-Chapter One-

~Lejin's P.O.V~

It had been about a year since the whole thing started: the war, the hunting, and the problems. Yet, though it had brought us so much trouble, it somehow brought us a little more happiness, more clarity… well some of us. Danielle was confused about loving Sane. Anna was troubled with the disappearance of James. I was trying to figure out who I was… shall I continue? But like I said, It gave some of us some clarity. Ryan had successfully moved down to North Carolina close to us, and his house was where we spent most of our time. The war had brought Abaddon over to our side though he didn't want to fight. Even though he was depressed a lot, he wasn't evil anymore and that had to count for something.

Leaving for the fight was something we were still planning, yet something no one wanted to talk about. It was going to be hard for all of us. But it was necessary. I spent most of my time, nowadays, taking walks to clear my head, having Meetings, or having Ryan teach me anything he could.

Speaking of meetings, I was in one at the moment. I usually never let my mind wander, but I had been thinking of something lately that kept me occupied. I had left home early, around 9:00, and I wouldn't be getting home until late that night. But that had been my schedule for quite some time, so I wasn't worried about that. We could all drive so we all were allowed to stay out till dark and our parents wouldn't ask any questions, so we couldn't really complain. No, I was worried about something no one else new about yet. "So, Lejin, what do you think?" Anna asked from the front of the room. I lifted my head to look at her, "About what?" I asked. Anna shook her head in frustration, "About Charles…or Lilith. Take your pick."

I sat up straight in my chair and took a deep breath. I hated talking to large groups…everyone staring you down, waiting for you to say something. "I think there's a possibility they might be working together. I mean they both hate us, maybe Charles convinced her to keep us busy while he tries to rip apart the rest of the veil. I think that maybe…even for the smallest length of time…we team up with," I swallowed hard, looking around the table, knowing they were going to kill me for saying this, "Azazel to try-"

"NO! No. There's no way were teaming up with that bastard. After what he did to Anna? Have you lost your mind?!" Duncan yelled from across the table. "DUNCAN! Let her finish talking." Danielle yelled back. I sighed and put my head in my hands as they started bickering again. "She wants us to team up with a demon!" Duncan screamed. "Abaddon is a demon." Dani smirked. "Yeah-well- I wasn't too happy with that either." "SHUT UP! Both of you." Anna yelled, clearly irritated, "Good Lord. Please finish Lejin so we end this meeting." "I was just gonna say that we should team up with Azazel to get rid of Lilith so we can focus on stopping Charles and finding Isaac." I said in a voice a little louder than I had intended it to be. "Well, we'll have to think about that one. Alright everyone, you can leave. Meetings over." Anna said, running her hands through her hair.

Duncan got up and stretched," Yeah, we'll have to think about it alright." "Oh shut up!" Danielle rolled her eyes at his immaturity. I laughed as they walked into the hallway pushing each other around. I looked down at my notepad and noticed that had not taken any notes. Instead, I had drawn the shadow of a man, standing in the woods near my house. I closed the notepad and leaned back in my chair. Ryan came up and sat next to me, "What's on your mind? You usually pay attention in meetings like this." I smiled down at the table, "I've just been thinking about some personal things lately. Nothing to worry about." He looked confused, but decided to let it go, "So how's the studying going? You ready to practice or do you wanna read about it some more?" "I think I'm ready to practice, I'm just not really sure I know what I'm doing yet." I sighed, watching Anna pin up possible cases of demon attacks, hauntings, and the like onto the board on the wall in front of our table. Apart from trying to stop the apocalypse, we were working local cases in our spare time. "Okay, well just let me know when you're ready to start and we can go practice." He smiled as we both stood up at the same time. I stretched and yawned, having not had much sleep last night. "Mkay." I nodded, walking into the hallway with him, and catching a glimpse of Dani putting her coat on by the door. "You leaving?" "Yeah. I need to go run some errands for Christmas. So might as well get started." she shrugged. "Well alright, just be careful." I said, hugging her and watching her walk out to her car. After she pulled off I shut the door and made my way into the kitchen, where Duncan was eating a monster sandwich and Ryan was watching him, shaking his head, with a disgusted look on his face. "Hey, can I go take a nap in the guest room? I didn't sleep last night and its only 12." I asked. "Sure. But there are some books I need to get out of there so don't freak out if you wake up and someone's in the room." He said still watching Duncan.

I made my way slowly up the stairs, and to the guest bedroom, which I sometimes called my own considering I did have some of my clothes and books and such in the dresser and nightstand. I opened the door and saw someone sitting on the edge of the bed in the dark. I grabbed the knife out of my back pocket and slowly flipped the switch to turn on the light. What I saw…I almost didn't believe. "Abbey" I smiled.