I looked down at my frail body. I was so confused... I could see my body lying on the ground; all of it. I looked at my hands, which used to be creased with wrinkles of age to find them smooth as a child's. I pulled a strand of my once starch white hair out only to find it had returned to the auburn hue it had been in my youth. I glanced down at the robe I wore. It was white and felt almost silky but it was like no material I had ever felt before.

"Well? Are you coming my dear?" Called a malevolent voice.

As I spun to find the voice the ground seemed to open up and swallow me whole. I fell for what seemed like a long time before landing in a place one could only call hell. The place I fell to was made of fire and brimstone; souls couldn't stand the searing heat but what was worse was the longing I felt in my heart.

"I don't understand!" I called out to no one unparticular, "I believe in Christ. He is my savior. Where is the lamb of God? The one who restores my soul? Where is he?"

A cruel laugh filled the air, "Your God has forsaken you. That wonderful of yours let you come stay with me."

I fell to the ground sobbing. My creator, my friend, my provider, my savior, and my everything wouldn't abandon me. I wouldn't believe it. It was all I could do to not look my captor whom I had now guessed to be the devil himself straight in the eyes.

" he would not abandon me. God sent his only son to save me from my own sins. He would not abandon someone he loves so that you could have fun torturing me!"

" oh come on! Like your God really loves you!" He cackled.

A sudden blinding light filled very dark space surrounding me. " Brianna I didn't abandon you. I live you and now I'm here to take you where you home where you belong. " said the most beautiful voice I had ever heard. I ran towards the voice and landed in a man's arms. He hugged me close.

"God?" I asked in awe.

"Yes my dear now let's go home. This was nothing but a trial of your faith, the last one."he said

As we spoke a flight of stairs appeared in front of me. It was made of fluffy white clouds. I turned to look at the devil. Then suddenly I looked him straight in the eyes and said quite sassily, " See I told you. Just do me and everyone else a favor and STAY in hell!" I turned back to link arms with my creator. We skipped up the clouds and for the first time in a long time I felt no pain. Nothing no emotional pain I had a feeling of ecstasy nor physical pain. I looked up the stairs and saw my husband nick waiting for me at the top. I unlinked my arm and ran to my beloved spouse. We talked for awhile then God called me over to sit in his lap. I felt like a little kid but I did it anyway.

"Look around you Brianna. This is heaven..." God told me.

I woke up in my bedroom. Everything a teenage girl had in her room surrounded me. It was 1 am but I couldn't get that dream out of my head. I went to see if my parents were up but they weren't. I picked up the phone to tell my friend Bella but put it back down because I couldn't tell her. Finally I sat down and wrote down what happened.

Hours later I woke up again. I still remembered that dreams I went to draw a picture. The colors flowed together like the most stunning rainbow. I tried to find some colors but to no avail they were not anywhere. My finished picture was colorful and a lot better than I normally painted. Of course that wasn't hard because I was horrible at art. He face I saw in the picture was the person I dreamt of being my spouse. Being a teenager this didn't faze me most girls dream of marring someone. But what got me the most was the that his face was unlike the "cute" guys faces in fact he was called ugly by himself and others. He was usually someone I avoided and that I only spoke to when paired up with him on a project or on dares. I had gotten plenty if money from talking to him. When I finally went back to bed it was 3 am.

At 6:30 I woke up to my alarm. I got ready for school. The usual dress, put on my make up (what little I wore), ate, grabbed my stuff, and leave. Well today I had to take my sister to school so I dropped her off and drove my blue bug to school. At school someone told me they would pay me 10 dollars if I would talk to the freak show. I turned down the money and went to sit next to nick.

" hi!" I called.

Nick looked up. His hair was a mess and his glasses were sliding off his nose but he looked pretty darn cute. "How much are they paying you this time?" He sounded expectant.

I laughed " oh nick they aren't paying me a cent I just wanted to talk to you. I dreamt about you last night."

"Really I dreamt about you too. You your pretty red hair and beautiful blue eyes... " his sentence faded and he flushed bright red.

I was curious so I looked up aT him and asked "what were you going to say?"

"Ummm nothing!" He replied," hey do you want to go out some time?"

I was shocked "sure"

We planned on a time which ended up being that night and he took me to the lake. I learned that nick was extremely nice and surprisingly fun to hang out with. We sat talked and before I knew it he pointed out we needed to get me home. We walked along the shore until we reached my house. When he walked me to the door he asked, "want to do this again?" I nodded and went to my room to go to bed.

A few years later we got married and now I am 85 years old. Who knows maybe I will live out my dream. Maybe I will go to hell and then to heaven. Maybe I finally will find those missing colors and maybe my arthritis will finally go away. I guess I will find out God willing.g