What do I know about the world we live in?

I don't know.

How would I know?

I'm just a fourteen year old, stuck in an apocalyptic world.

At least I'm not alone, right?

After the incident, everyone traveled together to find a new hideout for more safety.

The 'incident' really surprised Flare, so he decided it was time time change things a bit, for our safety.

We organized our belongings, while on the job. I found a journal filled with writing.

Curious of the mysterious book in a middle of a dark forest, I flipped open the cover in an instant.

It was like a dairy. The page I turned, to read:

I woke up from an unusual sound.

The screeching in its tone, almost splattered my eardrums.

The other gang members heard it as well.

We didn't like it, at all.

Jake went to check it out and never returned.

How strange.

I've been worried sick about him, he is my brother.

I told mom, living in the forest was a bad idea.

I told her.

I flipped through more pages hoping to find more to fill my curiosity, unfortunately the page was tore off.

It was the only page that was missing.

Unable to find any other options, I flipped back a few dozen of pages near the first passage.

I searched for my brother for the pass three months, but still no luck.

I want to see him, again.

Jake was always the greatest brother I'll ever have in my lives.

I can't live without my big brother.


Where are you?

I ran away just for you.

I love you, please come back.

Where have you gone?

Please Jake.

I'm scared!

My interest roused intensely.

The thought of trying to find the person who wrote the book, blew my mind.

I want to find the missing page.

Flare suddenly called out my name and told me to hurry.

I quickly grabbed the journal and ran back to Flare showing him the passages.

His eyes widen, smacking the book out of my hand.

Walking away angrily, telling me to stop messing around.

My heart sank and was filled with more curiosity, of how Flare may have been related to the journal.

I always wanted to find out more about Flare, but everyone tells me not to bother with him.

I asked the others, showing them the dairy passages.

They said they didn't know anything about it, even though they lived here for a few years.

Everyone gathered into their little trucks, while me and Nana rode on the plane with Sky.

The sky was splattered with blue, orange, yellow, purple and etc, as the sun set.

I couldn't help, but stare at the sparkling sun, surrounded by verities of beautiful colors.

Me and Nana fell asleep next to one another, when night came.

We drove and flew for a few hours, until Flare signaled us to a gigantic summer house on a cliff near the ocean.

The plane slowly turned circling down, landing onto the beach's silky sand.

The moon shone brightly over the ocean beneath it , reflecting its light all around.

"Hey Slash. Wake up," Sky whispered softly, like a mother waking her child up at a very special moment.

She gently shook my shoulders, waking me slowly from my nap.

"Sky..? Are... We there, yet...?" Rubbing my eyes, still drowsing from the nap.

"Do you mean, "Are we here, yet?"" She smiled looking towards the summer house.

"That makes no since at all!" We laughed silently, knowing Nana was asleep.

I jumped out of the plane and carried Nana as Sky lifted her down for me.

Sky then, hid the plane in a giant cave Flare showed her.

Walking towards our new home, I looked at Nana then the moon hovering over the ocean.

"It's so beautiful, Nana. Just like you," I murmured to the sleeping girl on my back.

"Welcome home."