'W-Why is it so dark….I can't see anything…I'm so cold….' I told myself walking in a dark world of nothing. I rubbed my arms with my hands to warm them up. Chills surrounded body as my teeth began chattering. Then I see a light in the distance, I began walking towards it. The light was bringing warmth, and it felt so good. I stretched my arm out to try and touch it. After I laid a finger on it, almost immediately, the light surrounded my body.

I opened my eyes and a girl that seemed to be my age was staring down at me. She had a finger to her chin and seemed confused, "Hey? Are you okay mister?"

I blushed lightly noticing how close she was to me. I pressed my back against a tall oak tree, "Who are you?!"

With a small giggle she jumped up excitedly, "I'm Shino-Kano!"

"Shino-Kano…?" I tilted my head, "Such a weird name for a female…."

She scolded lightly, "That isn't nice to say Mister!"

I sighed, "I am sorry…Can I ask something?"

"Sure what is it?!" She asked excitedly.

"How did you get here?" I questioned in a low voice.

Her smile faded in a flash. The girl looked very strange, she had red marking around her body and her skin was a pure white. Her smile was one that can give you hope even though you didn't know her. But when she was serious it was like the world stopped turning. She stared down at me as I kept my back pressed against the tree.

"I was summoned here…by my master." She told me.

"Who's your master?" I asked as I slowly and nervously stood up.

"I do not know…" She admitted.

"What? How do you not know who your own 'Master' is?" I asked her, the story she was telling me wasn't adding up.

"It's hard to explain…" She sighed and rubbed her right arm with her left hand.

"I got time and patience, just go ahead, and tell me." I put a hand on her shoulder.

She blushed lightly, "Fine." She inhaled a load of air and then exhaled. "I come from a world named Xing. A peaceful world where every Xingion has a master just like me. We all look similar, completely white skin, red markings that we get after birth."

"Are they tattooed on?" I asked Interested.

She nodded discreetly, "Yes…" Her red eyes glistened as she continued to speak, "These markings are tattooed to both the Xingion and their master's body." I listened in awe as she spoke. "But sadly, the master and the Xingion never meet until the time has come. When that time comes they will have to set off to a journey…but I am unsure of what that journey is exactly…" She admitted.

"Well…how do you know who your master is?" I asked.

"I don't know…the master's markings are supposed to show when the time is right. Their markings won't show just at any moment." She answered quickly.

"Are all the masters here on earth?" My curiosity kept me asking questions.

"No." She laughed at my curiosity.

"Wait? Than were else are there masters?" I asked confused for about the thousandth time.

"Look, my world Xing is right in the center of the universe." She told me. "That means that we are the most important ones in this universe for one reason, we are known for our abilities."

"What abilities…?" I asked yet another question.

"You sure are a curious one you know that right?" She giggled, "Well, the way we fight. Most species have weapons that involve technology to go into combat; we use our body, our environment and our Xerus!" She smiled at me and then added, "Now before you ask what a Xerus is, it is our main ability. That is when our red markings glow, and our Xerus is only activated when our master is close to death or if I were to be in danger. After that I will have the ability to form a type of magic as you call it. I will be able to make multiple floating fire balls and launch them at the enemy."

"Can I ask one more question?" I asked innocently with a smile.

"Sure thing! "She laughed.

"Are you sure you have no idea about…what adventures you will go on when you find your master?" I asked curiously.

"Well I do know one thing…" She nodded slightly, "We will have to head around the universe through that portal I made to get here…and from there on we will start the journey to become the strongest Xingion group…" She answered.

I smiled, "Wow…this is all so awesome…"

She nodded and smiled, "Anyways now you know I'm here to find my master and when I do find him we will be the strongest group ever! Not only that, we will become team red Xingion!"

"Okay…" I smile lightly, "I'm…I'm Tunandra."

She shook my hand and smiled, "It's great to meet you Tunandra…"

"Yeah…it's good to meet you too…Wait how long have I been out?" I asked.

"For seven hours…" She laughed lightly.

"What?! So I missed a whole day of school?!" I was extremely surprised. "Okay well um…come on you don't have a place to stay so you can stay with me!" I grabbed her wrist and began running home dragging her along.

"Wow, slow down are you serious?!" She asked as I didn't slow down in anyway.

"Of course, come on! You need a place to stay!" I smiled and began running as fast as I can.

She smiled lightly, 'This is so kind of him….'

To be continued…

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