"OOOUUUUUUUUU MAH BUNSSS!" Jesse screamed running to a strange looking lamp.

"It's a lava lamp, I think..." Owen crossed his arms, "Rub on it, see if a stupid genie is brave enough to grant our wish," His brother smirked.

"Ok!" Jesse rubbed on the poor lamp hard enough a genie popped up.

"WHAT'S WITH YOU KIDS?! I WAS IN THE BATHROOM!" The Genie grumbled. The boys stared at him silently without emotion or a glimpse of excitement.

"Okay! Okay! Stop staring at me! I'll grant you three morons, one wish each. Deal?" The slapped Owen's arm, I crossing it. Then crossing his own.

"HEY!" Owen screamed, Tucker blocked his brother with his arms, giving the genie a thumbs up.

"Ok you the one with the stupid face, I'll grant your wish first," The boys looked at one another then the genie. "You all have stupid faces, so I'll grant his wish!" The genie pointed at Owen.

Jesse and Tucker looked at each other cautiously, then looking back at the grinning Owen.

"I wish..." He pointed one finger up.

"I wish, you'd poop your pants right now" He pointed at the genie grinning wider.

"Uhhhh... pardon?" "DON'T TRY TO NAG ME MISTER!" Owen screamed, scaring the genie to poo his own pants.

"I hope he's wearing an underwear..." Jesse whispered to Tucker giggling.

"O-Ok.. Your turn," the genie looked at Tucker.

"I wish for a bigger *beep*" The genies eyes grew wide as be said those words. He snapped his fingers and Tucker's *beep* became bigger.

"Now I can catch my the ball without gloves!" Tucker's eyes shone.

The genie glances at Jesse's smirk and tries to escape.

"I wish for an bigger butt" Jesse shouted behind the genie. The genie snapped his fingers and quickly disappeared in a hurry.

3 hours later... At Jesse's house.

"I can't sit in my couch!" Jesse cried.

"It's too big!" Tucker snapped.

"I can still smell it" Owen laying with his face on the ground.

"Morons," Alice wipes her hands after cleaning the dishes.

"have you guys met my boyfriend?" Lily jumped inside with the genie behind her.