Where am I, and how did I get to this place?

After traversing a long stretch of dark, cold, battered forest, I mindlessly stumble upon a house. Old, beaten down by the cruelty of age caused by time, I could see that it was no ordinary house. In the sky, the clouds swirl in a shape that resembles that of a tornado, and seem to lead into the room at the very top of the house. Tossing human logic into the void of my mind, I climb up the stairs leading to the front door. The door is already open. I step inside and feel the warmth of the house swirl around me. Even with the dark, depressing, worn look of the house, the heat is still comforting. The small bit of moonlight coming from behind me vanishes, and I hear a faint noise underneath the ringing of my ears. The door had shut behind me.

I fearfully reach for the door. It is jammed shut. I stare into the empty dark room before me. The only thing that allows me to see is a faint red light that seems to be coming from a staircase at the far left of the room. The stairs threaten to crumble as I slowly walk up into the hallway. The hall is completely illuminated by the red light, which is coming from another staircase at the end of the hall, allowing me to see that there are two rooms on either side. Up the staircase at the end of the hall is a single door, which is the source of the light. Knowing that this is the room I saw at the top of the house, I attempt to open it. Locked.

I decide to check the rooms in the lower hall. I step into the first room on the left. It appears to be a bedroom, with many childish toys such as rubber balls and building blocks strewn about. It looks absolutely chaotic, as if somebody had been here already and was frantically looking for something. All of the drawers and cabinets are open and knocked over. The closet has been opened and all of its contents are tossed all over the floor. I look in the baby's crib at the end of the room. The blankets are all wrapped in a tight bundle and are stained with blood. The blood is dry, and there is very obviously something solid underneath the blankets. Refusing to see what is under them, I walk into the next room.

The next room on the left is the kitchen. The same chaos is here on an even larger scale due to there being even more drawers and cabinets. Knives of all sizes and shapes are tossed on the floor, and there is a wooden holder for the knives nailed to the wall. Three, four, five knives on the floor. Three, four, five, six slots in the knife holder. One of them was missing.

The first room on the right, I infer, is supposed to be the Parents' bedroom. The first things to catch my eye are the bloodstains all over the bed. What I imagine were once the bodies of the small child's parents are now just skeletons with old rotting clothing left behind, giving me the impression that this house has been abandoned for a longer time than I could ever imagine.

The final room in the hallway is almost entirely empty, save for a single skeleton in the middle of the room. The bloodstained clothing it is wearing looks like something a hunter would wear, and is full of holes making it look like it has been chewed by many rodents over the years. The skeleton holds a rusting golden key in its hand. I quickly take the key before noticing the other items near it. A bloody knife, a piece of paper with some writing on it, and the pen that the person wrote the note with. The note reads:

"Hello. I know who you are, and why you are here. Judging from what they told me, it will be quite a while until you find this. You probably do not remember much. I came here after I got into an accident nearby. I came into the house looking for help, and the family here offered me a place to sleep for the night. They were fairly nice, but I couldn't help but have a suspicion that they were hiding something from me. I planned to just stay there for the night and get help in the morning, however, I eventually started started to hear The Voices. The Voices told me that this family was not all that they seemed. They said that I had to free them. I had to find the key to the attic and kill the family as sacrifice to The Voices in order for them to gain power. However, they also said that I had to kill myself as well, for a mortal can not break their seal. The Voices told me that they would attract my soul back to the house to finally break the seal and free them from their prison. Now, I know what you may be thinking: Why would you do such a thing? The answer is simple. The Voices told me that they could grant any wish I ask of them. It was here that I decided that doing these horrific things would be worth it. I know what I will wish for. After so many years of seeing humanity destroy itself, I am going to get my final revenge. Your memory is probably returning now. Please, go free them and tell them your wish."

My memory hits me like a speeding bullet. I know exactly what my wish was, and why I wanted to free The Voices. I don't even have to think as I step up to the glowing red door at the top of the staircase. I insert the golden key into the door, and it opens, blasting my face with blinding red light. I find myself in a void of blackness, and I hear the clearest sound I've heard in decades:

"What is your wish, master soul who has freed us from our millenniums of sleep?"

I feel victorious and reply:

"I wish to become the ruler of your realm. I wish to have the entire underworld under my control, all of the power, all of the creatures, I want the underworld and the entire Earth to bow down to me so that I can make it into the perfect world I've always wanted it to be."

"Your wish is granted, master. We must assure you, however, that this is not without consequence. Eventually, Earth is going to become uninhabitable. When this happens, the souls of every human that has ever existed will briefly gather in one place to send the universe back to the beginning of time so that we cannot harvest them. This will force us to repeat the cycle. You must stop them from doing this, allowing us to assimilate the souls and collect their power. With this combined power, we can create a perfect stable world that will last for all of eternity. Should you succeed, you will be ruler of this new world and will continue to prosper. However, if you fail, you will cease to exist. You will have never existed and all you will have ever felt and ever will feel is complete and utter emptiness and despair. This is the fate of our leaders who do not fulfill their purpose and allow the cycle to repeat again."

The black void gives way to a throne room. The throne is absolutely beautiful to my eyes. I can see all of the creatures before me that are all now under my command. I sit down and watch as a portal opens in front of me. I can now see everything that happens on Earth.

"I need a way to tell the people of Earth about my arrival. Send down the armies. My reign has begun."

That night, the skies turned blood red, the streets of every city were filled with the armies of The Underworld, and Lord Solaris reigned over all. However,in time, humanity was doomed to repeat the same cycle that it has since anything has ever been, and will continue to repeat the same cycle forever.