel. As Asphodel shrugged off what happened and started reading the pamphlet, Hayden and Diamond looked trough the window the store inside.

"Mac's Macguffin store of Macguffin's." Asphodel started reading. "We sell the best plot-starting objects that have no other use afterwards."

"Let's go inside!" said Hayden and Diamond in unison.

"I'm sorry guys, but the answer is no." said Asphodel. "I don't really trust any store that admits it's products are useless after a set of time."

"Please?" asked Hayden and Diamond.

Hayden and Diamond put on puppy eyes and looked at Asphodel to try and let her take her option to yes. Asphodel looked unamused until she finally sighed in defeat.

"Okay let's go in." said Asphodel.

Hayden and Diamond cheered as the two and Asphodel went trough the main door to the store. As soon as they set a foot in there, a puff of smoke appeared and from there a man in his 40's appeared right in front of them, The trio coughing after the puff of smoke dissapeared.

"Hello and welcome to Mac Macguffin's store of Macguffin's." greeted the man. "I'm the owner of the store, Mac Macguffin."

"Nice to meet you mister Macguffin." greeted Hayden. "What do you have to offer in this store?"

"Look around and see if you like anything." said Macguffin. "We got great merchandise this week."

The three started to look around the store, seeing from the tame to the extreme. The trio looked very unamused while searching around while Macguffin waited for their choice in the counter.

"Too cliche." said Asphodel, referring to the grail.

"Too awesome." said Hayden, referring to a dragon sword.

"Too advanced." said Diamond, tossing around a book titled 'The study of Phenomenology'. "Hey, what's that?"

Hayden, Diamond and Asphodel walked to a big, red book that was shinning with white light while angelic music played. The lights turned off as Macguffin revealed he controlled the lights and the chorus-dressed as angels-stopped and left the store trough the main door. Macguffin appeared right close to it in a puff of smoke.

"This is the S.O.L book." told Macguffin to the trio. "The S.O.L stands for Slice Of Life."

"Ouch." said Diamond smilling.

"No it's not what you think." clarified Macguffin. "The book is about the daily life of the normal people, each page has many different things that happen in life and the point of this book is to see if you can complete them all. It's also perfect if you have time to kill."

"Ooooh!" said Hayden and Diamond in unison

"Okay, so we'll buy this book." said Asphodel. "How much does it costs anyway?"

"You're very lucky little lads, because It's free for today!" replied Macguffin.

Squeeing in happiness, Hayden and Diamond grab the book. Asphodel manages to stop them before they leave the store with said book as she walks towards Macguffin and looks at him menacingly.

"What's the trick?" asked Asphodel.

"What trick are you talking about?" asked Macguffin back.

"Nobody, outside maybe in a promotion, would sell a book like that for nothing." answered Asphodel. "Besides, if the book is really free, the book wouldn't even be there since somebody would have taken it before we arrived."

"Hehehe, well we just opened last week, and the book wasn't actually free." said Macguffin. "But we decided that one day we would give anything for free if anybody came to this store and, what a coincidence, that day is today!"

"I still think there's something fishy around here." said Asphodel. "What do we do if we actually finish it?"

"Haha, just enjoy the book and good luck on completing it." said Macguffin. "And, if you finish it, just let us know. Because a price is waiting for when your children have completed the book."

"They're actually not my children." said Asphodel. "The boy is my younger brother and the girl is my younger sister."

"Whatever, just enjoy it and goodbye." said Macguffin.

Hayden, Diamond and Asphodel left the store and went walking back home. Just as they left, Macguffin took out an exact copy of the S.O.L book the trio took and put it on the place the old S.O.L book was in.

Dreizler's House 7:00 P.M.

Back at the Dreizler's House, Hayden and Diamond put the book on a desk in the living room as Hayden opened the book. The very first page of the book had two long, blank lines with the words "Participant 1" and "participant 2" on their left.

"Let's write our names here." said Diamond.

Hayden and Diamond took out two pencils from their backpacks nearby and wrote down their full names in the blank lines. Right after that, Hayden turned to the next pages of the book. There were 4 challenges, 2 on each page, that were about what Macguffin said they were about, the daily days of life.

"Ghost Story, Road Trip, Slumber Party, Camping, this book surely has what Macguffin said it had." said Hayden, reading the challenges before changing his sight to Diamond. "So, who's gonna take the book to their room?"

"Nobody." answered Asphodel, closing the book and grabbing it. "The book is staying here at the library."

Asphodel went walking to a book shelf they had in the Living Room and put the book among the other books in the shelf.

"Now take a bath and get ready for the rest of the day." said Asphodel.

"Fine." said Hayden and Diamond in unison.

Dreizler's House, Hayden's and Diamond's Room 7:59 P.M.

In their room, Hayden and Diamond were in their beds, finishing toking themselves up.

"Tomorrow is saturday." said Diamond. "Wich means we won't have school and we can stay at home."

"On the other hand." interrupted Hayden. "You have to write something for the writing contest."

"Ah yes, well after i'm done, we'll be able to do something in the book." said Diamond.

"That sounds like a plan." said Hayden, reaching for the lamp. "Good night Diamond."

"Good night Hayden." said Diamond.

Hayden turned off the lamp and He and Diamond fell asleep.