In the beginning there was void, which was the original state of the world. It was nothingness, bleakness, and lightness, empty of sound and form. It was the entirety of what could be but had nothing inside of it.

Then a tree sprouted and grew so large that it filled the emptiness. Its branches stretched to the heavens. It roots dug to the depths. Its hardened bark chaffed against the boundaries of what could be and became what is.

As the tree grew it flowered and heavy fruits swelled on its branches. Nine branches were weighed down with these fruits, and nine fruit there were in total. The tree continued to grow, swelling beyond the confines of its own skin. From its wounds oozed dark sap the color of dried blood. Eventually the fruits fell and became the world's first gods. The sap, which oozed from its core until there was none left, congealed and became the lady. After that the tree died and its remains became the world.

Though their tree lay dying in the void, the fruits continued to grow. They fed from its remains and swelled until, finally, they took on human form. Thus, were the first gods born.

First was Aska. Called the First, The True God, The One King, and the Lord of Gods, he as strongest and most divine. His first act was the creation of the sun, which he set in the sky to light the darkness of the void.

Next was Deit, the second of the gods. Called the Night Bringer, the Shadow Eater, and the Wicked One, he was the opposite of his brother in many ways. Jealous of Aska's achievements, Deit took the sun and sent it sailing around the world. In its place he put the moon and so did he create the night.

Next was Ila, the first goddess. She was called The First Goddess, the Compassionate, the Green Lady, and the Most Fertile. Nature was hers, and she created the birds that would fly, the fish that would swim, and the animals that would scurry, and she created the plants that would feed them.

Next was Radeaus, the second goddess. She was called Lady of Compassion, Bringer of Order, and She of Strong Arms. Mercy and righteousness were her domain, and she created justice, retribution, and law to the world, giving it physics.

Next was born Lita, Radeaus' twin. He was all his sister was not, and so was called Lord of Deceit, Weaver of Tales, and Lie Tongue. His was honor among thieves, and he created illusions and false truths in the world.

Next was Lo, the god of glory and battle. He was known as Blood Sword, War Song, and Gore Bringer, and violence was his way. He created violence and death in the world, and would someday give man weapons and warfare.

Next was Yanu, the wayfarer. Long Travelled, True Fortune, and Luckless were his names. With him he brought peace, prosperity, and often good fortune, though at times not. Fate was his domain, though many would lament that.

Next was Almette, the goddess of wisdom. She brought with her science to the world, giving the world knowledge, wisdom, and the ability to learn.

Last born was Areia, who was a creator in herself. From her loving hips she gave birth to the first man and the first woman, and so named them as such. She set them on the soil, still wet and ignorant, and she taught them what all the other gods had done, and she taught them how to speak, and she set them off to make their fortune.

The first eight watched her creations curiously. They took stock of these strange creatures, so like themselves, and took interest in the lives which they would lead. Each had investment in them and each thought their creation most important.

And so then were the nine fruits flourished, and so then were the first nine born.