Twins- Twice the Fun or Twice the Terror?

Fifth grade

Erin and Emily DeWitt were born on Halloween night, the scariest night of the year. Maybe that is why the twins were so…scary.

They were identical twins, with brown hair, eyes, and freckles. They were very small for their age. They were very good babies as long as they were together. But if their mother took Erin to change her diaper, both babies would cry and scream until they were together again. If their father put Emily in the playpen by herself, they would shriek until Erin was placed there also.

They couldn't have seperate rooms or even beds, or they would cry and not go to sleep.

There parents thought they were simply very close, but when they got older, it was more of an obsession.

As toddlers, if Emily was unhappy or throwing a tantrum, Erin would also become unhappy and would throw a tantrum. They couldn't play with anyone else at preschool. If Erin fell and got a cut on her knee, Emily would fall in the same place and cut her knee. Their parents could hardly tell them apart and would put Emily's hair in pigtails and Erin's hair in a ponytail, but they always let their hair down because they couldn't stand not looking alike. As they got older, Erin was given a necklace with her name on it and Emily was given a bracelet with her name on it, but they would either switch them or take them off. They had to wear the same clothes or they would run around the house naked.

By the time they were nine they were symmetrical. They always did everything at the same time. It was as if one girl was the other's reflection in a mirror.

This scared their parents. (Author note: I would sure hope so!) They decided to keep them close to home so no one would be freaked by their weirdness. (AN: Um a shrink might have been a better idea….) Their mother homeschooled them, and they almost never were taken shopping. Their relatives who had once thought them so beautiful and sweet now found any excuse to stay away from them.

When they were eleven, Erin got her period and started developing. Emily hadn't yet. She asked her mother if she could get breast implants and did it anyway when her mother said not. (AN…?! Um, what surgeon would give an ELEVEN YEAR OLD breast implants, without her mother's permission, and how did this child get thousands of dollars AND get herself to the hospital without anyone knowing?! I can't believe I wrote this in all seriousness.) She also cut herself with a knife and showed Erin, saying, "Look. I have my period now too." (AN:…that is sick and disturbing.) The girls were delighted. Their mother was not. She took them to the doctor, who said their obsession of being exactly identical was making them insane. (AN: Uh, no kidding.) He suggested locking them away (AN: lmao what an old fashioned term) but Erin and Emily smiled at their mother, sweet, innocent smiles with cold eyes that didn't match. It sent chills down her spine. She said no, I can't lock my only children away. (AN:…and this makes sense how?! Those identical smiles would make me send them packing in a second!) The doctor shrugged and said he couldn't do anything then. Their obsession got worse and worse.

They never went on a date because they insisted on them both going, and boys weren't willing to do that. Plus, they were too weird to get one anyway. (AN: You'd have to have a HUGE twincest fetish…)

Anybody that teased Emily was threatened to be killed by Erin. Anybody who whispered about Erin recieved a punch on the nose from Emily.

If Emily sneezed, Erin sneezed at the exact same time. They would blow their noses and bless each other at the same time. They even asked their father if they could change their names to Heather, since that was the only thing about them that wasn't the same.

One day, their mother teased them about being like that. (AN: Never tease the psychos, people…) They both raised a knife and tried to stab her. She screamed and ran out of the hosue. She realized they needed to be instuitonalized and did so. (AN: ABOUT FRIGGIN TIME!) They didn't care and she and her husband were happy.

The end

(Um…happy ending for all? Wow.)