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"Karal, run!"

Without any hesitation I took off, moving faster than I ever had before. Before I even knew it I was miles away from the rest of them. Lost in a thick forest. I paused, taking in everything around me, when a shot rang out. My head whipped as the shot hit a tree beside me. Something black and crystalized was stuck in the—

I fell to the ground. Not the crystal. I thought. My eyes met the shooters. He was so far away though, it was nearly impossible for him to shoot that gun. I pulled myself up the tree, cutting my hands as I did. As soon as my fingers touched the black crystal bullet it stung. It took everything I had to hold onto that bullet and throw it as far as I could across the forest.

As soon as the crystal was a few feet away from me my strength and speed returned. I took off, not even caring about where I was going.

The black crystal was from my home planet, I didn't think that any of those were left—at least ones that weren't in our power. The crystal was something powerful from our planet, it could kill us—or more if we were around us someone else could kill us. There were three crystal that we had in our hands, gold ones, blue ones, and finally the black one that his guy was shooting at me with.

Blue had restoring powers inside of it. Most of the time it was used if anyone on our planet was injured or near the point of death. It could heal them, for say. The gold one made us…we became like humans not being able to use any of our strengths, stamina, speed—all of the things everyone from our planet got. The golden crystal made us go from invulnerability to a weak human. Finally, there was the black crystal. Something about that crystal made us allergic—close to death. Whatever was in it caused symptoms like nausea, dizziness, pain, and weakness…it grows worse and worse until we pass out from all of it. That crystal can kill us, if we are exposed to it—even for a short time—even a grade one could push us around.

"Karal," a voice called. That voice was so close to my brother soft but deep voice. "Stop! Wait for me!"

I stopped in my tracks. I turned around to see the guy with a gun behind me. I went to run again but bumped into someone as I did. I fell to the ground and started to feel effects of the crystal. I looked up to see Sterling St. Cloud standing in front of me, the crystal was in his hand.

"Give her a fair chance," Sterling said. He chucked the crystal far into the forest.

I jumped up and punched him in the face. I was stronger than he was, so it wounded him. It wasn't as much as I would have liked but it still did damage. He rebounded and I jumped towards him, before I could get another punch in something hit me in the shoulder.

I grabbed onto Sterling's jacket. "Don't kill me." I pleaded.

"Don't worry, sweetheart," he stroked my hair. "Things will be different now."

With those words another shot was fired—into my left shoulder this time—and I passed out. Before I did I remembered his words. Things will be different now. What did that mean?

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