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I sat down, exhausted, on a little stump that was growing out of the ground. The trees around me provided some shade, and the little sunlight that poked through made the area look peaceful.

I slowed my breathing, until I could talk comfortably, the stood up and addressed my little tiny group of me, Alex N. (Lets call him Nolan for right now) Alex M, Marshall, Jayden. S, Adysha, Justin and Jayde.

"Okay. We have the map. We know about where we are going. We don't know where the we are though, and that is a problem. We have to make it through the gates before two days time is up. We have probably taken up about half an hour approximately, and we dont want to wander around blind in this forest. I suggest that we split up into teams of 2, look for various landmarks and meet back here in an hour so we can mark the spots on the map. That way, we will know where we want to go." I paused to let that information sink in. My tram nodded slowly, and then their eyes lit up. They got it I thought.

"Okay, now that we got that figured out, lets pick the teams."

Jayde and I went together, Justin and Alex, Jayden and Nolan, Marshall and Adysha. We split up, taking a couple of weapons with us. I took a bow and a shaft of arrows and a tiny gun that I strapped to my leg. Jayde got another gun, and a knife that she put in her tiny bag.

When we got back, it was just before the hour had passed. I didn't see anyone, so I just sat down on the tree stump I mentioned earlier. It was wet, probably from dew or something. I took out the map, and a pen that I managed to find in the little bin. Looked for what Jayde and I had found, which was nothing but a big ass dip in the ground, and then a hill. Using the contour lines, that I had learned last year, I found which lines meant a downwards slope and an upwards slope and marked "FOUND BY JAYDE AND PAIGE!" in capital bolded letters, before Justin and Alex came out of the trees, cursing.

I marked their spot on the map, and when everyone else arrived, I marked their spot. I decided where we were close to, and we set off for the gates.

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