It's like ice water clinking against glass

When you call my name and music plays

On the inside walls of my lungs

While my heart keeps beating to a soulless disco tune

But damn I love the way you move

When you keep moving forward

Because this is an age of rock and roll

And rebels with an uncertain cause

But the old men are missing the days

When they danced like you

And they couldn't hear behind the music

And they couldn't think so wrapped up in the drums

Something's telling them to go

While I'm saying stay in this sweltering nightclub

On the corner of forgotten and hell

It's where we belong I guess

But we're just a remake of some seventies song

With rap music and a catchy tune

Some kind of earworm to burrow in and hold you close

And remind you to light up

Because everything fades in the smoke

Smoke floats into the sky up to the moon, you say

And the man up there will keep all your secrets

If you ask nicely enough