'T-Tunandra…Tunandra no!" The voice echoed through my head. The voice was unknown, but it was a female voice. The voice got louder and louder, "Tunandra, Tunandra!" Than the voice was blocked out by a very familiar voice.

"Tunandra wake up big brother!" Mika yelled, my eyes sprung open and immediately they narrowed down towards her.

"What do you want Mika, how many times did I tell you to stay the hell out of my room?" I sat up as blanket dropped down to my waist. I was shirtless and I felt a chill against my skin. I shivered lightly.

"I'm truly sorry big brother." She bowed lightly, "But mama is calling you. She said if I didn't wake you up you would miss breakfast…" She looked at him innocently as her blue eyes sparkled lightly.

I smiled and put my hand on her head. I rustled up her hair, "Don't worry about it squirt…thanks for waking me up, wait outside for me okay?" She nodded and with a wide smile walked out the door.

I got up and closed the door after she left. With a small sighed I grabbed a pair of jeans from my closet. I put it over my boxers and walked out of my room not bothering to put a shirt on. Immediately after I get out of the door my body shivers again. I look downstairs to see what everyone is doing and I see father working on the thermostat.

"God damn thermostats, old piece of shit, damn it!" He growled as he accidently cut his ring finger with a screwdriver. He put his finger in his mouth because of the pain knowing it won't help much. He pulled it out of his mouth and looked at his finger, "Fuck it, Tina we need a new god damn thermostat!" He called at ma.

"Okay dear, but you do know times are hard…we won't be able to afford a new one for months…" She told him gently. She came out from behind him and put a hand on his shoulder.

He sighed in disappointment, "I know…" He then looked up and noticed me. His expression went from disappointment to happiness almost immediately. I can tell he doesn't want me and Mika to know about the family problems.

I slowly walked down the steps as my parents kept their eye on me. When I reached the bottom of the steps I asked them a simple question, "What were you two talking about?"

Than my father looked at my mother and then back at me, "Oh, nothing, now go eat breakfast it's almost time for school." And of course they could not answer the simple question instead they denied it.

I frown lightly and sigh. I walk past them into the kitchen ignoring the look of sadness they had in their eyes. Times were hard for me too and knowing that my parents were depressed and in a bad situation would just make it worst.

I sit down at the table and begin to eat quickly. Mika was already at the door waiting for me to walk her to school. I ate half of my food and saved the left overs for later. I get up and walk to the bathroom. I quickly brush my teeth and then wash my face. I went back upstairs and put on my school uniform and jacket.

I look over at my alarm clock, "It's 7:40 A.M…Just on time." I smiled, "Good, just on time."

I dropped Mika off at her school and the headed to mine. I hate walking to school on my own, because of one reason only….The Woods. I usually walk to school with a friend but most of them weren't going to school today. It was supposedly 'too cold' for them, or they were sick with the flu. But I had to go to school, if anything Mika and I are the last hope for this family or shall I say dynasty.

Half way to the forest I stopped. The hairs on my neck stood up and I shivered. The wind picked up and the tress flowed from left to right. The sky was dark during this winter morning which just made matters worse. Than everything froze for a slight moment, the wind calmed down, and my body stopped shivering but it was like I was frozen under a spell. Then there was a blue light. It was bright and it blinded me. The wind immediately picked up and I fell to the ground, hitting my back badly and intensely. Then I blacked out…

…Welcome To Tunandra…

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