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Skyel and I got married on a warm day in June the following year. In that year, we had found Ryder's sister, my mother, and one other girl from Xenon. The other girl from Xenon seemed to have something that Ryder liked because as soon as he laid eyes on her he seemed to fall in love.

I laid in the hospital bed, my darling baby girl lying in my arms. She looked at me with her loving dark blue eyes, she had the same colored eyes as Skyel, maybe a little bit darker. She had some hair on her hair, they were as light as my hair, beautiful and white.

Kolel walked into my room, followed by Ryder and Lilel—Ryder's girlfriend.

"How's my sweet little niece?" He asked leaning over me. "Can I hold her."

"I'm never letting her go." I told him.

Skyel laughed. "It's true. She won't let me hold her."

"I am scared that Sterling will get her like she did me."

"Don't worry. Sterling is locked up and isn't getting out, but when you are done with…when you are out of here I need your help with the whole banishing thing."

"Of course, brother."

Kolel smiled at me. "What's here name?"

I looked at Skyel and he answered for me. "Katarinal, but we are calling her Katarina." Skyel answered.

"Pretty," Ryder answered.

"Let's just hope she doesn't get any powers well in here."

"We can only hope," Ryder said.

I let Skyel hold Katarina for a while well I lay down in the bed. The others talked and laughed, and just talked about how cute Katarina was.

When we got back to our, house hidden in the woods, Kolel lead me down into the basement where Sterling and the rest of them were being held.

"My darling, Karal, how's your child?"

"Not in your hands," I snapped.

Kolel touched my shoulder and I turned around to see him with a green crystal in his hand. Our mother had given it to us to banish Sterling away from here so he could never come back.

I placed my hand over it and Kolel placed his underneath. He spoke words that were going to trap Sterling and the rest of them, when it was all over, there was a huge flash of light and I was pushed to the other side of the room.

When I stood up, Sterling was gone, they were all gone. Kolel stood shocked.

"We did it," he said.

"We can finally live in peace."

"And our child can live without fear," Skyel smiled. "Are you alright?"

I nodded. "Never better."