In a crazed dream I swore to protect him
To keep him far from creeping shadows
And the death that still escapes me
As I gave his arms my cursed blessing
And knelt to his everlasting power
With hope for a sign from past

But he dared to raise his eyes
To meet my own tear stained orbs
With a caring and sparkling smile
As he grabbed me by a scarred hand
To present to me a new hope

He showed me an eternally shining sky
One that I had glanced at many times before
But he revealed hidden treasures I had never seen
He gestured to each constellation with his voice rising
And falling with each myth recited to me
He showed me each dream that fell back to the stars
To confide in his glorious brothers and sisters
Whose bright spheres colored the darkness
But they seemed to shine brighter at his calls
As if only an attempt to make me smile
Or even create just a curve in my lips
As my face lit to a bright red
Deeper than the reflection of his storms

I think I love him
But I am terribly afraid to lose him

And I long for the comfort of his hands
But I still fear for the release of his support
That I lost from my own brothers and sisters
Due to a bloody war waged upon my own mistakes
Only for them to be further weakened by barbarians
Of a similar mind and cloth

Those men sent their praises to him and his brother
While singing hymns plucked from a broken lyre
Tuned long ago from my own carefree hands
With a skill long forgotten

That remains lost in my ruins
Of which he helps me to uncover every day
As I allow myself to temporarily forget my sins

If only to let a smile reach my face
If only to see him laugh joyously in return
As I lower my carefully placed shield of timidness
For him to pat my head and return to my fallen city
The city that grew under his tempered gaze
While he sings and dances as if he is only made of air