Snowflakes falling,

Cold winter air outside.

While inside, I sit with hot coco in my hand.

My cat next to me, black fur fluffed up to keep warm.

Brooklyn throws her squeaky toy at me,

Asking me to throw it down the hall.

I pick it up by the arm and fling it down the hall

Brook goes to fetch it

I lay back onto my panda pillow,

And settle comfortably into my bed.

Spring comes and goes,

Summer is here at last

The sun shines down,

While Brook is playing outside.

Her hippo is flung at the fence,

I take a quick snapshot of it.

Thinking about framing it, I don't notice it,

Until it hits my face.

Soggy with dog slobber,

I quickly throw it back.

We leave for the States in Autumn

Bringing Brook along for the ride

We're at the Vineyard

Brook is playing chase with Abby.

Down the driveway they go,

To the horse and goats.

I laugh and watch them until

They disappear in the forest.

I hum a tune and follow them,

Letting them lead me to their destination