The Secret Field No Longer Shines

There is a park near my house with a secret field.
When I'm sad, when I'm happy it's where I go.
I lie in the grass and the field hugs me,
I look at the sky and the stars say hello.

When I was angry I went to my secret field.
I fell over in pain as I put my life on hold.
I looked up to the stars to say hello to my friends
and noticed one of brightest stars was cold.

I panicked. I just couldn't leave the secret field.
I needed help but no one was in sight.
So I cried. I cried and I shared all of my warmth,
but the star faded away into the night.

Time passed after my trip to the secret field.
Even when I tried it never left my mind.
I decided I should go back and pay another visit,
curious as to what I would find...

I hid behind a tree. There were people sitting down.
The secret field was no longer mine.
I trudged back home and let out a big sigh.
The secret field had lost its former shine.

Now I hide in the trees when I visit the secret field.
I wish it would sparkle and live on forever.
But not all is lost for when I look up at the sky
I see a familiar star. Happy as ever.