Sister's Revenge

Kyle Emerson was eighteen and had just graduated from high school. Finally, he was free from those weird teachers and all the studying his mother made him do. He was registered to go to a local community college in the fall, but for now he had the summer off to enjoy himself.

His mother, Denise, had gotten a full time job after his father passed away. She made enough to make ends meet and put away some extra cash for Kyle's schooling. However, he needed to pay for his own car and all other expenses himself, especially since his mother had helped him enroll for college.

The only children at home were Kyle and his younger sister, Melissa. Melissa was fifteen and entering tenth grade in the fall. Their relationship was strained, even for siblings. Kyle, being the typical big brother, picked on Melissa every chance he got, which annoyed her to no end. Being a male and older, he usually got to do more things than her and would always be the one left in charge. Melissa, being a teenager, thought she knew all the answers and didn't need Kyle to tell her what to do. This caused the two to often butt heads, even if just metaphorically.

Little did any of them know, things were about to change.

Kyle worked for the summer at a local supermarket doing carriage control. It didn't pay much, but it was an easy job that took little thought. He was outside a lot and got a chance to watch all the women that came by to shop. It was the first week of summer vacation when the store manager instructed him to retrieve all the carts from behind the store. There had been a heavy storm the night before and the nearby stream had overflowed, leaving several carts stranded.

Kyle had already collected most of the carts by the time he noticed the last remaining one, buried in the mud by the bank. It was stuck really tight and took all his effort to free it. With a grunt, he tried to push the cart, but there was too much mud around the wheel. He started to remove the excess dirt by hand, but stopped when something metallic caught his eye. Upon closer investigation, he realized it wasn't a part of the wheel, but rather caught in it.

It took several minutes to get what appeared to be a necklace untangled from the wheel. Despite his efforts, the necklace was still covered in mud, so he walked over to the stream and rinsed it off in the running water. The water soon revealed the true image of the necklace.

There was a medallion attached to the necklace's chain with several small engravings on it. The medallion looked like an angel or fairy or something similar, but he couldn't see the details, since it was beginning to grow dark.

With a sigh, he headed to his car to drop off the necklace, but a fellow employee came outside and called for him. Quickly, he put the necklace around his neck and tucked it under his apron for safekeeping while he put the last few carts away.

After that was done, he went inside to find a message waiting for him. His mother had called and asked him to pick up some food for dinner and a box of diapers for their neighbor, who was home with her sick daughter. Unfortunately for him, the message didn't say exactly what size to buy. When he entered the baby aisle, he was faced with more choices than he could ever imagine. He stared at the diaper selection and frowned as he debated on what size to get. Finally, he quickly picked one with a small girl on the cover, since it looked the most like the neighbors' daughter.

He punched out and hung up his apron before going through the checkout line with his purchases, earning him several comments from his coworkers about the diaper package. He threw one of them a look before he carried the bags out to his car, not getting a cart. The last thing he wanted to do was push a cart around after work hours.

As he struggled to get his car keys out of his pocket, he dropped the diaper bag on the pavement. Cursing under his breath, he managed to kick the bag around several times before grabbing it and putting it in the back seat of the car. He slammed the door and without a second thought, drove home.

He got home right at dinnertime and handed the packages to his mother. However, she handed the diapers back to him.

"Oh no, take that over to the Davis' and give them the diapers."

Kyle obeyed and walked over to the Davis' front door. He rang the bell and a voice called out from inside the open door.

"Is that you Kyle?"

It was Jean. She was in her mid-twenties with a great body, which obviously he noticed. He often fantasized about her, but she was married and had a child of her own. From what it sounded like, she was fixing dinner as she waited for her husband to get home from work.

"Yes, Mrs. Davis. I have your package for you." He replied, holding the diaper package.

"I'm a little tied up in the kitchen. Could you bring it in for me please?"

Kyle opened the screen door and headed towards the kitchen. He was in a rush to get to his own dinner and didn't look where he was going. Before he realized it, there was a loud thump and he was on the floor. A small toy rolled to a stop innocently beside him. When he realized he wasn't hurt, he wondered why before feeling the soft diaper package underneath him.

Jean rushed in to see what happened. Her face transformed into an expression of shock as she gasped. "Are you alright?"

Kyle stood up, brushing himself off. "I'm fine."

"I am so sorry about that…"

"Don't worry about it. It's my fault that I'm such a klutz." He assured her with a small smile. He picked up the package, now split open. "Um…here." He handed it over.

"I really needed the pull-ups for Chelsea and these are a little small…." She sighed. "Oh well. It'll work for the night…."

As Kyle listened to his neighbor explain about diaper styles and sizes, he began to feel funny. His skin began to tingle and it made him a little dizzy. He blinked, trying to perceive his surrounding with this strange new feeling.

"….Kyle? Are you alright?"

He looked up to meet his neighbor's concerned gaze. He shook his head and muttered, "Fine. I better get home."

When Kyle sat down at the dinner table, his mother and sister were already eating. His mother glanced up as he sat. He picked up his fork, but after a moment of uneasiness, set it back down.

"Kyle, are you feeling alright?" His mother asked as she stopped eating. Melissa glanced up.

"I'm not sure, Mom. I….I'm feeling a little strange." He admitted. Both his mother and sister had stopped and were staring at him.

He kept squirming in his seat. Everything about him felt uncomfortable suddenly. His clothes really irritated him; they felt baggy or even oversized. Strange. Earlier that morning, his clothes had fit comfortably.

Is it just me or is the table getting bigger?

Or was he getting smaller? His hands dropped the fork as his sleeves swallowed his arms up.

"MOM!" He yelled, finding his voice to be much higher.

"OH MY GOD!" Denise shrieked, but she didn't leave her seat.

In fact, no one in the room moved from their seats. They watched in utter shock as the boy kept getting smaller and younger.

Finally, after half an hour passed, Denise dared herself to stand and look over the table at her son. In the chair, a miniature Kyle sat among the puddle of clothes. However, he was not fully his younger self. The top of his head was covered in blonde, shoulder length hair instead of short, brown stubbles. He looked up at them. Although his eyes were still the same blue, his face was rounder, almost pudgy.

"Jeez, Kyle, what happened to you!? You look like a little baby!"

Melissa finally spoke, fighting back a ridiculous grin. His face scrunched up at the thought and he began to scream hysterically. Kyle jumped off the chair and tripped on his clothes. He tumbled hard to the floor, causing the medallion around his neck to fall off and skid over the hardwood floor. It landed under the buffet table, but nobody noticed in the chaos.

Denise ran over and picked up her son to calm him down. He was very lightweight and easy to handle. She took up a soft, soothing voice as she talked to him. Eventually, his loud sobbing turned to quiet whimpers. She was nearly hysterical herself, but she did her best to stay calm for her son's sake.

Melissa noticed the pile of clothes in the floor and saw that Kyle only had on his shirt, which was long enough to cover his legs. Denise rolled up the sleeves to expose her son's tiny fingers.

"Melissa, clean up the dishes." She said, still watching his tiny fingers in a weird sense of fascination.



With a frustrated sigh, she stalked as Denise sat down on the couch with Kyle on her lap. Quietly, she inspected him, before softly asking a question.

"Kyle, what happened?"

"I don't know. I'm just so scared." He replied in his tiny, soprano voice. His eyes were wide with fear as he looked up at her.

He was still shaking as she removed his shirt to look more closely at his small body. With a small gasp, she noticed something was missing. She laid him on his back in front of her, resting Kyle's head on her knees for a closer look.

"Hey!" He protested.

She ignored him as she examined him.

"Oh. My. God!" she said for the second time in a just a few minutes.

"What, Mom?" Her daughter called from the kitchen. "What is it?"

Melissa ran in to see why her mother was so shocked. Looking over her mother's shoulders, she confirmed what Denise had found.

"Kyle's a girl. Mom, a baby girl!"

"What?" But he didn't need an explanation. This phrase alone returned him to a frenzy as the tears flowed down his cheeks.

"Thanks a lot, Melissa," Denise said with an annoyed expression as she began the process of trying to calm Kyle again. After a moment, Denise sighed and brought him up to his room to put something on him. The smallest thing she could find was a T-shirt, which was still too big for him to be comfortable. The bottom of the shirt came down to his ankles while the armholes were oversized.

After an hour, Denise came back downstairs, holding a calmer Kyle on her hip. His eyes were red and puffy from all his crying as his tangled hair fell across his face.

"I'm going next door to get him something." Denise said as she handed him over to Melissa.

She tried to calm herself down before she knocked on Jean's door. However, as soon as Jean opened the door, Denise broke into tears. She rambled on incoherently about Kyle's sudden transformation.

"Denise, Denise, calm down." Jean thought that Denise had completely lost it. She knew Denise was having a hard time managing a house alone with two teenagers to watch over. She did her best to get Denise to collect herself, but it was difficult. She didn't know what she could do to help. Growing very annoyed, she gave Denise a one-piece sleeper and some diapers, which satisfied her for now.

When Denise returned home, the house seemed quiet. She looked around for Kyle and found him upstairs, sitting in the middle of Melissa's bed. His hair was parted down the middle and pulled back into twin ponytails. Melissa was rummaging through her drawers.

"There you are." She shook her head with a small smile. "What are you looking for, honey?"

"I was looking for an old top I had that might fit Kyle."

"That's okay; I got an outfit for him from Jean."

Denise pulled off Kyle's T-shirt and pushed him down on his back.

She picked up his ankles and pushed a diaper under his behind.

"What's going on? Why do I need that?" Kyle questioned, looking up at his mother.

"Little girls usually still need to wear diapers. I don't want you to embarrass yourself and have an accident." Denise spoke in a motherly tone that made Kyle frown in annoyance.

"What kind of accident? I'm 18, ya know!"

"Well, you certainly would never pass for that now. Let's just try it for a little while and see how you do."

Kyle was so occupied about wearing a diaper that he didn't even notice the infant sleeper until his mother had finished attaching the last snap behind his neck. She picked him up from the bed and set him on the floor. He started walking on his own for the first time since he became small. The thickness of the diaper between his legs forced him do more of a waddle than a walk. His balance was completely off. After just a few steps, he fell back onto his bottom. His mother and sister both got a laugh at his expense.

"Oh, Mom. He's so cute," Melissa chuckled as she helped him to his feet. He shot an annoyed glare at them, but they didn't see it as a threat and continued to laugh.

Kyle spotted the full-length mirror on the back of the closet door and waddled towards it to get a better look. He finally got the first good look at his "new" self: a cute little girl in pink-footed pajamas. He stared for several minutes before the giggling of the others in the room broke his concentration. They couldn't believe how mesmerized he was by his new looks, just like a little child would be. When Kyle realized they were laughing at him, the tears began to flow again.

Denise shook her head, picked him up, and carried him into his room. It was decorated in dark colors with heavy furniture. The walls were covered with posters of rock groups and sports figures. The windows were dark and she thought it best for Kyle to rest.

"We'll find someone in the morning who can fix this," she promised.

Denise tucked her son into his bed and sat beside him. She began humming a little tune and stroked his hair, playing with his ponytails until he drifted off to sleep.

The next day Denise took the day off from work. She made an appointment early in the morning with their doctor. She went into Kyle's room to wake him. It was after nine and they had to be at the office in less than an hour.

"GAH!" She panicked when she first entered and saw the bed was empty. She looked in the bathroom and then down the hall in Melissa's room.


Melissa groaned as she woke and glared at her mom. "What?"

"Have you seen Kyle?"

Melissa's expression instantly went from cross to confused. "No….I haven't."

They both started searching the house. However, barely moments later, Melissa called, "FOUND HIM!"

Denise ran back into Kyle's room where Melissa pointed to the floor near the bed. There was Kyle, sound asleep, crouched in the fetal position while sucking his thumb.

He must have fallen off the bed last night, Denise surmised.

She picked him up and he started to stir. There was a definite odor about him as she laid him on the bed and unsnapped the leg openings of his sleeper. She reached in under the lining of the diaper and the wetness confirmed her suspicions.

As Kyle tried to make sense of what was going on around him, his mother changed him and carried him downstairs. She did her best to get him to eat, but he couldn't manipulate his tiny fingers well enough to hold the silverware. In the end, she put some cereal in a bag and took him into the car.

"Sit with him in the back," Denise said as she got in the driver's seat.

Melissa decided not to argue and did as she was told.

At the doctor's office, there was some confusion at the receptionist's desk as to why her records showed Kyle was a teenage boy, and yet Denise was holding a young girl, insisting it was Kyle. Melissa stayed in the waiting room while Denise went in.

Once inside the examination room, the nurse took Kyle's temperature and went to write in on his chart when she noticed the discrepancy in age and sex. Denise babbled on about the transformation from the night before while the nurse just looked at her without expression.

Denise held Kyle on her lap and waited alone for over fifteen minutes before the doctor came in with the nurse in tow. As Denise told her story again, he began to examine Kyle. The doctor did his best to keep Denise calm, but with each question he asked, her answers became more irrational. All this talk about magical spontaneous transformations of her son-into a small girl, no less—left Denise shaken. Her voice was cracking and the tears were visible down her face. It all became too much for her. She had been the calm one since the change, but now all her emotions came out in front of the doctor, who watched her with unreadable emotions on his face.

"Well, your daughter—"


"Son…has a healthy height and weight for a 32-month old girl."


"Now ma'am," He pulled out a pen and notepad, "How is your home and work life?" He was trying to see if something very stressful had recently occurred.

She responded that all was normal. With a confused expression on his face, the doctor then excused himself.

He returned a few minutes later and handed Denise a prescription for some mild sedatives. She gave him a stunned look; she had been expecting to get something to help her son, not herself. He then gave her the name of another doctor who might be able to help her with her problem. She took the papers, thanked him as she picked up Kyle, and headed out to the billing area.

The clerk informed her that her insurance policy wouldn't cover the visit, since she had no coverage for the child she had brought in. Another argument ensued until the doctor came by and took the clerk aside.

Denise left the office more distraught than Kyle did.

"At least we have the number of someone who can help." She told herself more so than anyone else.

However, when she got home and looked up the new doctor's name in the phone book, she discovered he was a psychiatrist.

"He thinks I'm crazy! They all think I'm crazy!" Denise said to Melissa, torn between being angry and slightly hysterical. It was at that point that Denise decided that no doctor could help her with this problem.

Sighing, she put a hand on the table and the other to her forehead as she thought. Finally, she stood straight with a changed expression.

"Come on. We need to think of a cover until we can fix this."

"No one is calling us crazy." She told Melissa as they sat down on the couch. "We'll have to keep this a secret. Kyle can now be my niece. That makes her your cousin, alright?"

"We can't call him Kyle anymore, Mom." Melissa pointed out.

"You're right. It's going to be tough, so maybe we need a similar name." Kyle just sat there, listening to these women decide his new fate.

"How about Missy?" Melissa suggested first.

"I don't think so. Just because you hate that nickname doesn't mean you should give it to your brother."

"Well, he hardly looks like my older brother now!" Melissa teased.

"I know! Meet Kayla Elizabeth, your new cousin." Denise declared.

As the plan unraveled, Denise laid down the new ground rules.

"Melissa, we need to make this as realistic as possible. I will not have anyone think we are nuts or the least bit weird. From now on, your brother has left on a long trip and this is Kayla, who will be staying with us." She said gesturing to the toddler. "We must be extra careful to only refer to her as Kayla and treat her as the little girl she appears to be." Kyle was listening, but he couldn't believe what his mother was saying.

"What about me?" he whined.

"You heard the doctor—you're not even three years old, honey. You had better get used to acting like one. It looks like you might be this way for a while."

The tears started flowing again as Kyle heard his fate being sealed. It didn't seem fair to him that he didn't get a say.

"Well, he's started already!" Melissa joked as she saw her brother cry again.

"Melissa, that doesn't help the situation any." Denise said firmly. "You know, you will have to help out now and care for him—I mean, her—while I'm at work."

"But Mom! I don't wanna be stuck babysitting all summer." Melissa began to whine also, sticking out her lower lip as she crossed her arms, giving her the attitude of a toddler.

"I'm sorry, honey," she said, "but we are going to have to make this work. That means you have to help too. You can start now by watching her while I go to the store to pick up a few things."

Denise ran out to a local department store that afternoon to pick up a few outfits for Kyle. She knew if she brought him along, it would be easier to get the proper fit, but she couldn't deal with the whining any longer. Looking on the sizing charts in the store, she figured a 3T would be about right. She wanted to get some outfits with pants that were not so girly. Unfortunately, they were all very feminine: purple and pink with animal or flower patterns. She had to work with what she had.

She picked out a few outfits along with sleepers, socks, and a pair of pink and white sneakers. She stopped to get a baby cup and serving set that came with a plate with cartoon characters on them. All the time she shopped, she saw cute little things she was tempted to buy, but she didn't know how long Kayla would be around so she had to stop herself every once in a while.

When Denise returned home, Melissa was watching TV while Kyle napped on the couch. She showed Melissa all the things she bought and went up to Kyle's room to put them away in his drawers. She had to move some of his things out to the shelf in his closet to make way for his new wardrobe.

That evening, Melissa dressed Kyle in a disposable diaper and a new one-piece sleeper, yellow with a bunny rabbit pattern. Then, Melissa led her new sister to the stairs for supper.

Kyle had to be extra slow coming down the stairs and held the handrail tight. Melissa showed him how to turn backwards and crawl down the steps one at a time, but Kyle just gave her a dirty look and continued his slow decline.

At the table, Kyle discovered a high chair in place of his usual seat. His mother had brought it down from the attic along with some other items that she hadn't used since her children were very young. She strapped Kyle into the chair and tied a bib around his neck. His meal was different from the others, served on his special plate along with a toddler's cup. At first, these changes surprised him; however, in a way it almost felt natural to be treated this way. He was already beginning to forget what it was like to be older only a day after his transformation.

The next day, Kyle was left in Melissa's care while Denise returned to work. Melissa was still pissed that she had the burden of watching him. She had plans that day to hang out with her friends.

There was a knock on the door early that morning. It was Jean with her daughter, Chelsea.

"Hey, Melissa! Is your mother home? I'm sorry about the other night when your mother came by. She had been acting strange and I'm afraid I wasn't nice to her. Is she alright?"

"Everything's all right," Melissa assured Jean, "She was just stressed because my baby cousin was dropped off a few nights ago because my aunt is sick."

Melissa then mentioned that her mother had to run out for clothes yesterday, because they had none. As a consolation, Jean offered some of her own daughter's things. Since Kyle was now a little smaller than Chelsea, Jean had a lot of clothes and shoes that didn't fit her daughter anymore. Melissa graciously accepted and Jean returned shortly with several bags of clothes.

Soon after that, Melissa woke Kyle up for their first day together. "Come on! Get up, little sister," she said.

"I'm not your little sister; I'm your big brother." Kyle fought back.

"You haven't looked in the mirror lately, have you, Kayla Elizabeth?" She said in a mocking tone.

She took off the toddler's sleeper and put it in the laundry hamper. She took his little hand, led him to the toilet, and removed his wet diaper. She left Kyle staring at the bowl as she ran the tub water.

"Well, don't just stare at it. Use it!"

Kyle realized he would need to sit down from now on to pee, but he couldn't reach the seat. His sister sighed, picked him up and set him down on the toilet and waited several minutes. The tub was full now and she dropped him in it after an unsuccessful attempt on the toilet.

"God, I gotta do everything for you now. You're gonna pay big time for this one!" Melissa shouted.

Melissa washed Kyle thoroughly, including his long hair. Kyle screamed that she got shampoo in his eyes, but it didn't faze his sister. When she was done, Melissa carried him into his bedroom and put a fresh diaper on him. There was a sadistic smile on Melissa's face as she began to dress her brother.

Now that her mother was at work, she had free reign of what happened to "Kayla."

"I'm not going anywhere in this thing." He said pointing to himself.

"Too bad. We're meeting my friends at the mall and you, my two year old toddler, have no say in the matter."

Melissa spun Kyle around as she tied the back ribbons into a large bow, pulling the dress tight at his waist. She dragged him into her room and proceeded to dry his hair. She used an elastic to pull his hair back into a ponytail and then tied a long pink ribbon into a bow around it, letting the ends hang down below his shoulders.

Kyle sat on Melissa's bed as he watched her get dressed in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. He started to argue with her as to why he was so dressed up. She was in shorts and he knew his mother had bought pants for him in his new size. Melissa snapped back that Mom had put her in charge and he would do what she said now unless he wanted to change his own diapers, even the messy ones.

Kyle was again strapped in his high chair for breakfast while Melissa went into the garage and found an old baby stroller. It was the same one her parents used to push her around in over ten years ago. As she cleaned it off, she found large floppy baby's hat and grinned. An idea struck her; it would definitely add to the joy of Kyle's torture.

While his sister was gone, Kyle needed more juice in his cup, but he couldn't get out of the chair himself. He became well aware that even if he wasn't restrained, he wouldn't be able to reach the handle on the refrigerator door or pour for himself. He concluded that he was at the mercy of his sister.

Melissa soon returned, picked up Kyle, and set him down in the stroller.

She put the hat over his head and tied the straps under his chin. Kyle began to complain, but Melissa said that he was too fair skinned and needed the hat to prevent himself from burning.

Melissa was doing all she could to humiliate her brother. They both knew it.

As they walked down the block towards the mall, they stopped to pick up Melissa's friend at her house.

"Who's the little one?" asked Alison, an overly hyperactive girl who got in Kyle's face the moment she saw the young child.

"My sister," Melissa replied, smirking.

"You don't have a sister…" Alison looked confused and Melissa's smirk faded off her face. She realized her mistake and quickly covered over it with another grin and a lie.

"I know that. It's really my cousin, but she's going to be staying with us for a while, so we decided to pretend she's my sister." Melissa hoped Alison would buy her cover after the slip up.

For teenaged girls, it didn't take much to fool them. Alison put on a broad grin and shrugged her shoulders happily.

"Oh, alright!"

Melissa internally sighed in relief and pushed the stroller as she walked with Alison to the mall.

At the mall, they met up with a large group of friends and proceeded to prowl through the stores. Two of the others were also pushing their siblings in strollers.

"Look, Kayla! New friends to play with! Won't that be fun?" Melissa said, grinning down at Kyle who hatefully glared up at her.

Melissa and some of the girls walked into the nail salon and had their nails done. When Kyle stood up in his stroller and looked over the counter to see what was going on, one of the nail technicians glanced over at him. Kyle could've sworn she internally melted right then and there.

"My, what a pretty thing you are! Would you like to have your nails done too?" Kyle was too shocked to answer. There was no way he wanted to have his nails painted like his sister.

Melissa replied for him.

"I'm sure she would love that, wouldn't you Kayla?" as she gave him a "who's the boss" look.

When they left the salon, Kyle's nails were just the right shade of pink to match the ribbon in his hair.

During lunch, the older girls sat around while the younger ones ran around in a play area. Kyle didn't want to go, but Melissa took him out of the stroller and pushed him away toward the other children. Once he was there, he found it fun to play hide and seek along with some of the other children's games.

Kyle didn't even realize he was giggling and enjoying himself just like the other young girls.

After a few rounds, the children were getting tired, so they were put back in their strollers while the older siblings went off to scout out some of the fashion stores.

Melissa stopped at the cosmetics counter at one of them and started to discuss things with the saleswoman. As the woman started to give Melissa a makeover, Kyle, knowing that mom didn't allow her to wear much makeup yet, started to speak up. As soon as he did, Melissa reached into the diaper bag and pulled out a baby bottle filled with apple juice. She immediately stuffed it into Kyle's open mouth before he could complete his sentence and gave him a cold stare.

Feeling helpless, Kyle just sucked on the nipple and felt the warm juice trickle down his throat. Shortly after, they started on the way again while the gentle motion of the stroller rocked him off to sleep.

When Melissa arrived home with Kyle still asleep in the stroller, Denise was already home from work. Denise looked at her sleeping son and questioned Melissa.

"Why did you put him in such a fancy dress? And where did you get that from?"

Melissa explained that Jean had come by that morning and she had covered for them by retelling the story they had decided on the night before.

"The dress had been Chelsea's but it was now too small for her."

"But you know I bought several pairs of pants yesterday for him," Denise said.

"I know, Mom, but I couldn't get him to put any of them on! This was all his idea. He insisted on wearing this outfit when he saw what Jean had brought. You should have seen him at the mall today. He wanted me to buy him every cute dress we saw. Kyle said that he would need more party dresses to continue to play the role of a little girl. I guess you'll just have to return the pants you bought."

Denise couldn't believe that her son would want to wear these frilly outfits instead of pants, but she imagined his mind was heavily affected by the transformation. It made sense, considering the amount of stress they had been under the last day. She realized she should play along with Kyle's new needs to keep him happy until she could find a way to change him back.

A few minutes later, Kyle was wakened by his mother, standing over him.

Hi, sweetie! Did you have a good time today? Melissa said you were such a good little girl and you loved shopping at the mall. I see you even got your nails done. What a beautiful color you chose! They look very pretty with that dress."

Kyle was still coming out of his nap and was a little too disoriented to respond to all that his mother had to say. He thought about what a humiliating day he had and wondered what Melissa had said to his Mom. He looked down at himself and spotted the pink dress and tiny legs. As he moved his feet from side to side, he caught the reflection of light off his shiny patent leather shoes and realized they were his feet.

When Denise picked him up out of the stroller, she felt his wet diaper. She opened up the diaper bag, laid the cover right on the living room floor, and changed him on the spot. She realized that at least it would be a lot easier changing diapers when there were no pants to lower and raise. With Kyle's short dress, changing was a snap.

This was Kyle's second full day as Kayla and he already felt beaten by the dramatic change he had gone through. It was then that he admitted defeat and decided he might as well get used to it.

Denise made another trip into the attic to find some old clothes she had saved from when Melissa was younger. She returned with a few fancy dresses, jumpers and pleated skirts that were hardly worn. She had always intended to give them away to a friend, but the opportunity never arrived.

Melissa had always hated feminine clothes and had rejected them as a child. Now that Kyle "liked" that style, Melissa was very eager to help her mother look for the old outfits. With the newfound control over her brother, she looked forward to forcing him to wear the frilly outfits.

It was a new, yet glorious change.

In the first week, Denise noticed that Kyle wore one of the new outfits every day. He was never in pants and his hair was always neatly arranged with ribbons and bows. Denise had a feeling Kayla would need more outfits soon to keep him happy.

The next Saturday, she spent the morning cleaning the house. Melissa was tidying things upstairs while she tried to dust the living room. Kyle was unable to figure out how to help out, so he found himself following Melissa around. She soon grew annoyed and yelled at him to go away. Denise heard the shouting and called up to Kyle. He went running down the stairs and almost fell twice. He quickly ran over to his mother and hugged her leg with tears running down his cheeks.

"You're going to have to learn to keep out of the way and start acting more your age." She scolded him.

Melissa listened quietly and basked in what she heard as she enjoyed the influence over her brother.

Denise put Kyle in front of the TV and told him to stay out of their way until the morning chores were complete. He watched the children's cartoon shows in a dazed state.

When Denise and Melissa were done, they walked into the TV room together to check up on Kyle. He had fallen asleep on the floor and his dress was up around his waist, exposing the diaper he was wearing. Both women cooed over the sight of the sleeping child.

Denise decided it was time to take her two daughters to the mall for a shopping spree.

While Melissa bought jeans and t-shirts, Kyle had to try on only skirts and dresses in flowery print patterns. They bought lacy socks in pink and lavender, more tights, and several pairs of dress shoes to match the outfits.

The first time Kyle tried to complain, he was dismissed as a whiner and a quick threat from Melissa put him back in his place. Melissa was truly beaming when her mother turned the other way. Not only had she beaten her brother but she had also convinced her mother that he preferred the little girl role. All those pretty dresses her mother complained that she wanted her to wear as a child were now on him.

Melissa would spend her time making sure he knew what it would be like to wear these girly outfits all the time. She was enjoying the power she held over him, even though he was in the form of her two-year-old sister.

Everywhere the girls went together, people would always complement Kyle's outfits and that pleased Denise to no end. She finally had a really pretty girl she could dress up and show off. It made her very happy, which only reinforced her keeping Kyle in the terminally cute clothes, much to Kyle's displeasure. He knew better than to speak up and be reprimanded by his big sister.

Besides, no one paid much attention to Kyle when he spoke anymore.

Who would? He thought bitterly. I'm just a child now.

Monday arrived and a phone call came in for Kyle. It was his current girlfriend, Hannah. They were supposed to go out together that past weekend; she was mad that he stood her up and hadn't called her all week. Melissa tried to cover for him and said he was away for a while. However, Hannah was very suspicious, wondering why Kyle would disappear without telling her. It was very unlike him, she had objected.

Kyle, hearing Melissa's conversation, started tugging on her pant leg, "Who's that?"

"Shhhh! I'm on the phone."

Hannah heard the high voice of a young girl and asked the same question. Melissa explained her cousin was staying with them for a while. An idea suddenly came to her. She wanted to go to the movies with her friends that evening, but her mother was working late and needed her to watch Kyle.

"Hey… are you free to babysit tonight?"

Hannah was about to say no, but then she thought that it might be a good idea to come by and see if Kyle was truly gone. She accepted Melissa's offer and they arranged a mutual time to start.

That evening, Kyle saw his sister prepare herself to leave.

"Where are we going?"

"Not we. You're staying here." She straightened her jacket. "I arranged for a sitter for you." Just then, the doorbell rang and Kyle saw his girlfriend enter.

"Oh, Melissa! She's adorable!" Hannah said upon seeing Kyle.

He, of course, was dressed in one of his new outfits: a black dress with a pink flower print, a pink sweater, and his black tights and shoes. Melissa had teased his hair that morning and pulled a section out of his eyes and to one side with one of her scrunchies.

Kyle had a look of terror on his face, hoping that Hannah wouldn't recognize him.

How could his sister leave him alone with his own girlfriend in this state?

A few tears started to run down his cheek as he ran into the living room. Melissa explained to Hannah that Kayla was still in her terrible two's, which meant she cried a lot and had a big imagination. She went on to say that her cousin liked to play dress up and advised Hannah to put Kayla to bed if she got to be too much trouble.

"Don't worry," Hannah assured Melissa. "I have plenty experience, especially with someone Kayla's age."

That evening, Hannah did her best to play kids games with Kyle and keep him entertained. The whole time Kyle was extremely shy and very hesitant to do anything with her. He wanted to tell her who he really was but he was frightened of her reaction.

He was sitting on the floor thinking about how he would broach the subject of his true identity when Hannah handed him one of the dolls Melissa had left. When she thought he was preoccupied, she opened her purse and took out her compact to check her face. Kyle had always thought she wore a little too much makeup and was overly concerned with her looks. He wasn't playing with the doll at all; he just kept looking at Hannah.

Hannah saw she was being watched and decided to try and cheer the child up. "Say, let's have a little fun, Kayla." She picked Kyle up and sat him on the coffee table in front of her. She took her compact and started to apply some powder to his nose and forehead.

Kyle started to back away, but he couldn't fight her other hand's tight grip on his chin.

"Come on! Your cousin said you love to play dress up. I can see by your clothes that you like to look very pretty. I'm just going to help you look even prettier with a little makeup. You wait and see—this will just take a minute and I'll show you."

She took out some blush and did his cheeks with a few strokes on each side.

"When you get to be my age, you'll want to do this all the time. All your friends will. The boys will love it!" She assured Kyle. He tried to say something when she took out a tube of lipstick and quickly applied a little to his lips before freshening her own.

"OK, all done. Let's go look at how beautiful we are now." Hannah said as she picked up Kyle and walked over to the mirror in the hall.

She held him with their heads together and gazed at their combined reflection.

As she pointed out his cute features, she stopped and really stared at Kyle.

"You look so much like your cousin Kyle."

Kyle couldn't stand it any longer and broke down in flowing tears. He tried to speak, but Hannah couldn't understand what he was saying. She held him closely to her breast and bounced him up and down a bit to ease his pain. When he got a little calmer, he admitted that he was, in fact, her boyfriend.

Kyle did his best to explain what happened to him but his new limited vocabulary made his words sound jumbled. She, of course, didn't believe such a far-fetched story, so Kyle began to describe the last date they had and how it ended in the back seat of his car.

Hannah was furious that this little girl knew so many intimate details of her life and swore that Kyle must have told Kayla all this. She was so agitated that she took Kyle up to his room and got him ready for bed.

His girlfriend dressed him into his pajamas and diapers while he continued to try to convince her who he truly was. One look between his legs was all Hannah needed to convince herself that this little girl had a wild imagination as Melissa had warned her. She doubted she could ever go out with Kyle again.

However, Kyle didn't understand her reaction. All knew was that he angered her somehow and maybe he could try again.

Kyle eventually fell into the groove of life as a two-year-old. His day was occupied with toys, dolls, and educational TV shows to help him build his vocabulary again. He still fell into fits of tears as he remembered something about his prior life, but those around him at the time wrote it off as typical behavior for a toddler in this stage.

Slowly, his room changed to have a younger, more feminine look. All of his bigger male clothes were being moved out of his drawers and into the closet to make room for all his new outfits. As the closet started to fill with dresses, his old pants and shirts disappeared. The rock posters were taken down and the walls were painted a light shade of pink. There were new sheets, a comforter, and matching curtains in a rainbow pattern that dramatically changed the room's appearance. All his sport memorabilia were replaced with toys and dolls appropriate for a girl of his age. He had acquired Melissa's collection of stuffed animals, which she traded for his stereo system. In his present state, he never knew it was missing.

One afternoon after lunch, Melissa put him down for his usual rest, which he had stopped fighting against weeks before. He began to remember the last date he had with Hannah. He was in the back seat of his Ford and she was really frisky that night—

Kyle awoke abruptly from his sleep. He reached across his bed, thinking he would grab a hold of his girlfriend. However, instead he knocked into something hard. He pulled his hand back and clutched the foreign object. Squinting in the light, he saw his bottle with a couple of inches of milk still left inside. As he sat up, he felt the dampness of a wet diaper.

A wave of frustration hit him, his anger directed towards Melissa. Putting him in for a nap with his bottle everyday just made him lose control and wet himself. As he sat there, steaming over this latest episode, he heard a loud noise across the house.

This was much louder than before as he realized the sound was from down the hall. He crawled off his bed and made his way to Melissa's door. It was open just a crack and the noises emanating from within confirmed that it was what he heard from his room.

Kyle just stood in the doorway and inched in closer as he found himself staring. Before he had a chance to run back out to the hallway, Melissa opened her eyes and spotted her brother at the door. She yelled loud enough to send him running back to his room where he took comfort with his stuffed animals and proceeded to finish his bottle of milk.

Melissa came in a few minutes later, furious.

"I'm telling Mommy on you!" Kyle immediately told his sister.

"Tell her what?" Melissa inquired.

"That you and Billy we were making... doing..." Kyle couldn't find the words he needed to describe what they were doing. Melissa knew he wouldn't and just looked at him with a big grin. She leaned close.

"You say anything and I'll tell her that you love my earrings so much that you want to get your ears pierced too. And while I'm at it, I'll tell her you want to take dance class just like Chelsea because you just adore those cute little outfits she gets to wear."

Kyle could only listen and cry. He knew that his mother always believed Melissa over him these days. His sister somehow had their mother convinced that he wasn't telling the truth and now got her way with everything.

By next week, Melissa was rubbing some alcohol over the gold studs in Kyle's ears.

"You see, my little sister, you can't win. Mom does what I tell her now and you are just her cute little girl. You're lucky you're still only two, otherwise you would be at dance class this afternoon with Chelsea."


Time had very little meaning to Kyle anymore.

He had gotten use to a daily pattern of being cared for by Melissa and watching children's television. He preferred it when things were predictable and he felt comfort in seeing the same programs over and over. He was no longer part of the daily discussions between his mother and sister. They often talked about things he didn't understand. Although he had memories of life as Kyle, they remained distant.

He had become a quiet and shy little girl who preferred to sit alone in her room, often talking only to her dolls.

One morning, things began to go differently. He was awakened by his mother instead of Melissa and was dressed for the day. Denise fed him and then walked next door to Jean's house.

"Why are we here?" Kyle asked his mother, holding her hand.

"Melissa started school today, honey. Mrs. Davis will watch you now until I get back from work. It will be fun. You can play with Chelsea. You really should learn to be with others your own age."

Kyle didn't like the change.

He just wanted to watch his TV shows, but Chelsea wanted them to play with her dolls. Chelsea, an only child and being the older one now, was quite bossy and insisted that Kyle do what she wanted.

When Chelsea saw that Kyle was still in diapers, she insisted on helping Jean change them. All of her games involved her as the mommy and Kyle as the baby.

Jean just thought it was all very cute and didn't think Kyle minded, since he rarely spoke up. She also enjoyed all of Kyle's pretty dresses. Some days, she would take the girls to the park with Kyle in a stroller and let Chelsea push the baby.

Halloween came and Kyle found himself dressed as a fairy princess.

Jean had coordinated his outfit with Chelsea, who was dressed as a queen. She took the two girls around the neighborhood to collect candy and show off the two beauties. It was on this night that Kyle picked up the nickname "Princess." Of course, it was Melissa who named him that, still managing an ear-to-ear grin.

Denise did what she could for her son to get him through his sudden transformation. She spent some time probing into how he could have mysteriously become a little girl, but she always ran into a dead end. People always gave her a strange look when she spoke of human transformations, so she found her search went very slowly. She used to promise Kyle she would find a way to change him back, but she found the task futile. Now, instead of promising change, she used the time to make him more comfortable as a toddler. His wardrobe was very large for a girl his age and he had a collection of dolls that overflowed from his room.

As winter approached, Denise gave up completely on searching for a solution to change Kyle back. Kyle had got accustomed to his new body and she enjoyed him more this way. She certainly didn't miss listening to Melissa fight with her older brother. It was also cute to watch Kyle follow Melissa around the house and seeing how he looked up to his big sister now.

Denise made arrangements to meet with a local attorney who she was told could get official documents for Kyle.

Joe was a single lawyer who had some connections for the changes she needed. He listened to her story, a mix of truth and fiction on who Kayla was and how she came to be. Joe had a hard time with the story, but he was enamored with Denise. It was love at first sight as they started to date. Soon he was spending nights at her house.

Kyle still went through periods where he started to remember pieces of his past life. However, those memories were quickly fading away from him…

Kayla still knew she was really Kyle, but her role in life was now Melissa's little sister. She did everything her big sister told her, yet she still ran to the cover of her stuffed animals and sucking her thumb when life got too stressful. It was months since she read anything or watched the news on television. Her life was daycare at Jean's and children's videos now. Melissa had eased up on making her wear dresses, but Denise still enjoyed putting her in skirts.

During her preparation for the Christmas holiday, Denise cleaned the house thoroughly and came across a necklace behind some furniture on the floor of the dining room. She looked at it carefully, noticing it looked very cheap, and surmised it was something Melissa bought. The medallion attached looked quite odd and she meant to ask Melissa where she got it. However, because of the rush of the holiday, she just dropped it in Melissa's jewelry box and forgot about questioning her.

Soon, it was Christmas and "Kayla" had a full closet of new clothes and many toys. It seemed as if she had forgotten about the life she once knew and settled into her new role easily. Her presents from under the tree were dolls and stuffed animals like any other girl her age would have.

The family photo that year showed Denise and Melissa looking the same as previous years. However, this time, there was a new face. Little Kayla had on a white dress with a little strawberry print, white tights, and matching strawberry red shoes. Her long hair was done special for the photo with lots of curls and red bows. Her smile showed how happy she was on the outside, but her eyes still showed something darker on the inside.

Something that should never be in the eyes of a child…

Melissa didn't find the medallion until the following summer. It was a Saturday morning when her mother had left her alone for the weekend to be with Joe and Kyle. She was in her room looking for something to wear with the bikini her friend had loaned her. It was a bit more revealing than her mother would normally let her wear, so she waited until the house was empty to try it on.

As she searched through her jewelry box, she found the old necklace and took it out to examine it further. As she put it around her neck, the medallion touched the bikini top and she felt a tingling all over…

In less than 30 minutes, she was looking in the mirror at a duplicate of her friend that loaned her the suit. Melissa began to panic and tried everything she could to find a way to change back. She thought about her brother and how he was changed in the same manner. He had never changed back. The medallion had to be the key, but she couldn't make it change her back.

Melissa eventually managed to change back late that evening, discovering the solution by accident. The medallions powers worked its magic after twelve hours when Melissa went to put her nightgown on that evening. As soon as the gown touched the medallion, she felt the same uneasiness as her body began to mold back to its original form.


Melissa realized that she had the power to change into anyone she wanted. She just needed to wait about a half a day to change back. Her brother could change back anytime he wanted now but only she knew how to do it. She went to bed thinking about all the power she had in her hands with the medallion and a grin on her face.

Denise and Kyle returned home the next evening and Melissa decided to keep quiet about her discovery. The next morning after Denise left for work, Melissa again put on her friend's bikini and the medallion, but this time she was careful not to touch the material of the swimsuit yet. When Kyle entered her bedroom, he spotted the necklace immediately. Melissa held it out in her hand and began to tease him. "Look what I found, Princess. Look familiar?"

Kyle looked intently at the medallion. It had been about a year since he saw it last and his mind was not the same as before. He thought he had seen it before, but he wasn't at all sure of himself.

"This is what made you into a little girl. It's mine and I have the power now to change you or anyone else I want." Melissa continued to tease Kyle by waving the medallion around her neck in front of him. He reached out to grab it from his sister, but she pulled it back before he could completely get his tiny fingers around it. He did manage to brush by it before Melissa slapped his small hand away.

"No, no, no. You can't touch it!"

Melissa felt the tingling again but this time it was much stronger.

"Oh my god…what did you do?!" she asked him hysterically.

Kyle felt the tingle also, but his sister's screams distracted him. It wasn't until the pajamas he had on started to feel tight that he realized that he was growing rapidly. He managed to remove all his clothes before they ripped. He stood there, completely naked, as he started to grow taller and his sister rapidly shrunk. After about fifteen minutes, Melissa started to cry. The bikini fell off her smaller body by itself and the two girls stood holding each other until the changes stopped.

Kyle was now a duplicate of Melissa while Melissa looked just like little Kayla. As Kyle held his sister for comfort, he managed to remove the medallion from around her tiny neck without her noticing. He looked at it closely and tried to find out how to change himself back. He remembered a little bit about being a teenage boy and he was ready to become one again.

"How do you work this? How?"

Now that he was in power, it was easy to get her to do what he asked of her.

He got Melissa to explain the powers of the medallion to him and that he needed to wait twelve hours and touch a piece of his clothing to it.

Well, I guess I can wait till tonight. After all, it's been so long already, Kyle rationalized.

Melissa walked over to the mirror and looked at her small body. She couldn't believe that she was now three years old. Meanwhile, Kyle picked up the bikini off the floor and put it on.

"Okay, Princess, let's get you dressed." Kyle called out.

Melissa gave him a look of disgust because she was looking forward to being with her friends at the beach that day. She had promised them she would drive since she now had exclusive ownership of Kyle's car. She already missed seeing them the past Saturday when she didn't dare leave the house.

"I promise to show you exactly how it works, if you can pretend to be me today."

Kyle enjoyed being older, even if he was still female, and agreed to go. He did make Melissa wear one of the frilliest little suits.

"You've got to keep up the image of Kayla," he reasoned with a growing smirk.

While still masquerading as Melissa, Kyle looked in his old room for his clothes and discovered his mother had given everything away. There was nothing left of his old self. After spending months as a young girl, Kyle found his closets and drawers were filled with dresses and other tiny clothes meant for a three-year-old girl.

Kyle was holding the medallion in his hand and realized it was no use to him. Without anything from his past, he felt he was stuck. Melissa would want to switch back and he would need to be Kayla again. The thought of returning to being a little girl made him angry. In his frustration, he threw the medallion across the room with all his strength. Instead of hitting the wall, the medallion and necklace soared out the open window.

When Kyle calmed down in the morning, he went outside to retrieve the medallion. He spent several hours searching but he never found it again.

Melissa was furious of course. There was no way she wanted to start life again as a child and threw a tantrum when she discovered she couldn't change back. Kyle never told his mother about the change and she shrugged off the little girl's behavior as natural for someone that age. Melissa tried to tell everyone who she really was, but they all knew about Kayla's imagination and stories she usually told. Melissa found herself a victim of her own lies where no one believed her.

The next morning when Denise left for work, Kyle told his little sister that he was in charge. He opened the closet to his sister's new room and studied the girly outfits. He picked out one of Kayla's fanciest dresses and proceeded to get the Princess ready for the day. He knew she would be a handful at first, but eventually she would calm down and get used to the role just as he had.

Finally, there was some well-served luck and justice in his favor.

The End.