Mordecai walked through the metal double doors into his new school. He took a deep breath before doing so, dreading for what was to come. Wind blew into his face from the air conditioned hallways.

What he thought would be the rustling and bustling hallways was actually emptiness.

"Shit what time is it?" Mordecai said looking down at his lord of the rings watch. He stroked his hand through his crazy short hair. Suddenly someone ran into him and they fell to the ground.

"How did you get in front of me- oh hi." The person said getting up. "I'm Oliver." He said quickly shaking Mordecai's hand. The kid had on a hoodie with a pair of black gloves, jeans, and sandals.

"YOUR DEAD LOSER!" They both heard ring throughout the halls.

"Hide me bro!" Oliver quickly said. Mordecai looked around quickly and pushed him into a nearby janitor's closet. He leaned against the door's window and pretended to look at his phone.

"NERD!" The jock in the sport's jacket said. He went up to him and lifted him by his collar. "WHERE DID THE LOSER GO!" Mordecai pointed to another hallway in front of the closet. "Later geek." he said and threw him to the ground running down the hallway.

As soon as he was out of sight Mordecai let him out of the closet.

"Thanks." Oliver said stretching. "Cramped in there."

Mordecai gave him a nod and looked down at his schedule.

"Here let me help." Oliver said taking the paper. "Oh hey man, your in my class!" He said leading him to the classroom. They arrived to the classroom and Oliver went in first.

"It's about time, Mr. Erving. Who is this?" the moody teacher said.

Mordecai gave a small wave and went up to him.

"I'm uh Mordecai the new student." The teacher looked down at a small post it on his desk.

"Class this is Mr. Masten. You will be sitting in the back between Mr. Erving and Ms. Ledford." Mordecai kept holding on to his messenger bag with one hand and the other swaying as he walked. He sat down and took out his laptop, the school approval sticker on the front proving it was to be used for notes.

The teacher continues on teaching in his boring monotone voice. His eyes kept glancing to the girl next to him. Something kept his eyes moving. She was wearing a big sweater that exposed her shoulders where he could see the straps to a tank top. She also had skinny jeans and sneakers on. She was... beautiful. He saw she was drawing in her notebook a flower. He loved to draw too.

He felt himself blushing and tried to focus on his notes.

The bell rang and he got up fixing his hoodie. The small girl had already left. He turned around to pack up his laptop, when something was lying on top of it. It was the picture of the flower she was drawing. He folded it up carefully and put it into a compartment on his bag and went out to the hallway.

'Dammit Mordecai she probably thinks your weird after seeing you staring at her. No no, she gave you the picture that's got to mean something. GAH!' Mordecai said arguing with himself. Without realizing he had bumped into the same jock from earlier, and he just stared at the floor totally spaced. The jock yelled at him, and got so angry he went over and pushed him into the lockers.

Mordecai hit them with a loud BANG and he dropped to the floor. He slowly sat up regaining his breath and the shock going away.

"I SAID watch where your goin' nerd!" The jock yelled. He heard the others calling his name, Francis.

"Uh huh, okay Francy you done playing Macho Man now? I got class to go to." Mordecai said getting up and wiping himself off.

A low "ooooooo" was heard from the gathered crowd. Francis' face was bright red and he charged at Mordecai, but he quickly ran out of the way. Francis bashed into the lockers, knocking him out. Mordecai's eyes grew wide as he looked up to see the jocks looking in shock until one of them screamed, "Get him!"

"CRAP!" Mordecai yelled quickly running away down the hall. They ran after him, pushing the other students out of the way and a teacher yelled at them all. Mordecai turned the corner only to be cut off by two jocks, who caught him, turned him around, and pushed him back where his face locked with one of the jock's fists.

He fell with a 'THUD' and the jock's started kicking him. He grabbed his bag and held it as he did a ball form.

-Flashback 12 years ago-

"Your father's almost home sweety." Mordecai's mother said as she fixed his shirt.

"Why does papa hate me?" Little 5 year old Mordecai asked. His mother's eyes started to water.

"I don't know sweety. I don't know." A car door slammed and seconds later the door was banged on. She quickly opened the door and let him in. The man wore a mechanic's uniform and had walked straight to a table with a bottle of whiskey on it.

"When's dinner going to be done." He asked bluntly sitting down and turned the TV on.

"Soon I have to get a chicken."

"Well why haven't you gotten one yet?"

"Because I had to pick up Mordecai."

"Oh for god sake's just send the bastard to a orphanage or something."

"How dare you!"

"What did you just say?!" He said getting up and stomping towards her. Before he could raise his arm Mordecai said something.

"Papa why do you hate Mommy?" The little five year old stood head high.

"You listen hear you little-"

"Why do you hate me Papa?"

"Why you little!" Mordecai's father kicked him in the stomach and started to rapidly kick him.

"Roll into a ball Mordecai! Roll into a ball!" His crying mother yelled.

-Present day-

"Roll into a ball bro!" he heard a familiar voice say. He glanced over to see the kid from earlier standing nearby. "I'll go get someone!" He said running off. Mordecai felt weaker and weaker as the laughing jocks continued. A few minutes later he heard a woman yell.

"Get off of him you animals!" He heard a loud smack and the laughing stopped. He saw that the teacher had bitch slapped one of the jocks and they ran off. She held out her hand along with the kid. They helped him up as the kid yelled after him.

"That's right! Run with your tail between your legs!" He kicked the air and went back to Mordecai.

"I got to get to class. You should go to the nurse and get your everything checked out."

The teacher after revealing her name was Ms. Erving led him to the office and said goodbye. Mordecai let out a sigh and walked in.

"Oh hey there sweety how you doin'." The nurse said walking over to him. "Oh those jocks ruffed you up bad huh? Well just sidown and I'll help you in a quick one." She went and got some bandages from a cabinet and some band-aids with a wet towel.


"Oh the bruises are already startin' to show, just wash the cuts as I wrap these around ya stomach." Mordecai took off his hoodie and she took off his shirt. "Wow, you have some muscle for a game playa." She said getting the bandages ready.

A knock on the door rang in the small room and the door opened.

"Mrs. S-Shaya do-!" Chloe's face turned red seeing Mordecai without his shirt and let out a squeak. Mordecai felt his face get red too, with his arms raised up while shirtless.

"Oh I get it you two are sweet on each otha." She started to wrap the bandages over his stomach. She finished and he put on his shirt. They both awkwardly waited as the nurse put it over his shirt too and then gave him his hoodie. She gave him a band aid for his cheek as he put his hoodie back on.

"Thanks a lot." Mordecai said going over to his bag. He awkwardly stood in the corner checking his laptop to see if it was broken.

"So sweety what ya need?" Mrs. Shaya asked. Chloe gave her a note, and she read over the note. "Okay, here ya go sweety and I agree this is just plain cruel. Also, I love ya sweater."

Chloe let out a smile and took the note from her.

"Ok see you two love birds later." Mordecai was still looking at the screen and didn't hear. Chloe went over and tugged on his hoodie and he snapped out of it.

"Oh sorry." Mordecai shoved it into the case latching it and put it on. "Ah!"

"A-Are you ok?" Chloe asked scared.

"Ya, I'm fine." He took it off and carried it regularly. They waved goodbye and headed into the hallway. They walked silently for a couple minutes, before ironically Chloe spoke first.

"S-So your new, uh, here?" Chloe asked rubbing her arm.

"Ya, I just moved here from uh my old home down in New Jersey." Mordecai said rubbing the back of his head.

"Did you get the flower..."

"Ya I love it, I uh like to draw too." Mordecai felt his knees shake. Thankfully they made it to their next class. He saw inside Mrs. Erving who helped him before. They both walked in and stood by the door as she was talking to the same kid as before.

"No, Oliver the Civil war wasn't fought with vampires on the Confederacy. How you manage to have a solid A in this class amazes me. Oh hello you Chloe. Hello Mordecai you can sit in the back with Chloe."

They walked to their desks and she continued the lesson. Mordecai knew he wouldn't need his laptop for something as common as the Civil War. He just put his head down and continued to listen, not realizing who was sitting in front of him. It was Francis who was still pissed as hell from before.

"Okay class do this worksheet here in the front I have to go to a quick meeting." Everyone got up from their seats but Mordecai and some others. As people started to sit down Mordecai got up feeling pain rush up his body.

He walked up the aisle to grab a paper, when he felt a hand on his shoulder turn him around.

"YOUR DEAD MEAT!" Francis screamed punching him in the stomach.


"My friends got their revenge, BUT I DIDN'T!" He went to stomp on the already battered Mordecai before he rolled out of the way and jumped onto he desk where Francis clumsily tried to grab Mordecai's legs. He quickly kicked his face, causing blood to trinkle down his nose.

"I GOT YOU MORDECAI!" Oliver yelled jumping on Francis' back.

"Get off!" Francis yelled in annoyance as the class just watched wide eyed. Francis grabbed Oliver off his back and threw him at Mordecai throwing them across the small room.

"How is that physically possible?!" Mordecai yelled rubbing his head. He realized he was on someone and saw he was on Chloe. "I'm so sorry!" He said jumping up. "You okay?" She nodded scared. "Don't worry it will be okay." He said kissing her head before he was lifted up by Francis.

"I'M GOING TO CRUSH YOU!" He screamed.

"His face! It's his weak point!" Oliver yelled looking for something heavy. Mordecai elbowed his face and he fell to the ground. Mordecai quickly got up as Francis' held his face and was violently swinging.

He picked up Chloe as Francis got closer and jumped onto her desk and jumped to the next one. Just as he landed Francis smashed Chloe's desk. He went over to where everyone was standing in the front of the room. He put her down and went back to Oliver.

"Oliver was it? Where did the teacher go."

"I'm not sure, she should be getting back in three, two, one..."

"Hello class, what the heck happened in here?!" Mrs. Erving shouted seeing the class in fear. Oliver explained everything that happened and Francis was sent to the office.

"Okay, class after the recent events were watching a movie." The whole class cheered and she brought up a movie from Netflix. Everyone sat with their friends except for Mordecai who sat in the back and went on his laptop.

"What are you doing sitting alone?" Oliver asked walking over.

"I don't know anyone." Mordecai said typing on his laptop.

"Well, we were in some pretty deep shit together I guess we can count that as a friendship." He said sitting next to him.

"True true." Mordecai said letting a smile come onto his face.

"Hey, thanks for saving Chloe from Francis something pretty bad could have happened if you didn't help her out."

"Well it was my fault she and everyone got into it."

"Trust me it wasn't. Francis and the popular crowd run the school with their rich families."

"Doesn't everyone here have rich families hence this being a big timey school?"

"Well ya, but your forget there is still the segregation from students too. We all were sent here because we have big corporate families like you me Francis..."

"I don't."

"Then how did you get here?" Mordecai tapped on his head with his finger.


"Ah, well most of us do but then there is the kids themselves. The adults already put us here but there is still the students choosing of how were divided. The Popular Leaders Theory as I call it."

"Nice." The bell rang, ending their conversation. Mordecai packed up his laptop and went out into the hallway.

'Second period and I'm already beaten halfway to hell. Nice first day Mordecai.' He thought to himself. He checked his watch seeing he was going to be late so her broke into a limp run. He turned the corner where he crashed into someone.

"Dammit! I really need to see where I run." Mordecai said clenching his stomach in pain. He looked forward seeing a pissed off girl with a shirt with coffee on it. She had hair with red and blue streaks going through it.

"You... JERK!" Mordecai scrambled up.

"I'm so so so sorry I-I didn't mean too." Mordecai continued to plead his apology as she slowly got up.

"I am going to punch you in the face so hard, that NO ONE WILL... oh my god what happened?!" She said going over and lightly touched his bandages. She looked up at his head. "Your new aren't you? Hey... your pretty cute."

"Uh... I got to go to class bye." Mordecai said grabbing his bag and running off. He made it to his class late but the teacher let him off easy because he was new. The next three classes went fairly normal, and then he went to his locker to get his books. He didn't have lunch, so he just went on to lunch.

He walked through the doors to see a giant room,with stairs to the left and right that led up to a giant balcony that stretched around the ceiling. The first floor had simple round tables with benches. In the other two corners across from the staircases and across the walls were square tables with restaurant like benches. He could see that the upstairs had it too.

He decided to go up the stairs because there was less people. As he descended he looked around to see if he could see Chloe. He made it to the top not seeing her and looked around for an open table. People were all around with laptops, food, notebooks, and other things. He sat in a seat nearest to where he could see down on the first floor on the back wall. He took out his laptop, and started typing fast on one of his stories.

He started to completely space and focus on his story, not realizing people were calling his name. A few minutes later, four people were standing in front of his booth, but he didn't notice. He was just typing away. They sat down.

He felt someone poking at him causing him to come back to reality and he saved and closed his laptop.

He saw Oliver in front of him, Chloe next to him, and a strong guy next to her wearing a t-shirt. Next to him was the girl from earlier.

"Um... can I help you?" Mordecai asked.

"What, were not cool enough to sit here?" The girl asked.

"No no it's not that its just I don't know any of you, and you make me feel uncomfortable." He responded pointing to the girl.

"Well you know me and Chloe, this is Cristi and that's Mark. Ignore Cristi she is just a slut." Oliver said.

"No I'm not!" Cristi defended. They continued to argue when Chloe waved shyly to him. He smiled and waved back. They stopped quickly seeing this.

"Aw! You guys like each other!" Cristi said holding her heart.

"W-What?" Mordecai said blushing with Chloe.

"That would explain why he saved her."

"Oh my god that's so sweet! Your like her knight in shining armor." Mordecai put his head down to hide his face as the two continued to ramble on. The bell rang throughout the big cafeteria and people started to leave.

"Well time to go I'll just see you guys later." He said quickly.

"Wait let's all hangout!" Oliver said. As they all got up.

"Nope I'm good I will see you all sometime." Mordecai said walking away fast. He went down the stairs letting out a sigh of relief.

"Yeesh they're a crazy group." he said to himself. He wondered what would happen tomorrow after today's crazy events as he went to his next class.