Inside the School Bus 11:00 a.m.

The Elementary's School 2nd grade students were inside a bus that was driving to the museum. Inside, the students were acting like everyday, chaotic, loud, etc. At the last seat were Team Haymond, Who were the happiest to go there, but specially Lucy.

"We're going to the museum! We're going to the museum!" singed Lucy in a cheerful tone.

"Lucy, knock it off, we can hear you very clearly." told Hayden to Lucy. "Still, I can't believe we're coming to the museum today."

"The day where we can go to an institution that preserves temporary or permanently artifacts, statues, representations and who knows what else with historical, cultural, scientific and artistic importance as exhibitions so the public can see how were the past ages, or at least how the popular belief sees it today." said Rodney, everybody reacting by giving him a confused glare. "Or just a huge place with a lot of stuff based on history."

"Are we there yet?" asked Diamond.

"If only Kiki was with us, then this would be perfect." said Helen. "She would love it."

"I don't know, she didn't look interested when we told her about the excursion." said Hayden. "Then again, she prefers pandas and doesn't care about history, so it might make sense."

"Are we there yet?" asked Diamond.

"Hey, I just remembered something, where are we going to go once we arrive at the museum?" said and asked Lucy. "We can't just wander around alone, they'd give us a week of detention, and my mother will blow up if I receive another detention."

"Well, we'll follow the class through-" said Helen before being interrupted.

"Are we there yet?" asked Diamond.

"Diamond!" yelled everybody at Diamond.

"Sorry." apologized Diamond. "I'm just so excited that we're going to the museum that I can't wait until we arrive there."

"Diamond, we have absolutely no idea how long is it until we get there." told Hayden to Diamond. "Why do you even ask us?"

"I would ask the bus driver, but she's so far away from us." answered Diamond. "And besides, I need to respect the rules of the bus, once its moving, nobody stands up."

After that, everybody remained quiet for the most part, up until a random kid threw a piece of crumbled paper, wich landed on Hayden's face. While Hayden rubbed his face to stop the pain, Diamond got angry.

"Hey! Don't throw random stuff at people!" yelled Diamond.

"Or what, flatboard!" shouted a random kid.

Diamond's face started to get red as anger started to rise. So Rodney, noticing Diamond's red face, slowly massaged Diamond's shoulders, causing her to become relaxed the more he did that.

"Don't waste your energy, they're not worth it." said Rodney.

The bus stopped once it arrived at the street where the museum was located. Outside the museum, the 2nd grade teacher was waiting for the kids to arrive. Once she saw the bus, she waved her hand at the bus driver.

"We've arrived children!" shouted The Bus Driver.

*Opening Plays*

Everybody cheered as the bus door opened, and the entire 2nd grade class left running to the teacher. The bus doors closed and it left once everybody, including team haymond, got off the bus.

"Okay, lets see if everybody here is present before we start." said The teacher as she took out a clipboard with the names of the 2nd graders in it. "Tiffany?"

"Here." said Tiffany.

"Rico?" called The teacher.

"Here miss whatever-your-surname-is!" said Rico.

While Miss whatever-her-surname-is was calling the rest of the class, Lucy was annoyed by the 'long' time it was taking her.

"Ugh, why does she need to check the list? It just fills up the time." said Lucy. "Why can't she just start the excursion and leave the name calling for after it's over?"

"Don't be impatient Lucy, it cannot be too long before she finishes." said Hayden. "And besides, if even one of us is out, she could get worried, fired, or worried about us while being fired."

"Team Haymond?" called Miss whatever-her-surname-is in a confused tone.

"Here!" called Hayden, Diamond, Lucy, Helen and Rodney in unison.

"Oh, the little team over there." said The Teacher. "Well, it's composed of Hayden, Diamond, Lucy, Helen and Rodney, so I guess it counts... Well whatever, lets start with the excursion."

Everybody, once again, cheered as they finally went inside and the excursion through the museum started.

Museum of Crown-Town

Once they were inside, they saw the statues of historical figures, including Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, John Adams, James Madison, and the more commonly seen founding fathers Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Benjamin Franklin on one place and an animatronic Richard B Morris at their side.

"And the ones next to me are the founding fathers." said the animatronic Richard B Morris.

Everybody said 'Oooh' as they continued to follow Miss Gabler through the museum's halls. When they were just a few more halls from the center of the museum, Tiffany walked to the teacher to ask her something.

"Umm, miss..." said Tiffany, trying to think for a surname for The Teacher.

"Gabler, Tiffany." said The Teacher, Ms. Gabler.

"Okay, Miss GablerTiffany, when are we going to see the dinosaurs?" asked Tiffany.

"Yeah, those things must be huge." said Rico.

"Stop right there." told Ms. Gabler to the 2nd graders, causing them to do as she said. "Kids, I know you will whine and be annoyed at this, but before we resume we're gonna make sure you all know the rules of the museum."

One explanation of the rules of the museum later

"Everybody got that? Yes? Then lets resume." said Miss Gabler.

Everybody continued walking until they arrived at the main center of the museum.

"Okay kids, here we are, the center of the museum." told Miss Gabler to the 2nd graders. "Remember, don't go to far away or there will be detention, and I'll be here if you need help with anything."

Miss Gabler sat on a bench close to the exhibition of a caveman, while everybody else formed groups and went to look at the exhibitions they could find. Hayden stayed at Miss Gablers side, seeing the caveman exhibition until he got tired of it

"Hey Miss Gabler?" asked Hayden.

"Yes Hayden?" said Miss Gabler.

"Do you know how are these exhibitions are protected in the night?" asked Hayden. "Just to know."

"Well I don't know the details, but the newspaper said that the museum put a giant, glass-like dome... shield I guess around all exhibitions to protect them from thiefs and troublemakers, it's just camouflaged so that it can blend with the rest of the museum and the exhibition, but when something or someone comes in contact, they will collide with the glass... Or well, that's what the newspaper said." explained Miss Gabler.

"Hmm, wonder if its true." said Hayden.

Hayden briefly looked at the rest of the exhibitions, all he could spot was the skeleton of a T. Rex, Diamond and Rodney looking together at a replica of the hall where the declaration of independence was signed, Lucy lifting the glass-like shield with one hand and trying to reach one of the exhibitions using her other hand-wait a minute.

Realizing the sheer trouble that would issue if Lucy even so much touched the exhibition, Hayden got off the bench and started to run as fast as he could to Lucy. When he got to her, he grabbed her hand, pulled it away and then dragged her away from the exhibition, releasing her once they were far away from it.

"Lucy! What do you think you were doing there?" asked Hayden. "Did you forgot about the detention?"

"No, I'm just too bored to care." answered Lucy. "I was just being curious and having fun."

"Your curiosity nearly got you in trouble" said Hayden. "And when you said you were going to have fun, you never mentioned anything about touching the exhibitions!"

"Hayden, if these things have survived millions of years under the ground, they might as well survive a few hits from us." said Lucy.

"Lucy, these exhibitions are extremely fragile, a single touch could make them fall apart in an instant." told Hayden to Lucy.

"And what you're trying to tell me is?" asked Lucy.

Before answering Lucy's question, Hayden inhaled, exhaled and then sighed.

"Lucy, promise me you're gonna be more careful from now on." requested Hayden.

"I promise you that I don't promise anything." promised Lucy.

"Then you're coming with me." said Hayden, grabbing Lucy's arm. "I'll keep my eye on you."

Hayden released Lucy once he heard a familiar voice saying, from the egyptian section; 'Ugh, this place is so dirty, I guess I have to clean this up'.

"But not now, I need to catch a clean machine." said Hayden. "Don't leave this place, understood?"

"Yeah yeah, whatever, I'll be a nice girl." said Lucy.

Hayden started to run to the egyptian section while Lucy did what Hayden told her to do and stayed where she was. However, Lucy didn't stand still for more than 5 seconds before she spotted a samurai armor and started to run towards it while saying 'Oooh, a samurai armor!', while passing both Diamond and Rodney.

Egyptian Section

Hayden had arrived at the egyptian section and started to search for the person he believed was there among the egyptian stuff and exhibitions around him. He finally spotted the one he thought would be there, Helen, about to open a sarcophagus to clean a mummy. Hayden could stop Helen in time before she opened the sarcophagus and then he dragged her back by the back of her sweater.

Back at the center of the museum

Once they returned to the center of the museum, Hayden released Helen and looked at her with an angry look.

"Helen! Are you nuts?!" scolded Hayden. "What do you think you were doing? In fact, what were you doing there?!"

"Well, I was with Diamond and Rodney when they went to look at the exhibition they're looking at right now, but I got bored in a few minutes and I left when they started to

talk in an overly cutesy tone, or at least, what overly cute tone in my definition." started Helen. "I wandered around, looking at the rest of the stuff, until I arrived at the egyptian section where the first thing I took interest was the very dirty sarcophagus of the mummy. I thought that if I cleaned it quickly I could close it before anybody noticed."

"Helen, mummies aren't things supposed to be played with." said Hayden. "The most insignificant of mistakes can easily turn them into dust."

"How do you know that?" asked Helen.

"It's in this pamphlet that was at the start before I went inside." answered Hayden, holding and showing Helen said pamphlet.

After that, Hayden called for Lucy, who didn't respond at all. After another call, Hayden got the same results. Hayden tried it a third time, with his patience now gone and

screaming it at the top of his lungs, the results were the same as the second try.

"Ugh, why didn't I took her to Miss Gabler the moment I had her." said Hayden. "Helen, go to Miss Gabler, she's at the caveman exhibition. I'll catch up with you later, I need to see two certain kids."

"Okay." said Helen.

Helen went walking to Miss Gabler's place as Hayden went to Diamond and Rodney, who were two busy complementing each other to notice him standing right there.

"You're the most beautiful boy in the world." told Diamond to Rodney.

"And you're the most beautiful girl in the world." told Rodney to Diamond.

"And I think I'll lose my breakfast." interrupted Hayden, getting both Diamond's and Rodney's attention. "Diamond, I need your help."

"Do you mind Rodney?" asked Diamond

"It must be something important, so go with your brother." answered Rodney.

"Okay Hayden, what do you need?" asked Diamond.

"I need you to help me look for Lucy." answered Hayden. "She was close to an exhibition close to yours when I last saw her."

"Oh, that's all you need?" asked Diamond.

"Yeah, that's all." answered Hayden.

"Alright, bro." said Diamond. "You can count on me."

"Good, so lets start with-" said Hayden.

"Whoa whoa whoa, hold your horses." interrupted Diamond. "Let me do this alone."

"You sure you can do this alone?" asked Hayden.

"Yeah, just go with Rodney and tell him cute things while I do my stuff." answered Diamond.

"Yeah, I'll stay with Rodney and tell him-wait a minute." said Diamond.

Without even noticing, Diamond had already went go look for Lucy around the museum. So Hayden, keeping his promise, stayed with Rodney while Diamond did her job to find Lucy.

"So, how's everything with Diamond?" asked Hayden to Rodney.

"Oh, everything's fine." answered Rodney.

At the japanese section

Diamond was looking for Lucy in the japanese section, where she heard a lot of slashes and sounds of breaking vases. When she arrived at the pre-industrial japan section, the samurai armor was nowhere to be seen. When Diamond turned around, she was initially scared when she saw the mysterious 'living armor' until it was revealed Lucy was wearing it.

"Phew, I thought you were Damon or somebody else I had to worry about." said Diamond. "Okay Lucy, let's go back with everybody else."

"I am not Lucy, I'm from the military nobility of the pre-industrial japan, the samurai!" exclaimed Lucy with a deeper voice tone then usual. "Tremble at the display of my swordsman skills and my authority!"

"... Hahaha! Oh Lucy, you're cute when you talk like that." laughed Diamond. "But seriously let's go back."

"You will not move from where you are." said Lucy, taking out a joke sword and pointing it at Diamond. "You dared to intrude in my domains, and now you will stay here for eternity."

"Lucy, I have no time for this." said Diamond. "Just be cooperative and follow me."

"You'll have to beat me in combat if you want my coöperation." said Lucy. "Foolish human."

"Well then." said Diamond, getting nose-to-nose with Lucy. "Bring. It. On."

Back with Hayden and Rodney

"So, do you mind if I dated Diamond?" asked Rodney.

"Rodney, unless you can earn the trust of the Dreizler family, she's off-limits." answered Hayden. "Say, where are those two?"

Hayden started to hear punching, kicking, a few slashes that were getting stronger by the minute. It didn't took long before Hayden realized Diamond and Lucy had engaged in a fight and were in a big ball of violence as they started to approach Hayden and Rodney.

"Uh oh." said Hayden.

Hayden and Rodney tried to get out-of-the-way, but before they could even move, Diamond and Lucy got them and somehow, Hayden and Rodney were now fighting with Diamond and Lucy. They continued fighting, not noticing the amount of destruction they were causing, until they tripped with a rock and sended them flying, still fighting, to the bench both Helen and Miss Gabler were in.

Once they collided, a small crater was formed as Hayden, Diamond, Rodney, Lucy, Helen and Miss Gabler got up feeling dizzy. Once they were normal, Miss Gabler gasped after seeing the destruction the fight bet ween Diamond, Lucy, Hayden and Rodney caused and, when she turned to them, her face turned as red as a tomato.

"... We're in trouble?" asked Hayden.

School Bus

Inside the bus from before, Team Haymond, along with Rico and Logan, were returning back home after being loudly scolded from Miss Gabler. The power of the scold must've been pretty strong too, because they were shaking out fo fear.

"Wow, I didn't knew Miss Gabler could get that mad." said Helen, shaking in fear "Nor did I knew she could be so... scary."

"I'm a nice girl... I'm a nice girl..." said Diamond. "I did not want this to happen... I did not want this to happen."

"We waited all this time, and you had to mess up everything by trying to make it exciting." scolded Rodney.

"Oh come on guys, you're making this look like it was all my fault." said Lucy.

Hayden's rage finally got to the peak when he couldn't hold it anymore and tried to attack Lucy while Diamond and Rodney grabbed Lucy. The only thing holding Hayden back was Helen, who grabbed him and tried to hold him back until he got tired.

The End