Bew! Bew! Bew! Jesse drooled at his laser gun imagination.

Where's my teeth? I can't let the others know, I'm missing a teeth! Alice shivered.

1 cat, 1 dog, 10 idiots... Owen counted the things in the room.

I NEED TO PEE! Billy held his breath.

I need to fart... Lily pondered deeply on how to make it silent, so no one would hear.

BFTTTTTTTTFFFFFFF! Lily farted, as the room went silent.

I shouldn't have done that! Everyone stared at Lily surprised.

I'm going to faint... Jesse hid his face.

Has she been eating diarrhea? Alice covered her mouth.

What's that smell? Tucker looked around smelling the air, then faints.

Girls fart? Chris thought complexly.

DANGGGG! Her fart STANK! Billy ran out of the room.

Skunk mother of pearl... Alice glared at her surroundings.

Incredible! The smell is burning my lungs! Owen putting on a face mask.

Did she poop herself? Antonio gasped.

"Skunk," They all stared at Lily.

Lily blushed red, then another fart came out.


Everyone became silent once again.

"I feel like puking into your butt, because the smell would kill it away..." Billy came back into the room, covering his green face.

Everyone glared at the closed window and looked at one another.

"OPEN THE WINDOW, BEFORE WE DIE!" Tucker screamed pointing at the closed object.

Everyone scrambled, pushing and pulling each other to make their way to the window.

Jesse took out a be-be machine gun and shoots at them, Billy smashing through in a super hero costume, Alice attacking with bunny kicks, Chris acting like a rock, Antonio picking at the rock, Tucker eating a banana in the kitchen, and Owen taking a number 2 in the bathroom reading.

As they fought furiously, Lily opened the window and took off her pants.

The boys blushed and looked at her intensely.

The girls tried looking away.

"I ate bad milk..." Lily murmured.

"How can you eat milk?" Jesse wondered.

"It was BAD milk!" Lily puts back on her pants.

"There was no reason for you to put down... Everything though," everyone blushed.

"I just finished eating a banana," Tucker ran in. "Where's Owen?"

Owen sat patient on the floor, he was stuck in the bathroom with no toilet paper.