Dreizler's House, Hayden and Diamond's Room 7:00 a.m.

At their room, Hayden and Diamond both woke up at the same time when their alarm clock started to ring. While Hayden untoked himself and got out of his bed, Diamond punched the alarm clock, destroying it again, right before she mimicked what Hayden did.

"Okay Hayden, we need to get ready and put on a big smile." told Diamond to Hayden. "Because today's our birthday!"

"Ah yes, I wonder how I forgot about it. I'll check the calendar." said Hayden, walking to a calendar, now in the month of march. "Yep, its our birthday... Actually, since when do we have a calendar in our room?"

"Who cares about that? Lets get dressed!" said Diamond, walking to her closet.

Hayden went to his closet and he and Diamond expanded their folding screens while they changed. After 5 minutes or so, The siblings finished, closed their folding screens and came out with their birthday clothes.

Diamond was wearing a pink t-shirt with the words "Birthday Queen" written in blue color, blue jeans and white shoes with a heart on the sides. Hayden had a white long-sleeved shirt with a green apple in the middle, red shorts and green shoes.

"Now were ready for the par-ty!" exclaimed Diamond in excitement. "Oh and the cake, specially the cake."

"Lets go downstairs." said Hayden.

*Opening Plays*

Nodding, Diamond followed Hayden downstairs to see Asphodel, who was looking at the tv in the coach. Right before they could surprise her, Asphodel turned around.

"Hello Asphodel!" greeted Hayden and Diamond to Asphodel.

"Hi guys." greeted Asphodel back. "Why are you dressed like that?"

"Why? Is there something wrong with it?" asked Diamond. "I could change to my special gift costume-"

"No don't!" shouted Hayden and Asphodel in unison.

"Diamond, remember what happened last time you used that costume, last birthday?" asked Hayden to Diamond. "You know, when we were 5?"

"Haha, yeah, everybody looked pretty shocked there." laughed Diamond. "Now that I think about it, maybe I'll keep with my birthday-only clothing."

"Oh, its your birthday today?" asked Asphodel.

"Yep, you're seeing the birthday dude and dudette right in front of you, ready for the party and defeat any partypooper that dares try to ruin their birthday." answered Diamond. "Where's the party anyway?"

"Guys you were born a bit later than what you think." said Asphodel. "You were born at exactly... midday."

"What?!" asked Hayden and Diamond in unison, both disappointed. "It's not our birthday yet?"

"Technically, yes. But you just need to wait until midday." answered Asphodel. "It can't be that hard, isn't it?"

"We can try, but we don't know if we'll be able to." said Hayden.

"You can do it, you just need to believe you can do it." told Asphodel.

"Thanks, we'll keep that in mind." said Hayden.

After that, the brother and sister duo left the house trough the main door. After she saw them leaving through the main door, she took out her phone from her skirt and called Aisling.

"Aisling, I need you to come here, I have a job for you today." said Asphodel.

Sapsford Street, Outside the Dreizler's House

Both Hayden and Diamond were sitting at the entrance of their house, both looking sad.

"What are we going to do to pass the time?" asked Diamond.

"I have no idea." replied Hayden. "If only somebody would arrive with something that we could use to waste some time. But its not like Lucy's gonna arrive holding a pamphlet that will give us a plot to do something about for the rest of this episode."

As in to refutte what Hayden said, Lucy went walking towards Hayden and Diamond, who got up and walked to her when she arrived. Lucy gave Hayden a map with the location of... something, at the end of the zoo.

"Guys! Its amazing!" exclaimed Lucy while Hayden and Diamond looked at the map. "I saw it in the news, and the newspaper!"

"You read the newspaper?" asked Diamond.

"Hey I need something to ignore my mom's berating." answered Lucy. "Anyway, I'm planing to go catch this... I don't know, cryptic? Whatever, I wanted to know if either of you wanted to come with me so we can find, capture this cryptic and expose it to the public!"

"You sure there's a cryptic running around in the zoo of Crown-Town?" asked Hayden. "I mean... Maybe you capable of making machines while your asleep might have a reason, though it's way too absurd to make any sense anyway, but a cryptic?"

"Totally sure, the newspapers never lie!" answered Lucy. "Okay, I don't know if there's one, but nobody says we can see it for ourself! C'mon, it's gonna be fun."

"I'm not sure about this." said Hayden.

"C'mon, Hayden, it's our birthday! What can possibly go wrong?" asked Diamond.

Happy music started to play as Hayden sighed, knowing what was going to happen next. Unlike Lucy who, while walking to the entrance danced a bit, Hayden just went walking to it with an exasperated look on his face.

On such a day as this? Yeah!

"Look, I'm not in the mood for a so-" said Hayden before being interrupted.

Turn that frown upside down

Today's the day we were born

Our life's anniversary

Get the cake, games and clown

Today we're gonna sore

Higher than anybooooodddyyyyyy!

'Cause today we're 8! today we're 8!

Come and dance with me, cause today we're 8!

"No." said Hayden.

"I'm not hearing a smile~" said Diamond, smiling.

"How can you hear a smi-?" asked Hayden before being interrupted.

Think it over, brother

And the things we haven't seen

We've been chosen over others

To be part of this family

We have so much to be thankful for

But that you're not seeing~!

C'mon, today's our birthday bro

Us two should be dancing!

'Cause today we're 8! today we're 8!

Come and dance with me, cause today we're 8!

'Cause today we're 8! today we're 8!

Come and dance with me, cause today we're 8!

It's the best day ever!

Best day ever!

For me! For you!

And everyone else too~!

'Cause today we're 8! today we're 8!

Come and dance with me, cause today we're 8!

'Cause today we're 8! today we're 8!

Come and dance with me, cause today we're 8!

Cause today we're-!

"Diamond please-?" requested Hayden.

Today we're-!

"Knock it off!" shouted Hayden.

Today we're

Today we're~!


What can possibly go wrong today?


"So, brother, did my little song help you?" asked Diamond.

"... No." answered Hayden, Diamond's reaction being her eyes getting teary. "But, we still have some time before the party starts, so..."

"Yes?" asked Lucy. "What's your answer?"

"Meh, it won't hurt to try to capture it." said Hayden. "Besides, we have a lot of time to waste, so yeah, let's go for it."

Lucy jumped in joy and hugged Hayden, blushing after she and he separated. After folding the map and putting it on his pocket, Hayden leaded the way to the zoo, stopping when they saw Aisling.

"Hello guys." greeted Aisling.

"Hi Aisling." greeted Hayden to Aisling. "What are you doing here?"

"Totally not coming here because Asphodel told me she had a job for me that involves distracting you for a few minutes, if that's what you are thinking." answered Aisling. "What are you gonna do anyway?"

"We're gonna hunt a cryptic!" answered Lucy. "The map I received has a location for one at the end of the zoo... or the forest I don't know what this green things mean."

"Oooh! That's so awesome!" said Aisling. "Do you mind if I come with you?"

"Well, we do need somebody to watch on us if we're going to somewhere far from here." said Hayden. "Sure, that would be a big help."

"Yay!" shouted Aisling.

Resuming what they were doing, the trio and Aisling started to walk to the zoo to search for the cryptic. Meanwhile, inside the Dreizler's House, Asphodel was looking trough the window to see if the kids and Aisling had left to call Kusuma and Bassett.

After a minute of waiting, they finally left and Asphodel took out her cellphone, calling Bassett.

"Bonjour?" greeted Bassett through Asphodel's cellphone.

"Bassett, I need you and Kusuma to come here-" said Asphodel as she turned around.

When Asphodel turned around, Kusuma and Bassett were standing behind her, each holding some party decorations in one of their hands. Kusuma was carrying a bag full of Party horns, party hats and streamers, while Bassett had the balloons, confetti and candles in one hand and his cellphone on the other.

"-As fast as you can." resumed Asphodel, closing her cellphone and putting it back on her pocket. "How long have you been there?"

"Karena Anda sedang berbicara dengan Bassett." answered Kusuma. "Lagi pula, apa yang akan Anda lakukan?"

"Well, I'll order the cake, and while we wait for it to arrive, I'll help you decorate the place for the party." answered Asphodel. "Now, I'll go to the phone and call the cake shop, you start with your stuff."

After saying that, Asphodel left the Living Room and went to the Kitchen, looking for the phone in the wall. After she left, Bassett turned to Kusuma.

"Are you ready?" asked Bassett to Kusuma.

"Let us commence with the subplot!" exclaimed Kusuma, rising her free hand.

Crown-Town's Zoo, Hybrid Section 7:00 a.m.

Meanwhile, at the zoo, the trio and Aisling had arrived at the hybrid section of the zoo, searching for the cryptid... well, Aisling, Lucy and Hayden were looking for the cryptic while Diamond checked the hybrids and took pictures of them with a camera she suddenly had.

"Wow! Some sort of cat!" exclaimed Diamond, referring to and taking a picture of a pumapard.

"That's a pumapard." said Lucy.

"Wow! Another type of cat!" exclaimed Diamond again, taking a picture of a liger.

"That's a liger." said Lucy.

"Wow! A... something!" exclaimed Diamond yet again, taking a picture of an unindentified species of zebroid.

"That's a Zebroid... Wait a minute, a zebroid?!" said Lucy before realizing something. "we're close to the cryptic!"

Turning around, The trio and Aisling notices a loud call coming from the dangerous side of the zoo, a.k.a the forest entrance behind the zoo with a sign tha read "DANGEROUS FOREST, DO NOT GO INSIDE".

"That's the cryptic's call!" said Lucy.

"Across the forest?" said Hayden. "I don't know Lucy, can't we think this first? Even the sign tells us to back away."

"Heck thinking and the sign, we'll get that cryptic and show it to the public!" shouted Lucy. "Let's go to the forest everyone, march ahead!"

Screaming in excitement, Diamond and Aisling followed Lucy as they went inside the forest, Hayden staying behind for a while before deciding to follow the girls.

"Sometimes I wonder if she even knows what she's doing." mentally said Hayden as he followed the girls and entered the forest.

Dreizler's House, Living Room 9:15 a.m.

Back at the subplot, the party was just one cake and piñata from being completed. Kusuma was helping Asphodel set up the piñata while Bassett had taken out his cellphone and started to call for someone he knew.

"Asphodel, do you mind if I ask you something?" asked Bassett.

"Bassett, I already told you that the reason we finished decorating so fast is because of the plot." said Asphodel.

"No, I was gonna ask you if I should ask my friend to bring a pony or a horse." said Bassett.

"A pony, of course." said Asphodel.

"Okie dokie. Hayden's gonna love it." said Bassett, still waiting for his friend to answer his call.

"Oh wait you were talking about Hayden? I thought you were talking about Diamond." said Asphodel.

After that little data, Bassett just continued waiting for his call to answer until it eventually did, just as the same time Asphodel did a mistake and the piñata fell of the ceiling and hit her in the head.

Back at the zoo's forest.

Hayden was following Diamond, Lucy and Aisling while they were running towards the direction they heard the call, all while being innocently oblivious to the mysterious and dangerous creatures that inhabited the forest. Lucy was looking at the map she 'borrowed' from Hayden when he arrived, looking to see if there was any indication of where they had to go inside the forest.

After walking for so long, everybody arrived at a lake trying to catch their breath, where they heard the call for the last time before they saw a shadow coming to them.

"It's the cryptic!" exclaimed Lucy.

However, when the shadow revealed itself, it turned out to be a normal whale. disappointed, everybody sighed, turned around and started to walk back to the zoo.

"Oh bummer, its only a realistic looking whale that shouldn't be in this lake, or this place for that matter." said Lucy, while she grabbed the map from Hayden and ripped it to pieces. "It's not worth exposing it."

"Well, lets look at this on a positive note." said Hayden, trying to find some positive light. "And we at least got something to do."

"Uh huh." said Diamond.

Dreizler's House, Living Room 12:00 a.m.

Back at the subplot, the party was ready and Kusuma, Bassett, Helen, Kiki and Asphodel were checking if everybody had their gifts, while Rodney looked through the window to see if they had arrived.

"Okay, you all have your gifts?" asked Asphodel.

"Yep, I have this scarf I made myself." said Bassett, holding a blue box.

"And Dan aku membawa mendukung partai." said Kusuma, holding a party favor.

"And we'll give them a card saying we own them a gift." said The other members of Team Haymond and Kiki.

"Good, all we need to do is wait for them to arrive and-" said Asphodel before being interrupted.

"They're coming!" in interrupted and exclaimed Rodney.

"Everybody to your positions!" shouted Asphodel.

Everybody hided behind something as they waited for Hayden, Diamond, Lucy and Aisling to enter the house. After they went inside, everybody got outside of their hiding spot and confetti rained from the ceiling.

"Happy birthday, Hayden and Diamond!" exclaimed everybody, outside of the one who went inside.

"Wait a minute, its midday already?" asked Diamond.

"Yes silly, you left for... I don't know, many hours." answered Asphodel. "Good thing I called Aisling to take care of you."

"And everything went down right in the end." said Aisling.

"I'll tell you, if you had messed up, I don't know what I would have done to you." told Asphodel to Aisling. "But lets enjoy the party! Oh and, there's a special surprise gift for you outside."

Curious about what Asphodel meant, Hayden and Diamond quickly went running to the kitchen and went to the backyard trough the backdoor. When they arrived they saw... a pony that was wearing a party hat with Bassett, who was making sure it didn't escape.

"Awesome! A pony!" exclaimed Diamond in joy.

"Oh no! A pony!" exclaimed Hayden, looking happy.

Diamond quickly went to the pony to get a ride on it, followed by Hayden who also wanted a ride on it. After a little fighting, Bassett grabbed the two and put them on the pony, who started to give both of them a... well, I already said it twice, so I guess I don't need to say it a third time.

Back at the party

Everybody was enjoying a good time at the birthday party. Hayden and Diamond were playing spinning the bottle with Lucy, Helen and Kiki while Asphodel was talking with her friends.

Noticing Hayden and Diamond walking to her, Asphodel cut off her chat with Bassett, Kusuma and Aisling and turned to her brother and sister.

"Do you like the party guys?" asked Asphodel.

"Yeah, its awesome!" answered Diamond. "

"Thanks Asphodel." said Hayden. "We really own you for this."

"Aaw, don't say that." said Asphodel blushing. "But there's one thing you can do, get prepared."

"And why?" asked Hayden and DIamond in unison

"Because it's time to dance!" shouted Asphodel.

After shouting that, everybody started to dance while upbeat music was played and enjoyed the rest of the party. Everybody was dancing with a aprtner, Asphodel with Bassett, Diamond and Rodney, Hayden and Lucy and the rest are left to the imagination.

The End