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Dr. Robert looked up from the paperwork on his desk to gaze worriedly at the calendar on his wall. He let out a frustrated sigh, rubbing his temples. It's been five days since he examined Pierre's son, Daniel. The doctor had gone over as a favor to his childhood friend. The infant died of a fever. The mother had refused to believe the truth and threw a tantrum, tearing apart the house. That woman was obviously not right in the head. The look in her eyes couldn't be normal. She scratched and attacked Pierre when he tried to prevent her from hurting herself. Pierre's attention was solely on her until she glared fiery and chilling daggers at the doctor. She loathed the one who told her that her baby was dead. Eleanor wanted to struggle him to death, rip him to shreds, force him to feel an iota of the pain she felt when she heard those words. For a second, a ridiculously long second, she had believed. But it was obviously a lie. She certainly looked like she would kill him given the chance. Pierre pleaded with the doctor to leave. Eventually, he did. Now, it had been almost a week and neither Pierre nor Eleanor had left that apartment complex. He stood up, the kinks in his body making themselves known. He really should check on them. Despite his high IQ, Pierre was an idiot sometimes. Seriously, Robert couldn't begin to understand why his friend would want to stay with that Eleanor. He should just give up on worrying about Pierre. It was too much of an annoyance. Even so, he couldn't help but be concerned. The doctor glanced at the clock. It was half past eight. It shouldn't be too late, right?

Robert knocked on the door. Minutes passed and there was no answer. A second and third try at knocking produced no results. He tried the doorknob and the door creaked open. It was unlocked...? Then, the overwhelming smell of death hit him, hanging heavily on the air. Against his better judgment, he opened the door wider. He nearly gagged, but he pressed on, feeling a very ominous premonition in the pit of his stomach. The place was a mess, broken furniture and glass everywhere. There didn't seem to be anyone here. He was starting to regret this... Robert adventured further into the home anyway.


The door burst open. People stormed into the room, swarms of them, all strangers. They tried to take her precious baby away from her. There were too many of them. Overwhelming waves of dread and panic flooded into her system, driving her crazier. Eleanor clawed and scratched, kicked and struggled, but there were too many. Way too many. Terror consumed her. She felt their hands everywhere, trying to grab, trying to steal. The tide was turning against her. She was fighting a losing battle, a battle she couldn't afford to lose. A desperate wail built up inside her as hands, monster claws, tore at her grasp. Her baby. Her baby! They were trying to steal her baby. She hugged her child closer to her, bending over him, trying to protect him from the bad people. Their demon faces were hovering over her, grinning, grinning. One of them had a needle. Something sharp poked into her arm. She screamed. The monsters were still trying to take her Danny away and she felt the drug sapping her strength away. Heaviness was forcing its way into her body. They were closing in on her, them. No, no. no, she couldn't black out now. Who would save her little one? They're going to hurt her baby. They're going to kill her baby. She couldn't go to sleep. Her eyelids felt weighted down, her limbs like lead. It was hard to move. She could see the darkness invading the edges of her vision, trying to blind her. Still, she hung onto her baby. However, she could feel her grip slipping, slipping, slipping... No, stop! The bad people were still here, still trying to take a child from his rightful place in his mother's arms.

"LET GO! MY BABY! NO!" She wasn't strong enough. The monsters were overwhelming her, crowding her. There was no way out. Her hold was almost nonexistent now. Those hands of hers, there were something wrong with her hands. They were too weak. She couldn't quite grip. Even her voice was starting to give out. Her sheer volume was destroying her voice. They were going to succeed in kidnapping her baby. Why won't they go away? Why won't they let us live in peace? "No! Let go! This is my child!" She was going to fail Danny. It was only a matter of seconds before her baby was stolen. And there was still more monsters swarming in, invading their sanctuary. She had to do something. She had to call on her only lifeline. Please don't let it be empty at the other end of the rope. He won't abandon her, us, now, would he? She sucked in a burst of air, hoping, her eyes burning, watering. "PIERRE, RESCUE ME! PIERRE! SAVE US!"

Pierre was outside, trying so hard close his eyes to what was happening. He knew the child should be buried. He knew Eleanor should be put away so she won't hurt herself anymore. She was a danger to herself and everyone around her. Pierre now knew he wasn't enough to stabilize Eleanor. None of this stopped the hurt. He felt his heart splitting, shattering, cutting up his insides. Pierre curled into himself, but it didn't help ease the agony tearing through his body, ripping apart his mind. It felt like something physical was murdering his heart. Eleanor's terrified screams were stabbing the white hot knife deeper, again and again. He didn't know which one would drive him insane first, if he wasn't already crazy. Please, please, stop. It was already so difficult to hold himself back from rushing into the room, shove the people out of the way, and go to her side. He couldn't stand Eleanor's unhappiness. Her screams were killing him. He shoved his hands against his ears, tearing up against his own will. His hands were pressing so tightly that his head felt like it was going to crack. Then, he heard her cries for help, her screaming for him. He couldn't sit still anymore. The last shred of his self-control crumbled. The moment she called for him, he'll come running to her. No matter where or when, he couldn't resist helping her. Her well-being was all he wanted. Her happiness was top priority. Legs that didn't seem to be his own rushed him to the nursery.

Eleanor was in the midst of the strangers that were only trying to calm her down, hysterical, trying to claw her way out, looking so heartbreakingly desperate. He saw the tears in her eyes. Pangs assaulted his chest, ripping the thing called a heart even further. He was at her side in a heartbeat, unknowingly shoving people out of his path, seeing only Eleanor. There was no one else in his eyes except for Eleanor. She was his whole world. That would never change. He tried, he tried to let her go for her own good, but he couldn't. He couldn't live without his life. Pierre drew her to him and she clung to him, sobbing. He rubbed her back, whispering reassurances and comforts, as her nails dug weakly into his skin. It's okay. He'd never let go again. He didn't think that he could. She hissed and Pierre glared at the source of her distress. This time, he intentionally forced his way through, getting them out of the room and away.


They were on the rooftop of the complex. She had passed out a while ago. It scared the hell out of him when he couldn't wake her up. The dread in his heart, a dark whisper in his mind, told him that she was going to never wake up, that she was going to leave without him. He spent the last twenty minutes shaking her, crying, calling out to her. He was going mad with the crushing panic and terror that poisoned his body. The first thing she did when she opened her eyes was to go to Daniel. Seeing that, no matter how many times, it was like a spear to his heart, although he was immensely grateful that she seemed to be okay. He should just be content with that. Eleanor was petting her baby, rocking him, cooing to him, trying to calm down a dead child.

"Don't worry, honey. Mommy won't let the bad people take you away."

Pierre hugged them to him, trying to hold his broken family together. Closing his eyes, he put his chin on top of her head, hiding the liquid in his eyes. No, he couldn't cry. It might upset Eleanor. He didn't want to risk that. Pierre would never want to be the source of her unhappiness. He couldn't handle that. She hugged him back, wanting a source of comfort, of warmth. He just happened to be it. Pierre tightened his grip on her slightly, wondering how in the world did it end up like this.


Pierre was nervous and not feeling very confident either, despite his earlier pep talk. Eleanor and he had been dating for four and a half years now and he wanted to propose to her. He wanted her to know she'd always have a home, a place of security, with him. He wanted her to know that she was loved. There wasn't a day he had forgotten to tell her how much he treasured her, how he loved everything about her, from her personality to her inner glow and beauty. Every day, never once skipping a single day, he kissed her hello and before he left, he kissed her again. He wanted her to know she was wanted. However, he wasn't so sure that she believed him. She had a deep-rooted distrust of people. The reason, he didn't know, and he'd never make her uncomfortable by asking. He hoped he could convince her by showing how much he wanted to stay with her for the rest of his life, how much he was beyond willing to protect her, take care of her, for the remainder of their days, how ever long that may be.

"Eleanor..." He stroked her cheek gently, drawing her attention to him. "You know, I'd do anything for you. I'll become someone you can trust, okay?" He smiled, letting everything he felt for her shine through his eyes, trying to convey his sincerity. "I love you, Eleanor. Do you... " He slowly pulled her into a hug. His hold was firm but loose, making sure she can slip out if she wanted to. "...think you would want to stay with me forever?" He held out an open box, revealing a ring in the center.

Eleanor just stared at him, tears forming in her eyes. Her mouth opened. "You..." Then closed. She blinked, a few drops sliding down, and Pierre brushed them away tenderly, smiling softly, patiently. "You..." Slowly, her tears dried. She reached behind her and a vase smashed down on his head, the glass shattering and cutting his head, multiple wounds torn into his scalp. "YOU LIAR!" Blood slid down his face, getting into his eyes, slipping into his ears, as agony made a nest on his head, burning everywhere it touched, its venom taking over his entire head. He clutched his head, red quickly staining his hands, clenching his teeth together, eyes watering, tears mixing with blood. His vision was blurry and he couldn't see Eleanor dash out of the room. The pain his head was feeling didn't quite compare to Eleanor's rejection. His heart broke into a thousand razor sharp pieces, ripping apart his chest, all his insides, the anguish taking over his body, tearing it apart.


A week later, Eleanor had agreed to marry him anyway. Pierre opened his eyes, his vision clouded with tears. The memory still felt fresh to him. The day that led them up to this was that day. No, it was the day they met. That day, the moment he chose to talk to her, was the beginning of their downfall. However, he'd never regret that day. No matter how much time passed, he would not regret meeting the love of his life. Even if Eleanor hurt him, he'd stay. He was glad that he was of some use, even if it was only as a punching bag. He'd endure anything for her. He'd do anything for her. Pierre lived and breathed for that sole person. He was grateful for the occasional hug or kiss from Eleanor. Her smiles were all he needed, all he desired. Her happiness was his happiness. He'd stay with her for all of eternity if she would let him, if she still wanted him. Pierre was just happy that they were still together. He pulled Eleanor to him a bit closer. She hummed, reveling in the warmth surrounding her.

Her eyes shot open. Pierre was shoved away, his back slamming into a wall. He could feel the back of his head burst open, the blood seeping out the opening, staining his shirt, staining the wall. Eleanor inched away from him, hugging her precious baby to her, glaring at the threat in front of her. The hatred in her eyes, her face, shot into his chest, his heart hit, writhing in pain, screaming, whimpering, bleeding from various wounds. Pierre didn't know how much more he could take. He wanted to cry right then and there, but he sucked it up, trying to be strong for Eleanor's sake, trying so hard. Eleanor continued backing away from him, bluntly showing her aversion to him, until she reached the edge. Then, there was nowhere to go, so she just glared at him, hissing and growling. Eleanor just remembered that he was a bad man. He was one of the people who tried to take away her baby. He was a monster. She had to get away; she had to get away now.

Pierre knew what was wrong. He always was able to read Eleanor better than anyone. Well, he was the only person who tried to understand her. Everyone else was scared of her violence. He tried to smile disarmingly, trying to calm her. His heart was in his throat. He could hardly breathe. Terror polluted his mangled-beyond-repair heart. He was deeply afraid that she would jump if she was provoked any further. Pierre tried to keep his voice as calm and steady as possible.

"Eleanor..." He pushed down his fear. "I won't try to take Daniel away from you anymore. Please, come closer."

She snarled at him, her arms tightening on the body further, unintentionally squeezing much harder than strictly necessary. If the baby was alive, it would have been strangled to death.

Since Eleanor didn't believe him anyway, he decided to lie to her for the first time. "Eleanor, please calm down. You're hurting the baby."

Her eyes shot down to the bundle in her arms, shrieking when she noticed the dark bruises on him. She rushed over to Pierre, begging for his help. His heart squeezed and twisted at her desperation. He pushed it aside, moving to envelope her in an embrace. Pierre didn't know what else to do. There wasn't a way to heal a corpse.

The door burst open, police officers swarming in, holding guns. Eleanor clung to him, whimpering. She didn't want those bad people to steal her baby. They were on a roof. There wasn't many choices for them. The police blocked the door. Pierre didn't want to be separated from Eleanor. She wouldn't want to end up in a mental hospital. In that moment, Pierre made a split decision. He moved to the edge with Eleanor, backing away from the people who have the power to tear them apart. Pierre turned to her, wanting to be absolutely sure that he knew what she wanted. What would happen next would be her choice. "You don't want them to get us, right?"

She nodded, hope shining in her eyes. Those monsters would take her baby away from her. They'll hurt Danny, kill him. She couldn't let that happen. Now, there was a way out. They were saved. Pierre would help them somehow. She had to believe it. Eleanor didn't want to think of the alternative. No, Pierre must rescue them. There was no other option that she'd accept. She had to stay together with her baby. She just had to. Her little one couldn't survive with her. Danny needed her. That's why they needed to escape. Otherwise those monsters would take her child. She'd do anything for her baby. Anything.

"Then, let's jump together. We'd always be together. So don't worry. You'll always be precious to me. Forever loved."

She looked at Pierre, not saying anything, just stared. Eleanor glanced down at her baby and gazed up at Pierre. Then, she smiled at him for the first time in weeks. He smiled back, unable to resist. Pierre brushed her hair aside gently and kissed her on the forehead. They laced their fingers together and...


In that last second, just before they hit the ground, Pierre wrapped himself around Eleanor, somehow getting under her, taking the brunt of the fall, protecting her to the very end. He died with various broken bones and massive bleeding, dying painfully but happy, always happy if he could be with the love of his life. Eleanor died on impact. The baby was crushed between them.