As the time of the day evaporates

The harsh glaring of the sun dissipates

The placid blue becomes a fusion of colours

Making the air shake with raging shivers

As the clouds part and beckons

The sun descends from the heavens

The world baths in its light

And its heart's determined with might

On the blue canvas of the sky

Nature's brush seems to fly

Red gets painted first

With yellow and tangerine next

The sky is washed with tints

And the colours flow with no stints

The soft light drapes the world

Basking it within a calm shroud

As the sun lowers even more

And the high waves reach the shore

The green trails in the canvas dies

As the colour dampens and cries

A whirlpool brews with sun as vortex

And colours spiral around clouds every facet

Light rushes out with the colour

And the darkness descends like a shower

The sunset seems ephemeral

But hold memories eternal

To derive hope after it ends

Is the beautiful message it sends