My parents were always overseas working at some intellectual corporation, so I never see them and there's the fact that my two older brothers are in the military…leaving me by myself, with my uncle, but they visit when they can. It was only when I arrived at Sweet Amoris High school, when my life dramatically changed.

But one thing for sure is, I have to tell you about him.

It all began when I stepped into school grounds on that sunny day. The leaves on the trees started to fall gently as the breeze danced with them before they touched the floor. I brush a leaf off my shoulder as I made my way into the school building. Do I have everything? Enrollment form, I.D. I went through the list of the items I needed and checked off everything, even looking through my bag and pulling out my papers to make sure everything was in order.

The school hallway was empty. Am I late? I sighed and looked for the Main Office. "Oh, you must be the new student, Zenique, correct?" I hear a voice and I turn around to see an elderly lady smiling happily at me. "Y-yes, ma'am." I say quietly, but surely. "Classes have already begun, but it will be fine. I suggest you go and see the Student council president. He'll have everything you need and If you have any questions, he's the one you turn to, alright?" She continues smiling and I laugh unsurely, beginning to feel uncomfortable. "Yes ma'am…but um…where would the Student Council president be at?" I ask. "Just continue straight and it should be the second door to the right." She points out and I thank her. Typical school, typical day and maybe your everyday average Student Council President, who knows. I was able to find the door and opened it, a strange light blinded me and I never realized how bright a room could be, but it soon faded and I see a boy standing by a desk, his back was turned to me and he didn't seem to notice my presence. The windows were opened, which was the reason it was so bright in the room. I wasn't sure what to do at the moment and the only thing I knew what to do was just clearing my throat, so I did.

The boy turned and looks at me surprisingly, his expression soon faded and he smiles at me. "You must be the new student," He holds his hand out formally. "My name is Nathaniel. It's nice to meet you." I examine him closely. His hair was a golden in the faded light, his eyes seem to carry on the same color. He had light sandy skin with sharp but kind facial features. I realized how long I was looking at him and quickly took his hand, lowering my head. "N-nice to meet you!" I stutter embarrassingly, shaking his hand. He laughs and I let his hand go. "Now, I'm sure you have everything you need to enroll here, the paper work and your I.D?" He says. I reach into my bag and pull out the papers. "I have everything here, paper clipped together and everything." I say as he leafs through the paper. "I don't see your I.D" He says and my heart stops. "W-What? But I….." I swear I had it, I must have dropped it outside, or-

I immediately stood up. "I'll go look for it! I'm Sorry!" I run out the door quickly to the front gates, looking at the ground for my I.D. It has to be here somewhere! I kneel down and searched the floor. How could I have lost it!? I'm an idiot! Why is it not here? It was the last place where an I.D would be at!? It was the only place where I pulled everything out of my bag. Did someone take it? Impossible! No one was around when I was here. I made my way towards what seemed like the courtyard, obviously, since there was a bench and a few basketball hoops. Maybe the breeze took it somewhere. I brush my fingers through my hair in frustration, "Where could it have gone?" I ask myself. "Yo." I hear someone and I look around, seeing a boy with blood red hair wearing a red skull t-shirt under a very nice looking leather jacket. Winged Skulls? "Ah….H-Hi?" I say. "I think you dropped this." He tosses me my photo I.D and my face lightened up. "Thank you so much! I was so worried!" I thank him again and again. "Try not to lose things." He sounded annoyed, more so, angry. He didn't even say you're welcome. I look at my I.D, making sure it was alright, then I noticed that the boy was still standing there.

"I found it in the hallway. You ran right past it." He says; he held the same angry expression and I clutch onto my I.D. "Um…thank you again." I walk past him and then turn to a run. That was weird. I felt really uncomfortable around him. I made it back to the Student Council room breathless, "What happened?" Nathaniel stands up I walk to the desk and slam my I.D onto the table, "I found it!" I say, huffing and puffing. "It's rare to see students serious about attending here. Well, everything's in order now, welcome to Sweet Amoris High school" He smiles happily at me and I feel my face flush and I look away, pressing my finger to my cheek, "Ahaha….."

My once black and white life changed since I've attended Sweet Amoris High school, but what I didn't know was the darkest parts of this city and the person I wanted to know best, may not be who I dreamed he would be.