Antonio weavered at the sound of the wind blowing outside from the storm.

"Let's tell scary stories," Jesse said with a giant smile on his face, scaring Antonio to hide behind his sister, Alice.

"BRING IT ON!" Evan jumped up making a ridiculious post.

"Let's make it a contest then," Jesse's smile turning into a giant grin. "Who ever scares everyone the most will win."

"What kind of prize will they win?" Tucker with a gazing smile, while his twin brother, Owen reading behind him. "I hope it's a good one this time! The last prize was a..." Tucker's face turned red as he pointed at Jesse.

"That was one of the most disgusting prize I ever saw," Lily said while painting her nails.

"Shut up guys," Billy Fixing his orange dyed hair. "Let's just start. Who's first?" Everyone nodded and looked at Chris.

"Uhhh... Why are you guys looking at me?" Blushing a little and pointing at himself.

"Beacuse you make the lame ones," Alice answered boldly. "H-HOW MEAN!" Chris shouted with a tear in his eyes, making everyone laugh.

"I guess I'll start," Jesse interrupted, stopping himself from laughing."Once upon a time," Everyone rolled their eyes.

"We're tired of once upon a time," Everyone weavered. "Fine, I'll make it real scary then! Don't blame me i you can't sleep!" Jesse crossed his arm and looked away closing his eyes angrily.

"There once was a boy and a girl kissing on a bench at midnight," Jesse started again.

"Why were they kissing?" Antonio asked, while Alice tried to distracted him from asking.

"It's a thing adults do in bed," Billy lying down on the floor. "S-SHUT UP BILL! Don't tell my brother that! He's only 5!" Alice squirmed. Billy stuck his tounge out at Alice, angering her.

"Can I continue now?" Jesse sighed. "Without anyone interrupting," He looked at everyone. They stared at him silently, showing him they wouldn't interrupt. "Will, anyways... The coupe got done kissing and they walked home together. The boyfriend felt as if they were being watch,but his girlfriend said it was probably just a feeling after kissing too long. As they kept on walking they heard footsteps behind them." Jesse grinned evily,"and then... SlUSHHHH! The boyfriend's head came off, blood splattering everywhere!" Jesse made a expolding expression and fell backwards. Everyone hugged eachother shivering as Jesse got up and saw they're faces.

"Alice, are you crying?" Jesse grinned.

"O-o-of C-course not!" Her voice shook intensly. "Then why is your voice shaking?" Jesse leaned closer to her face to observe her face.

"I'm just cold!" Alice squeaked. Jesse looked at everyone else and got up putting his hands on his hips.

"Let me guess, all of you guys are cold." Jesse smirked. Everyone nodded at Jesse. "Will, whatever, it's pretty stormy out-" A thunder cracked loudly, scaring Jesse, making him curl into a ball.

"Cry baby," Everyone said as they looked at eachother. Another thunder roared, scaring them too. Jesse got up and looked as they hugged eachother, "Cry babies," He said as he walked to turn off the lights.

"Anyways... was that story true?" Billy asked with curiousity in his eyes.

"Yeah, it was. Why?" Jesse stopped and looked at him. "You want to go see if it's true?" Billy coming up of his psycho ideas.

"..." Jesse thought of the boyfriend's head getting cut off, "Of course!" Him and Billy grinned at eachother.

"This can't be good," Evan looks at everyone else, as they looked at eachother. "Everyone! Get your equipments! We're going out for a while!" Billy and Jesse hanging on to each others shoulders.

"This is total misforunate," Owen sighed putting his glasses back into place, getting up and leaving his book on he couch. "Plus, you two idiots are too stupid to realize, it's storming outside." He opened the curtains and shoed them the heavy rain and the dark sky with flashes of silent lightning. Billy and Jesse looked at each other and had another idea. They looked at the nine rain coats hanging on the entrance hangers and at everyone else.

"We're just that stupid," They both grinned, everyone sighed and knew there was no stopping them. Everyone put on they're coats and walked outside into the dark rainng night sky, with strong wind blowing each way at them.

"If the wind blows all my closthes away, I wouldn't be surprise," Jesse looked at everyone while his coat covered his face blowing from the strong wind. "Don't say that like it's a good thing!"Lily blushed getting her coat from covering her face.

"If the wind could blow everything away, then there's no need for clothes,right?" Billy grinned looking at the girls. "Shut up idiot!" Alice slapped Billy's head.

"Anyways, lets go look for a strange man that may or may not kill us!" Jesse said prouding as a newspaper blew onto his face.

"Idiots," the others sighed following jesse with a newpaper on his face. As they walked through the streets, the rain and wind grew harder. "Hey look! A figure! I wonder if it's a murderer! Lets get closer!" Chris Pointed at a shadow figure in the rain.

"Did anyone bring a flashlight?" Evans looked at the others. There was a silence.

"No one brought a flashlight?!" Tucker screamed. "I don't think we brought anything except for a coat..." Owen searched through his memories. Everyone looked at one another, forgeting about the closing figure. Everyone paused and looked at Jesse still blabbling his mouth as the figure stoof behind him.

"Jesse..." Evans whispered to him, "The figures behind you..."

"The higure is betwin teeth?" He turned around to see a giant person behind him. "Wow Billy, i never noticed you were so..." He stopped.

"RUNNNNNNNN!" He screamed as everyone was already gone. "NOOOO! DON'T TELL ME YOU KILLED THEM ALL!" Jesse cried sarcasticly, looking for any sign of them.

"Did we fool them?" Billy took off the giant costume.

"I bet we nearly gave them a heart attack!" Jesse gave a thumbs up. As he turned around he saw Evans standing with a blank expression.

"O-oh hey Evans!" Jesse walked up to him, as Evans head dropped to the ground. Jesse frozed for a few seconds and screamed his heart out.

"AHUHAHUAHUAHAUUAUH!" He tried to breathe as everyone came out and started to laugh at him. "That's what you get for trying to pull a prank on us," The real Evans laughed. Antonio then took off the Evans costume and started laughing too.

"That was priceless," Billy gripped onto his stomache. Jesse became angry and ran back to the house, as everyone laughed and walked back talking about how scared he was.