Will of a Starving Poet

Fear is a catalyst for the destruction of your soul.
Volcanic ash could not cloud the clarity.
A crater of emptiness, I sit in this hole.
The lava is menacing, lacking sincerity.

Much like a master I want it complete.
Don't butter my bread, please be concrete.
Call me a diabetic because I don't like the truth
sugar coated and sprinkled with clues and conceit.

I also notice the rhymes weren't consistent.
It's best you avoid that, please stay persistent.
Rhymes should resonate in rhythmic phrases.
Write patterns of poetry, not muses of mazes.

Color my mind with words of wisdom.
Blurring the lines? Clear cataclysm.
Write me a poem and show me your stigma!
Not magmas of mystery, not burning enigmas.

You fear clarity, but fear you must not.
Your feelings are understood when aligning your thoughts.
Though I am strict my message has merit.
Decode your heart, fear not and just share it.