Quick Flick

Crackle, whoosh, kapow and shazam!...is what I wish I heard today.

My day is dull, my day likes to drone.
These keys ought to be audible.

Life gives me lemons and I do make lemonade,
but one must learn the recipe for success.

I'm hungry for meaning but I'm fully content.
If I bite off more than I can chew I simply share what's left.

Some days are a punch, others I kick to the side coolly.
I'm not one to fight fate; I make friends as I wait in line.

Don't fight the world, run with the wind.
Even in turbulence you'll have a sense of direction.

Know your limits, don't limit your knowledge.
Equate your dreams, awaken your ideals.

It's time I secede myself, it's been a shiny day.
Back to my shell, I shall catch a quick flick.

Tomorrow flickers in the distance.