4 years has passed. 4 people have died. 6 people left to die. I'm 17 currently, but tomorrow's going to be my birthday so I'll be 18... As for Nana, she's 16 and will be 17 tomorrow as well. We both forgot our birthdays, so the gang helped us plan out when it should be.

Throughout the four years, me and Nana became more separate after we found a bunch of healthy survivors when we were looking for supplies and fortunately ran into one of them. We all got a long well with the many survivors and the their boss, but he was killed overnight a few years ago putting Flare in charge as he was in our group. But, the boss of their group wasn't the only one killed during the assassination.

That night, Boulder, Sky, and Aqua was called there to meet the boss for a private meeting and never came back. Night passed to the next day. The day that destroyed my life. I woke up from my deep sleep in the afternoon when Flare unusually woke me up with a face of grief. Looking around, I asked him where Boulder, Sky, and Aqua were. He stared at me with sadden eyes, which made me worried, because Flare was always the kind of leader that would always put up a serious face, but it seemed it was broken badly.

Flare took me to the camp ground where everyone met up and there i saw many tears falling from face to face to face... Butterflies banged inside my stomach, as I walked through to meet Nana pooled with tears and her friend Light comforting her.


Flare blocked my path with his arm and looked into my eyes, then looking away to a man walking onto the stage. The man was Delta, the boss's royal assistant. Delta raised his hand and calmed the cries of the crowd of survivors.

"Today, we have lost four individuals... " He said with grief. "They have helped and stayed with us until the time of their passing. They have saved many lives and cared for many people," He continued as tears started to leak from his eyes.

My heart started to pound faster and faster as he said the names, "Boulder, Sky, Aqua, and Diver..." The thumping in my heart stopped and time frozen as I had all the happy laughing memories of the four and the adventure we had when we faced the dangers of what humanity left, for us.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH H!" I screamed, falling to the floor soaking the dirty floor with wet streams of tears. They wouldn't stop leaking out, no matter how much i tried to hold it in. "Boulder, Sky, Aqua, Diver... Why did it have to be you guys?! Why wasn't it me?! Dammit!" I cried pounding the floor with all my might, weakening my hand and making it bleed. Everyone looked at me with grief and empathy, as I was carried away by Delta and Flare screaming out their names.

Pain in the heart struck me for days or even months. No matter what same activities we all did together before was now dust and different. I became more separate from the group leaving a giant gap, I felt as if i was a stranger. Only if they were here... Boulder would cheer me with kind words of encourage meant, while Sky would talk to me about it and help figure things out, and Aqua would suffocate me in her giant breasts...

Fun memories have passed, people have passed, and years has passed since that day. I wonder if we'll ever get to go back to the old days. And if we won't.