Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was born January 17, 1706. His father was a candle maker who immigrated to Boston before Franklin was born. Ben's father wanted him to train as a clergyman, but he didn't have enough funds to support the schooling he would need. He was apprenticed to his brother, instead. Brother James was abusive and Ben ran away.

When he first arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he worked in various print shops. The governor noticed him, and promised him that if he would go to London to buy printing supplies, he would set a printing business up for him. He found the governor's promises empty when he arrived, so he worked as a typesetter, returning to Philadelphia in 1726. Franklin created an organization for other people who were interested in helping the community. He returned to his former trade, printing, and this time, he had his own print shop. His newspaper was called The Pennsylvania Gazette. Franklin was married to Deborah Read on September 1, 1730. He went on to do many experiments(remember the kite?) He worked with the French after the War for Independence was over, and was much loved by them. He invented many things, including the Franklin stove and the lightning rod. Franklin died peacefully, aged 84 years, April 17, 1790. Almost 20,000 people attended his funeral. He is remembered today as being a scientist, politician, and overall great thinker.

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