The Runaway Train

Chapter One


I hear quiet murmurs outside of my bedroom door. The crumbling floor whales in pain and the sound of shattering vases pierces my ears; The branches tap on my window and the wind blew brutally. This scene is all too familiar, I knew it was coming.

"Lexy...where are you?"

I feel a ghastly chill down my spine as if there was a spider crawling down my back.

I'm a deer in a lion's den...

"LEXY!" He yells. I squeak in fear. His footsteps start to deafen me in every step.

"Y-y-yes?" I stutter. I come out of under my dusty old bed and suddenly my door is brutally pushed open by strong arms.

"You bitch, you had a boy over!"

"I-I didn't..." I reply quietly, but he seemed to hear clearly.

"Why is there shoes that don't belong to me? DON'T LIE TO ME!" He shouts.

"They are yours. I bought them for you, you said you wanted new ones..." I whisper. He suddenly kicked my stomach. I cry in pain and brought my hands up from my knees to my stomach. He started to kick it even more.

"Stop it!"I yell, crying. He pulls my hair.

"Since when have you disobeyed me?" He says firmly. "When!" He yells. He kicked me to the wall and got a knife out of his pocket. "It's daily punishment time, Lexy." He says slyly.

He ran the knife down my arm over the other scar he had knifed yesterday. "Please, father, stop!" I whale again. This time he slapps my cheek.

"Don't call me father, it's master to you, now shut up!" My father shouts loud enough to break glass.

Now he had moved from my arm to my thigh and roughly drew the knife down my legs. A roar comes out of my mouth.

Suddenly my bedroom door squeaks open and not one but two figures walks inside. It was Harry and Henry, my little SIX year old brothers (I made SIX in capitals so you guys remember their age). They rubbed their eyes and have their teddy bears in their small arms.

Harry stared at me and began walking backwards towards the wall while Henry held onto Harry. They both hugged each other; In any other circumstances that would have been cute but they looked to terrified so it would kind of be a sin if I thought they were cute while they were terrified.

"Hello boys, oh look you two are a bit early for morning beatings but I'm happy to beat you now." My father grabbs Harry and chucked him towards me. Luckily I caught him or else he would have hit his head. Harry started sobbing but knew that if he cried, who knows what would happen to him.

My father squeezed Henry's arm and tossed him towards me and he landed into Harry. We three siblings were our masters 'slaves'.

'Master' walks towards us. My heart is racing and I could feel the twins' as well. I shuffled backwards closer to the wall holding the twins tightly. I can hear their quiet sobbing. They're only six yet have to endure many things, beatings, yelling and stress.

Father held the knife bringing it closer to Henry and Harry each second.

"N-no," I began. His knife still slowly getting to the boys. Now the twins were crying. They clutch onto my arm that was holding them. Now the knife was about three inches away. "STOP!" I yell pushing the boys out of the way of the knife.

I had just realised what I had done. My father's face became red, his hand clutches the knife even stronger and his hands starts to bleed. Father holds the knife just an inch away from my face, about to dig it in...

'Ding Dong' The doorbell rings. Who would come at out-door at five am in the morning?

Father looked out of my bedroom window and peers outside to see who was at the door. His face suddenly grinned as he dropped his knife on the floor making crashing noise.

"Don't go downstairs, Isabella is there," He ordered. Isabella was fathers girlfriend who was a masochist so I guess she doesn't mind being abused.

The twins and I nodded frantically keeping out mouths shut. He gave us one more kick before he left.

"You're lucky this time."

Without a further ado he left slamming the door which has also been abused many times with all the slamming and forceful openings.

I sighed in relief and looked at the boys, Henry was rolled up in a ball and Harry hugged his teddy bear really tightly, almost ripping it.

As we couldn't talk, I mouthed 'Are you ok?' The boys shook their heads and stood up coming towards me. I held my two hands up to welcome them in.

"Lexy?" Harry began but I hushed them, telling them to whisper. "Why can't we leave this place?" They ask, my eyes grew big.

"I don't know, I never had that in mind but we wont actually have much money, will we?" I answer and they looked disappointed.

"I thought you had a job, Lexy," Henry says shaking my arm.

"I do but, it doesn't give me much money, unless we use mothers money that she left for us," I frowned. My mother has died from breast cancer because someone kept beating her breast.

She actually left us all her savings which is five hundred pounds (British money). She also gave me the address of her friend and Mother told us to leave when it was important, I'm not sure if this is important...yet.

"Hey let's go to bed now, yeah?" I suggest giving them a comforting smile and I carry them inside my bed, the twins both hug my skinny waist and instantly started to sleep, man I wish I could go to sleep that fast.


"Hey, Leexyyy, I'm huungryy!" Whines Harry while Henry tickled my foot. I slightly opened my left eye but the sun blared right into it and I shut it tightly. I sit up straight, rub my eyes, open them and yawn.

"Morning my l'il men!" I hug their heads. Suddenly I wince because of the pain on my leg and arm from where it was cut yesterday.

I suddenly start to tear up but stop.

"Should I make pancakes?" I ask and they nodded exactly at the same time, well I guess that's what you expect from identical twins.

I look at my clock, it's only nine, considering we were woken up at five am it was early. Ouch it hurts fucking badly. I shove my feet into my slipper socks and trudge downstairs to the kitchen. Even from the first floor we can hear father snoring upstairs, we better not wake him.

***After making pancakes***

"Henry, Harry, c'mon time to eat!" I yell but not loud enough to awaken father. The twins hop towards the marble table and sat on the brown leather chairs. My house is quite big actually, my dads a lawyer. Hard to believe, I know but he is one.

"Can we go eat ice-cweam today?" Asked Henry as he dripped maple syrup all over his face. I leaned over and wiped his face with a soft, white tissue.

"Sure, whatever you want, it is Saturday," I answered as their face gleam in happiness. After the boys ate we rushed off to the park before father wakes up and we get another mortifying beating. I wear a long sleeved purple shirt and black skinny jeans to cover my legs and arms. The boys had less scars but still had a few so they dress up carefully as well.

We wait thirty minutes.

The sound of the ice-cream van never came.

"The ice-cream isn't coming?" Asked Harry. He frowned and I had only brought enough for the ice-cream van, ice-cream from shops are more expensive.

"Lets go home we can make some ice cream, kay?"

"Ok," They nodded. We walked home, it only took three minutes. I had just about to push down the handle of the house door but someone had beat me to it.

"Where have you been!" Shouted Father coming towards me. I nudged the boys to go upstairs.

"Just to take the boys out for ice-cream, why?" I answer pretending not to be scared.

"Does it take thirty minutes? No. You were out with a boy weren't you?!" He scream. I flinched because he spat on me. He was drunk again and I noticed he had a bandage on his leg and it was absorbing the blood.

"Shouldn't you be at work, fa- I mean Master," I ask. He slaps me hard on my left cheek leaving a red mark.

"Don't tell me what I should do!" He screams again but twice as loud.

"Anyways I was not out with a boy, the ice-cream van didn't-"

"No excuse'!" He cut me off. He pushed me to the corner of the marble table and it cut my jeans but luckily not my skin. Curse those sharp table corners.

"I'm not!" I yell, His face grew grim.

"Don't yell at me! You obey me, your master!" He screams. He hold his hand into a fist and punches my stomach. I lay on the ground, clutching my stomach.

He climbed on top of me and started slapping me. "Stop, please!"

After 20 minutes of abuse

"There. Have you learnt your lesson?" He asks. I nodded my head. "Have you learnt your lesson!" He snapped.

"Y-yes master!" I say. Father pats my head like I was his dog, oh wait I am his dog.

Father went out of the door locking it; he's probably going to the bar to drink alcohol.

I've had enough; I'm running away now.

"Harry, Henry!" I begin and I run upstairs.

"Tonight we are going to run away to mothers, friends house, pack all your bags and we go at twelve o' clock, got it?" I say. Their eyes widen but they nod.

"I'll pack mine as well, take all things important."

I ran into my bedroom and got out a huge suitcase. I fumbled around my room and got the things that I need.

I put in all my electronics, such as my laptop, phone, iPod ect. I literally broke the door of my closet because I had opened it to strongly. I pack most my clothes since I don't have much and brought my diary and albums. I got my shampoos, conditioners and soaps because I just like the smell of it.

Finally I get out the box from behind my table; it's a wooden box, metal chains surrounded it and a golden lock was hanging by the side. I got the key from under my closet, held it to the lock and pushed it in. I took a deep breath for some reason I do not know and turned the key.


The box unlocked and I carefully opened the lid. Inside the old box was a piece of paper which had my mothers, friend's address and five hundred pounds tied together with a hair tie.

My hands were shaky and my knees was wobbling. Slowly, I grabbed the piece of paper and the money.

"T-this is it," I stuttered. This is a very important matter, maybe I shouldn't. No I have to runaway, for me, the twins and mother. I will live for her and make her proud because She didn't give me everything for nothing.

I put the things in my suitcase. "Harry, Henry, are you finished?" I say rushing over to them. They had packed their clothes, toys and bears in two backpacks.

"Good. You guys pack fast huh?" I prais them. Harry wobbles over and hugs my leg while Henry folds the clothes.

You could see a big difference between them, not physically but emotionally. Harry cried more and Henry was more independent.

"Are we going tonight. Are we walking?" Henry asks still folding the clothes. Harry walked over and starts to fold as well, although not as neat as Henry.

"No, we are going on the chu chu train," I replied patting his head. Henry looked up worriedly.

"It's going to be alright, right?" Henry asked pulling my sleeve.

"Yeah...perfect," I sighed hugging both the twins. "You have to be ready though, ok?"

"Yeah," They both answered.

*** Night Time*** 12 o' clock***Dads asleep***

"Shh. Are you guys ready?" I ask, holding both the suitcase and the two back-packs. The boys open the glass window and throws a rope over. The suitcase and backpacks are tied to the rope and they went down.

" Ok boys; I'll be holding the rope, you need to be able to climb down it. Our life depends on this decision, so please," I plead. They nodded. Harry had teary eyes but wiped them way quickly while Henry just started to climb out of the window. Harry also started to climb.

I Look down to see them both on the ground. It was my turn. I slid my foot out of the window while still trying to tie the rope to the window handle.

"Lexy!" Yelled father from down the empty hallway. Oh no. I started to tie faster but it was no use. I just have to jump down now. I took a deep breath and leaped into the air falling onto my arm.

The boys threw on their back packs and ran while my suitcase was big. I saw a bus and immediately ran faster. The midnight bus was the last one so we had to run.

"RUN THE BUS IS HERE!" I yelled. The boys sprinted like cheetahs. We got to the bus on time.

"One adult ticket and two children's tickets please," I huffed.

"Running away, huh? I've been there myself. Anyways where are you going I'll give you a free ride," He asked.

"Train station please." I say.

"Okee dokey!" He said. He drove off. While sitting on the bus I heard someone call my was father. He was running after the bus.

"Faster please!" I yelled and the driver cranked up the engine. Father was losing us which was a relief. He yelled the words 'I'll kill you.'

The twins held my arm. We were all still panting.

"There's no turning now, Are you ready to run for your life?" I asked, they both nodded.

"Yes!" They both said loudly. I heard the driver give a hearty laugh.

"I was like you guys very much. I ran away from my father and lived a very nice life."

"Even as a bus driver?" I asked.

"This is only my side job, I work in a bakery with my wife," He chuckled.

The bus driver stopped at the train station. "Good luck, me darlin's. Live the best life you can!" He yelled.

" Thank you sir!" I yelled back and went off of the bus. I ran into the train station holding each of the boys hands.

"Ok we have to wait five minutes for the train. Lets go to the platform now, I already have tickets."

"Okay..." The boys seem tired. Only a bit more until we reach London and become free.

Finally the train came. We walk inside and only a few people were in there. Well it is 12:30 now.

I squeezed the twins hands. Suddenly father ran towards the train. Don't, don't!

His face was angry, no mortifying. Closer and closer he was to us.

"The doors will now close, please stand away from them," Said the speakers. Father was on the other side of the door. We all let out the air that was trapped within us.

"Lets sit down now," I suggested and they followed.

Outside the windows there was grass and then after a while it turned into bright and colourful city lights.

"This is our stop, wake up boys," I shake the boys and they rub their eyes.

"Ok," They say in harmony. They stand up with me and we waited until the train halts.

"C'mon, be careful," I warn them as we step off the train. I immediately take out the address.

"Ok, we need a taxi, there's some outside the station," I say. We walk outside and searched for a taxi.

We get on the nearest taxi and told the man where to go. The boys looked exhausted.

About fifteen minutes past and we were nearly there. I wonder if mothers friend is nice.

"Here you are," Says the driver. I gave him the money and climbed outside holding the twins up so they don't fall. It was a building, a big one with lots of apartments. Ok so mothers friends apartment is number 64. I walked up to number 64 and knocked onto the wooden door.