Blood Stricken

I slashed their throats and rattled their brains.
Severed their legs, the bodies were slain.
Dismembered their arms, the people were maimed.
I mangled the children and seared them with pain!

Afflictive, vindictive, infested congestion,
disease ridden, blood stricken, knife hidden and etched in
incantations of stirred up creations.
Fly my pretties, wreak devastation!
Guzzle them, swallow them, digest them in gizzards.
Miserable men, can the women come hither?
Tear through your bosoms and snatch all your innards.
Murder your families or I'll feed you to my lizards!

I'm hungry, I'm craving mudbloods and royalty.
I cooked a little girl, she screamed "Please don't boil me!"
I laughed, I cackled! I sent her to Hades.
Rest in chaos and join my undead babies!
I'm worse than your nightmare I haunt you in your wake.
I sap and I leech and I take and I take,
I curse you in life and I haunt you in death.
Run from me fools, until your last breath!