Zombie Up Rise

Chapter 1

There is a monster inside all us no matter how hard you try to hide it, and no matter how hard you deny it. Sometimes you lash out at people you know and love, then, sometimes you can be stupid and run off in a furious rage. That's how it started; the zombie apocalypse, a bit tussah, I know, but it actual happened that way.

When a scientist found out that his wife was cheating on him with his assistant (BIG SHOCK!), he made a serum that he injected into them both, that would affect their brains. He thought it would just make them forget about each other but it did a lot more than that. It made them forget everything. Their names, their humanity. It turned them into ZOMBIES! The same criteria as the stories say. If you get bitten, you turn, if you get their saliva on any open wounds, you turn, and if they rip you to shreds, you don't, however you do die. Anyway, the scientist got bitten and turned, then the three of them bit three more people, then the 6 of them bit 6 more, and it just multiplied from there. Now we live in a world with a minority of human and a majority of zombies.

To start with, there were a few cities that were made up by humans. We stayed in contact. We were fighting for the destruction of all zombies, but now, as all the other cities have been destroyed; it has turned into a fight for survival. I have few friends now, as most of them have been bitten and I've had to kill them to protect the last of the human race, as well as, it's better not to be attached to anyone. I only have five friends and to be honest, that's classed as a lot now. They are called James, Andy, Holly, Roxy, and the fifth I'm ashamed to say, that I fancy him. His name is Ash but he's Roxy's boyfriend, and she's my best friend, and I do anything for her, even let one of… them, bite me. My friends and I are the last of the special unit set up to locate and destroy zombies, but as time went on we turned into a unit that goes out, searches for supplies and try to return without alarming any of the creature we used to call one of us.

I'm in charge of all of us and if I make a bad decision it on my soul, no one else's. Ash is second in command. He helps me make the right decisions and also he's there to keep me san as most of the monsters that attack us, I used to know as they were close friends and family from … before. Roxy is our main medic and if we get badly injured (like getting seriously cut off any of the old sharp wires lying around) she fixes us up quickly as the creatures can smell blood from a mile away. Andy does the exact same, only he listens to Roxy, and Ash and me of course. James is in charge of supplies if we do find supplies he works out what we need and what we don't so that we don't end up caring things we don't need and that could potentially slow us down. And finally Holly. We think she was in prison before the Apocalypse, because she has a death row tattoo on her wrist as well as many rather offensive one as well. Anyway she's our ammunition and weapons expert. We didn't think it through when we gave her the job. We probably should have. That my team, well what left of it. There used to be about a thousand of us, just in our city alone, but the other nine hundred and ninety-four of us got bitten and turned. We shot most of them but there are about 300 that are still out there, hunting us.

There are about five hundred humans left in 'the city' and there isn't a lot of soldiers left to defend them, in fact we are the last soldiers, the last defenders of the human race, six normal people with no super powers or highly developed senses, just normal ordinary human beings.

"Bex they've broken into sector five"

"Ash that where all the new borns and mothers are!"

They are some of the most important people now. If most of die were screwed. We pick up our weapons and moved. Every second counts. When the two of us got there, we were shocked to see that the two zombies that had broken in had bitten near forty women and children in less than three minutes.

"Roxy what happened?"

"They climbed the wired fences,"

"That's impossible; they would have been ripped to shreds!"

"Clearly not"

We got twenty out alive. Eighty, we had to shot as they had or would have turned and then been a threat to our small home. When the massacre was over, we burned the bodies and prayed for their souls to be freed from the depths of hell.

The six us had a meeting that night. We had to decide what to do next. Sooner or later they would come in the masses and kill us one by one.

"We have to move."

"No Bex!"

"Why James, do you like us being a sitting target?"

"She's got a point we need to move now before it's too late."

"I'm with you James"

"Roxy we don't have time to mess about anymore those, things are attacking us more frequently" Roxy didn't understand that the zombies can still remember where thing are and if they bring more 'friends' we would be over run instantly.

"Andy you agree with me don't you. For the safety of the new borns, we should move."

"Exactly I agree with Bex. The longer we stay here the easier it is for them to track us"

"Holly what do you think? Stay or go?"

"I think I what to stay alive and those thing are good trackers, we've seen it firsthand. I think we should go when we have the chance."

"Ok then lets vote on it" Four votes for and two against. James and Roxy had been out numbered, but one thing I know about my best friend Roxy is that she doesn't go down without a fight.

"That's not fair. We should everyone in the city!"

"And everyone in the city listens to me. They trust my decision, and if I say it's safer to leave, they believe it is safer to leave" Roxy finally stopped ranting after that. She know the people only listened and trusted me and Ash. We were the best at we did and if we were killed they know they wouldn't last long. We had decide that after all the mothers had recovered from the events from that day we would leave and set course for the closest abandoned city. We had to pack if there was one thing people learn from this live it to recover quickly. The mothers would be ready to move in about a week. We alerted people and told them to pack. We didn't exactly know what we would do at night if we didn't reach the city by night fall But until the time comes we'd better get ready and prepare for the dangers that lay ahead.

Next chapter will be added on the 17th February