Dreizler's House, Asphodel's Room 9:00 a.m.

Asphodel was sleeping peacefully in her room. She woke up when the rooster's call was heard... oh, and when her alarm clock ranged the usual annoying ring it always did. She smiled as she turned it off.

"Time to work again." said Asphodel as she got up.

Asphodel got out of her bed and went to the closet, where she grabbed her mechanic uniform and a towel and went straight out of her room. She then opened the bathroom's door and went inside, closing it before taking a bath.

One bath later

Asphodel opened the door and came out wearing her uniform and holding her dirty clothes in her hands. After taking care of that and cleaning her hands, she looked around for her purse and, after she found it, opened the door and went to work, closing it before leaving.

In an instant, Asphodel opened the door and went back inside. She had a dumbfounded expression on her face as she went back inside.

"Today's Worker Day!" shouted Asphodel, remembering what day was.

*Opening Plays*

Asphodel put her purse on the table in front of her and sat in the sofa, still looking dumbfounded while also being depressed.

"I can't believe I forgot today was Worker Day." sighed Asphodel. "What am I supposed to do while I wait for Hayden and Diamond to come back?"

Meanwhile, unknown to Asphodel, a short... something was motioning towards her like a shark. And, unexpectedly, Aisling jumped from behind the sofa wearing a monster mask and yelling some incomprehensible nonsense. Asphodel wasn't even surprised.

"Not now Aisling, I'm not in the mood for a laugh." said Asphodel, not turning around.

"A laugh? Wow, you must have a messed up sense of humor." said Aisling, taking out her mask.

"Sorry, it's just that I'm too depressed because today's Worker Day." said Asphodel.

"You're sad because you don't go to work today?" asked Asling, confused about Asphodel's answer. "I'll be honest, sometimes I don't get you at all."

"The feeling's mutual." said Asphodel, turning to a nearby picture of her and Hayden and Diamond. After a moment of staring at it, Asphodel finally grabbed it. "I'm depressed because it's my first Worker Day without my brother and sister."

"Hayden and Diamond?" asked Aisling, earning an "are you serious?" frown from Asphodel.

"No, Plankbutz and Buckburg." sarcastically answered Asphodel before giving her real answer. "Of course Hayden and Diamond!"

"Okay fine, don't blow up on me." said Aisling. "I just wanted to confirm you were talking about them."

"What are you doing here anyway?" asked Asphodel, her vision fixed on the picture.

"Well, I can sum that up in a single equation." partially answered Aisling as she got on the couch and put her hand on Asphodel's shoulder. "Worker Day plus neither of us having work today equals us having the opportunity to spend a good time together!"

Asphodel had left the couch without Aisling noticing during the time she did that equation. As she saw Asphodel leaving her alone, Aisling got off it and started to run towards Asphodel, who didn't look back.

"Asphodel where are you going?" asked Aisling as she catched up with Asphodel.

"To the kitchen." answered Asphodel. "

"Why?" asked Aisling.

"I just don't have time to hear your insane equations." answered Asphodel. "That's all."

"But Asphodel, don't you wanna go to the park and see cute boys?" asked Aisling.

"No thanks, I'm not interested." answered Asphodel in an honest tone. "And besides, I'm an adult. With you as a friend of mine is enough."

After hearing that, Aisling started to think about something else to say to try to get Asphodel's attention. After thinking for a moment, she finally remembered something that would get Asphodel interested.

"Well, did I mentioned the Mizushima sisters are coming with us?" asked Aisling, trying to get Asphodel's interest back.

After hearing Aisling say that, Asphodel stopped on her tracks, with Aisling colliding with her. She turned around to see Aisling on the ground.

"The mizushima sisters?" asked Asphodel, helping Aisling get to her feet.

"Yeah, those four japanese girls that live four apples from here." answered Aisling, regaining her balance. "They don't have work today and-"

"How did you got them to come with you?" interrupted Asphodel.

"Well it was backwards." answered Aisling. "They invited me to enjoy workers day with them, and I accepted without thinking twice. Ah yes, and they said they would look for me today at your house."

"Why did you told them that?" asked Asphodel.

"It's the fifth most common place you can find me." answered Aisling. "After the Library, The Park, The Museum, The and my House."

Suddenly, they could hear a car sound outside the house, which caused the two girls to jump in surprise.

"Oh, they just arrived!" said Aisling.

Outside the Dreizler's House, Sapsford Street

Asphodel and Aisling left the house and went to Fubuki, the oldest of the Mizushima sisters, who was standing close to a red car.

"Hello Aisling." greeted Fubuki to Aisling. "Are you ready?"

"Hello Fubuki." greeted Aisling back. "Yes I'm ready. Oh and Asphodel's coming with me."

"Hello Asphodel." greeted Fubuki to Asphodel.

"Hi." greeted Asphodel.

"What's up with her?" asked Fubuki.

"She's depressed because its her first Wrokers Day without Hayden and Diamond." answered Aisling.

"Where are they?" asked Fubuki.

"They're staying at Lucy's house." answered Asphodel.

"Oh, well you have nothing to worry about." said Fubuki confidently. "We'll help you get over your depression before you can say 'Pickle'."

"Why would I say that?" asked Asphodel confused.

"It's just an expression." answered Fubuki in a deadpan tone.

Having said that, Fubuki opened the door so Aisling and Asphodel went inside. Once they did that, Fubuki closed the door and then opened another door to get to the main seat, closing it before leaving the place.

Inside the Mizushima's car

Aisling and Asphodel were sitting on the back with Harumi and Natsuyo, with Saki and Fubuki on the main seats. Hatsumi and Natsuyo quickly noticed Asphodel's mood and started to get worried.

"So umm, Asphodel right?" asked Harumi.

"Yes." answered Asphodel. "What do you want?"

"Well, you're looking very depressed today, and we're starting to get worried." answered Harumi. "I mean, its Workers Day! You can relax for all the day without going to work, you should be happy."

"I'm usually happy, but I spend most of my time with Hayden and Diamond when its Workers Day." said Asphodel. "Without them, it's just not the same."

"Well, how about if you forget about them for a moment and-" suggested Natsuyo before

"Are you nuts?!" yelled Asphodel as she grabbed Natsuyo by her shirts neck in a sudden fit of rage. "They're my brother and sister, members of my family that I have an enormous amount of care for since mom and dad became unavailable! They live with me since they were babies, and they have been my responsibility since then! And if anything, ANYTHING bad happens to them, I will be the one responsible for letting that happen!"

Harumi separated Natsuyo and the suddenly enraged Asphodel. Harumi took care of Natsuyo while Aisling holded Asphodel back.

"Asphodel, calm down!" said Aisling, holding Asphodel. "You're acting like something was hurting you from the inside!"

"Something is hurting me from the inside!" stated Asphodel as she released herself from Aisling's grasp, returning to her depressed state in an instant. "Depression."

"Come on Asphodel, light up your mood." said Harumi, putting her hand on Asphodel's shoulder. "Everything will get better from here, trust me."

"Yeah sure, the only thing we need left is a song accompanied with a montage." sarcastically said Asphodel in an angry tone.

"Actually, I worked on a song." said Aisling, taking out a dvd out of nowhere. "I even turned it into a dvd!"

"Why did you-" said Asphodel before seeing Aisling giving the dvd to Fubuki, who put it on the dvd player. "Nevermind."

As the music started, Aisling started to sing while Asphodel's mood changed from depressed to uninterested.

1, 2, 3, GO!

Okay Asphodel, are you ready?

We're moving so hold on steady!

We're gonna help you enjoy the day!

But don't worry, there won't be delay!

Natsuyo and Harumi

We made a list for your stay,


So get ready 'Cause it's time to play!

The montage begins on the backyard of Aisling's House. There, Aisling, the mizushima twins and Asphodel were in front of barbecue grills making what the name suggested. However, while Aisling and the Mizushima were happy while doing it, Asphodel was mostly uninterested as she was focused on finishing her steak.

We can make a barbecue (So delicious!),

Inside the same house, the women and Aisling were making some "pas de deux" while a camera took photos of said Pas de deux's. Natsuyo and Harumi posed with a wide smile on their faces, Harumi and Aisling and Saki and Asphodel standed while looking indifferent.

Make our own pas de deux (Oh yeah!),

The next part of the montage shows he backyard pool of the Mizushima's House, where the girls, wearing their swimwear, were enjoying their time in the pool. Well, the Mizushima and Aisling were enjoying it, Asphodel was in a corner watching.

Swim at our backyard pool (It's so much fun!),

One pool fun later, the women and Aisling were now playing with their hula hoops. Asphodel was the only one who didn't even try.

Even break a record in the hula hoop (Be careful not get dizzy!),

As the next part of the montage happened, the girls went to an anime display where they saw an anime where a samurai was fighting a pirate robot cowboy, with a ninja appearing out of nowhere.

See an anime display (Hey look a ninja!),

After that, they went back to the Mizushima's House, where they saw another movie's replay on the dvd in the Living Room.

Or a movie replay (Yes, we actually have that.),

For the next part, they went to see an opera. Unlike last time, they all had a indifferent expression on their faces.

Go to an opera play (Okay, maybe not this.),

For the last part of the first verse, the car stopped in front of a causeway, and the girls came out of it. They all took the time to behold it, with Asphodel smiling for a short time.

Watch and behold a Causeway (What's that anyway?).

As the Second Verse begins Asphodel is still looking uninterested, and the two pairs of Mizushima twins and Aisling decide to level up the song.


Fine, we know what you're doing,

You're just acting like the hard one, isn't it?


We understand how you feel,


But stop being as cold as steel!


It's time for you to enjoy,

And not time to employ.

The song suddenly stopped after they heard Saki sing that.

"I improvized a bit." said Saki, blushing.

The song resumed as Fubuki sang.


So join us in our next duet,

'Cause this song ain't over yet!

At the Living Room of Aisling's House, the Mizushima and Aisling were singing a high note while Asphodel put on some headphones. After a moment, a glass shattering sound was heard from the kitchen, and another one came from, for some reason, Asphodel's headphones when they felled to the ground after breaking in two, shattering when they collided.

Sing a note so high it breaks glass (And headphones too?),

The scene changes to the park, where the girls are rolling in the grass. The Mizushima and Aisling laughed, while Asphodel just rolled along with them.

Roll in unison in the grass (Wee!),

It then changes back to the Mizushima's Living Room, where they are practicing with bass instruments. Natsuyo had a bass drum, Harumi had a bass flute, Fubuki had a keyboard bass, Aisling had a sousaphone and Saki and Asphodel had bass guitars.

Practice and learn how to play the bass (We'll be rockstars!),

Back at the car, Natsuyo and Harumi were checking the list to see if they had anything else left. Unfortunately, they had done all everything listed on the list.

We have nothing for the very last (We're out of ideas!).

After the song finished, everybody had a sad look as they saw that Asphodel's hadn't changed a bit after the montage, outside of her small smile.

"Okay, we did all the list said, and you're still depressed." said Aisling in an annoyed tone. "What did we do wrong?"

"Well, for starters, some words in the song were used incorrectly." started Asphodel.

"I made the song as fast as I could!" shouted Aisling. "What the heck did you expected?"

"I guess you're right." said Asphodel, chuckling a bit as she added then ext. "Your songs do get worse the more pressure you have."

"Hey!" yelled Aisling.

Everybody laughed a bit as Asphodel looked through the doors window, where she saw a beach nearby. This made Asphodel's mood light up a bit as she smiled.

"Fubuki, could you stop here for a minute?" asked Asphodel.

"Close to the beach?" asked Fubuki, noticing they were indeed close to the beach. Asphodel nodded in response. "Sure, but I have no idea what you're gonna do."

Fubuki stopped the car close to the beach, which made Asphodel grin pleasantly. Asphodel opened the door and went to and took a seat on a bench nearby, with the rest of the girls coming out as well and following her.

"Asphodel, could you tell us why did you wanted to stop here?" asked Fubuki.

"Seeing the ocean helps me relax." answered Asphodel, her vision fixed on the ocean. "I usually joined mom and dad when they watched to ocean."

"Why did they do that?" asked Aisling.

"I don't know, but I believe it because of the sounds of the waves in the ocean or the sounds of kids playing." answered Asphodel as she got up. "You know, I'm feeling a lot better now."

"Good, because we were about to leave anyway." said Saki. "Let's go to the car."

Asphodel followed the girls as they went back to the car, and once they were inside, they closed the doors and left driving in an instant.

Back at the Dreizler's House

The car arrived at the Dreizler's House, where Asphodel and Aisling came out and waved goodbye to the Mizushima.

"Thanks for enjoying the Worker's Day with us." said Aisling.

"Thank you for accepting." said Fubuki. "See you in your birthday, Asphodel."

"What did she meant by that?" asked Asphodel as she and Aisling went to the door.

"I have no idea." answered Aisling.

When they opened the door, Hayden and Diamond surprised the two girls by coming out of the couch and shouting "Happy Workers Day!".

"When did you arrived?" asked Asphodel.

"2 seconds ago." answered Diamond.

"No really, when did you arrived?" asked Asphodel again.

"Some hours ago." answered Hayden as he and Diamond brought a cake to the table. "We remembered it was Workers Day, so we thought you'd like a cake. That Lucy's Mother baked of course."

After seeing the cake and Hayden and Diamond's smiles, Asphodel smiled as well as she went to them and gave them a big hug. All while Aisling just watched.

"You two are the best brother and sister I could ask for." said Asphodel.

"You're the best brother and sister we could have too, Asphodel." said Hayden and Diamond in unison.

After hearing them say that, Asphodel started to laugh as Hayden and Diamond joined her. She stopped when she felt somebody calling her, it was Aisling.

"What's up Aisling?" asked Asphodel.

"Do you mind if I join the hug?" asked Aisling.

"Go ahead." said Asphodel, extending an arm.

After saying that, Aisling joined in the hug, with everybody separating after a while.

"Okay, now that we finished with that, who wants to eat some cake?" said Hayden as he took out a spoon and a fork.

The girls took out a spoon, Asphodel also taking out a knife. Everybody also took out a plate as Asphodel cut some slices in the cake.

The End