To say that this adventure was exhausting would be quite an understatement. We had flown over the Pacific, over the Atlantic, and over every other body of water imaginable. We had driven across America, ridden Vespas through Europe, we had even ridden camels through the Middle East. Yes, this was exciting, impressive to say the least, but none of this had prepared me for the day that Trevor would walk in and announce to the crew that he wanted to explore the sea. We were going by submarine, something unimaginable. We would spend two weeks crammed into a submarine searching and discovering what lay under the sea's deepest depths.

The day after Trevor's declaration, we packed our bags and journeyed to the docks where our sub was waiting. We were all assigned our jobs, me to artifact investigator. This meant that I would be in charge of cleaning and preserving was Trevor brought on the ship. I would also have to give the information on what these artifacts meant. I was usually given this job because of my graduate's degree in archeology, so I was well prepared. Upon my arrival to the docks, I saw a large silver beast that lay in the ocean waiting to swallow up our crew. I, being Trevor's most familiar crew member, was first to step forward and enter the magnificent underwater craft. Inside, there were engines and air compressors. Once you entered the main room, there were handcrafted lights and unimaginable detail that had been crafted into the walls of the vessel. The main window was round and added an incredible magnification to the center. It was like I was standing in a bubble.

"Amazing. Isn't it?" Trevor asked from behind me. I had not heard him step in, but I was so used to his ghostly way of wandering that I no longer shrieked when he made his presence known.

"It is so unique. I don't know why we didn't choose to traverse through the ocean sooner. Just look at the incredible view!" I exclaimed pointing towards the window. You could see everything through this window. I noticed the gills on fish, the bubbles being blown by the fish, the sucking of the octopus' tentacles. I had never imagined anything like this in my wildest dreams.

"Yes, it is incredibly overwhelming," he replied.

"When will the rest of the crew be arriving?" I asked as I glanced around. No one had made it here yet.

"I pardoned them from this exploration for the need of peace."

"What? They aren't coming?" I asked. Every member of the crew had joined Trevor on every exploration. Why not this one?

"Well, I just thought that the sea creatures would be upset if we had too many members out swimming in the ocean upsetting their habitat, so I shaved a few members from the crew and here we are."

"Shaved a few members? There are only two of us out of the original one hundred and fifty!"

"More money for you," he responded guiltily.

Just then the top to the sub closed and Trevor rushed to the control buttons. He moved the sub forward and we were on our way. I spent most of my time gazing out of the window at the sea life. There were little fish hiding in the coral. There were sharks eating their way through the remains of their latest victims. I even saw an occasional jellyfish float by and without warning sting his prey. The life at sea had a calming effect on me. I was more relaxed than ever. As I drifted to sleep, I saw a school of fish swimming by. That night, I dreamt of fish with books and pencils learning about reeling, writhing, and a-rhythm-tic.

I woke up to the sound of an alarm. There was water up to my waist and I was tied to the chair. I squirmed in the chair unable to make a forced release. I then tried to pull my way out of the rope but nothing was working. The water continued to rise and I was without a way out of this chair. I swam around the sub in search of Trevor who was nowhere to be found. I grabbed his notebook (where he kept all of his journals and daily responses) and hurried to the emergency exit. It had been sealed shut. Somebody was trying to trap me! I saw the emergency axe and swam hurriedly towards the grand window and began to repeatedly hit it with the axe. I swung the ax in the same spot but the glass refused to break. I was stuck. I swam around expecting my death by drowning to come to me soon. I wondered if I should prepare a farewell note to my family in Trevor's journal. I decided no to. Where was Trevor? I began to look frantically for my friend. I saw no bubbles under water and could not hear him.

"Trevor? Trevor!" I yelled. I received no response. I wondered where he could have gone. The exit had been sealed and the window was unbreakable. That's when it hit me. Trevor had planned to trap me in the submarine. He was already gone. I threw his journal down in the water in frustration. I then had a thought. I could almost see him doing it, too: scribbling furiously into his journal his plans of murder. I opened the journal and read every page of his plans for me. I was to die here. I then read previous pages. I became shocked and sickened and put the book into my pocket for safe-keeping. Trevor had not pardoned the other members, he had killed every one of them. Trevor was a mass murderer!

I went to my luggage which had been left untouched and grabbed the rain jacket. I decided it would be better for the journal and continued my search for a way out. The water was already above my head and I had to maintain a steady breathing for swimming to remain over water. I saw an odd door that blended in with the wall and went to it. Hidden in here was dynamite, matches and first aid kit. I was running out of time. For lack of a better plan, I followed through with the one that popped into my head. I was going to take the rope that had been used to tie me to attach dynamite near the window and would light in fire and hope for the best. I didn't waste any time to act on this plan. I swam over to the switch and tied the dynamite to it. I scraped the match against the side of the box and it caught fire on about the eighth try. Here goes nothing I thought as I lit the wick on fire. It caught like wildfire and I made my way towards the opposite side of the submarine. I took deep breaths of air as the dynamite wick grew closer and closer to exploding the stick of dynamite. I had just taken a breath when a big BOOM exploded the entire window into little pieces of glass.

Every fish outside of the submarine began to swim away from the vessel as did I. I didn't hesitate to make my way to the surface of the ocean. Once I surfaced I looked around frantically for shore. If I squinted my eyes, I could make out a faint strip of land. It couldn't be more than three miles away! I swam and swam and swam until I reached land. It felt great to be here. I heard shouts and screams coming from the market across the dock where fishermen sell their catch. The men ran towards me and helped me to my feet. The women gave me clothing and food.

In no time, the authorities had arrived and they demanded to know what had happened. I told them everything. They were in disbelief until I gave them Trevor's notebook. They read every page of it and discovered that this had been his plan from the beginning.

"Do you have any idea where he is?" they asked me frantically.

"Nope. Sorry. Actually, you might be interested in hearing this. Trevor was always competitive and wanted his own way. I believe he may be able to be tricked into coming after me again if you put on the news that I was found alive."

The officers looked at me wide-eyed. I bet nobody who had just experienced what I had experienced would risk their life the next day. "Are you sure?"

"Yes! I want him gone and caught."

The police agreed and called in every officer on the job. They set me up in a little hut which would be watched by every officer very carefully. Each policemen had been given a picture of Trevor and a weapon. They were not going to arrest him; they were going to kill him.

I lay in my bed that night with utter fear. I was not planning on sleeping that night, but the night air was so quiet that I closed my eyes. I woke up to the sound of a gunshot. I ran outside. "Did you get him?" I yelled. Somebody put their hand over my mouth and held me at gunpoint. I looked at my surroundings. There was a dead officer in the street, the very same one who had questioned my plan. I looked away because I knew his death was my fault. Another officer stepped to the ground with a gun aiming at Trevor's head.

"You shoot. I shoot," Trevor stated. The policemen lowered his gun and backed away from Trevor. I was then dragged into the back of an SUV and duct tape was wrapped around my hands and feet and was placed over my mouth. I was being kidnapped. I didn't fight Trevor or hyperventilate and faint, I did exactly what he wanted me to do.

We drove in the SUV for what seemed like months. I only ate two meals a day and was allowed half an hour out of the car with him monitoring me. I felt like I was in prison. I had not showered in days and I could smell the despicable odor coming from me. Even Trevor winced when he stepped back into the car.

"When will this end?" I asked Trevor one day. I had not spoken in days and the lack of discussion was killing me.

"When will what end?" Trevor asked.

"This. When will you let me go."

"Never," he replied simply. At that point, I was angry enough to stick my head through the window. Would suicide be the better option. I didn't think so, and I hoped that I would not be forced to make that decision.

We drove for several more days. I began to lose track of time/ The outside world became a blur to me. I needed to escape. How? I sat in silence for a few more days contemplating what I could do. I developed an insane scheme that could work. Tomorrow, I would escape life with Trevor. I would run to the authorities, and he would be found.

The next day I eagerly waited for my half an hour to arrive. I had anticipated the time he would stop and where he would stop due to the surrounding area. I also knew that no matter what location we were in, I would be able to survive because of my past experience in extreme environments.

"Here we are," Trevor said as he had said everyday to notify me that my half hour would start now and would end no later than the exact time that was thirty after the start. I jumped out of the car and examined the area. There wasn't much to examine, we were near the ocean again. I had not planned for this to be an environment. I had little knowledge of this type of place. In fact, the idea of being here scared me. I pretended to mess around in the area, but I wasn't actually doing anything. I walked back to the car once I was sure my thirty minutes were up. Trevor was rummaging through his trunk.

"Where is my journal?" I heard him mumble.

"Why do you need it?" I asked. I knew for a fact that it was still in the hands of the police.

"No reason," he responded in a faux calm voice.

"I wonder what the other crew members are thinking right now."

"Hmm," he grumbled.

"I bet they would like to know what we have found in the ocean. You know, because they still think that we are on that submarine."

Trevor's eyes narrowed and he turned to fix them on me. His expression questioned every nerve in my body. He was trying to decide whether or not I knew.

"Yea. I bet they would," he finally said.

"Too bad their dead!" I yelled boldly. I began to run in the direction of the road and Trevor wasted no time to go after me. He had done track in high school, but so had I. He had been a star soccer player, but so had I. He had won a parkour challenge, but so had I. Neither one of us had an advantage. It was completely equal. I ran towards the forest and heard a gunshot behind me. It was no longer equal. I had to hide before I was killed. I ducked down behind a tree stump and did my best to cover myself with moss. I could hear Trevor's footsteps crumbling leaves in the distance. They were getting closer and closer and closer. I inched down to try to cover my face some more.

"Where are you?" he yelled. Every inch of my body tingled in fear. At any minute he could see a slight spot of skin and kill me. Trevor did not see me and continued his way into the forest. Once I thought he was far enough I ran out of the woods and began walking along the road again. I stumbled over rocks and other items as I traveled. I had almost reached the first town since my journey began when I heard screeching tires behind me. Crap! Trevor had found me again. I started to run now in hopes that I could make it to the town to call. All I needed was to reach the first house. Trevor attempted everything from shooting me to running me over on the way to town. I had dodged the bullets and had moved before I could be run over. I just needed to get their. The house was only a quarter of a mile away now, and I gave it everything I had to reach the house. I knocked on the door and circled the house so that Trevor would not shoot me as I stood still. An elderly woman had just begun to open the door when I charged through.

"Lock the door," I ordered. She did so. "Where is your phone?" I asked hurriedly.

"It's in the kitchen," she replied in a raspy voice. She was calmer than any woman I had ever seen. As I frantically looked for her phone, she drank plum juice in her rocking chair and ate chocolate chip cookies. The phone was on the table and I dialed 9-1-1.

"9-1-1 what is your emergency?" answered a monotone voice.

"I am being attacked by a man!" I yelled Outside I could see Trevor's SUV circling the building. "He is circling the building."

"What is your current location miss?" she replied in the same unconcerned voice.

"What is your address?" I yelled to the lady.

"Just tell her the purple house, dear."

"The purple house?" I said into the phone.

"Officers are on their way," the voice replied.

I began to rummage through the lady's drawers in search of something useful. I found a bunch of knives and some pins, but no gun.

"Do you have a gun?" I asked.

"Yes, it is upstairs under the left corner of my mattress."

"Thank you!" I said as I hustled up the stairs. Sure enough the gun lay directly where she had said it was. Plus, it was fully loaded. I advanced down the stairs as the doorbell rang. The police were here!

I flew down the rest of the stairs and yanked the door open. It was not the police. It was Trevor. I had no intention of giving him another opportunity to kill me. I shot the gun that was in my hand and the bullet went straight into his heart. Trevor collapsed right in front of me.

"Why?" was the last thing he said. I watched his lifeless body stare at me. His piercing green eyes dug deep into my soul. I closed the eyelids and felt more comfortable beside him if it is possible to feel comfort when sitting near a dead person. The police were arriving and were pointing guns at me because I looked as if I had murdered Trevor, which was indeed the case.

I was interrogated for four days straight. I had to explain my motive and my story to them over and over again. The story was flawless and completely true, but they had to be sure. I was released from their custody and upon my departure, told them about his journal and where they could find it. Trevor was given a funeral service during my time in jail. I heard that nobody went which came as no surprise to me considering that he had killed everyone he had ever known.

I blamed my self for Trevor's death. He may have been a crazed killer, but the guilt lingered with me and refused to go away. I needed the guilt to leave. Trevor hadn't killed me, but the guilt that his death had left on me was. I needed a way to be free from it. I was kinder to everybody. I volunteered for everything everywhere. Nothing worked. I needed to be free of Trevor and his curse. I turned to the one thing that offered solitude...alcohol. I became a heavy alcoholic and feared that without the drink I would suffer from his death all over again.

This is my story. My name is Jane and I am an alcoholic.