Flying was freeing, but more than anything it was hard. The wings were weak at points. They had just been made and right now it was hard to control my weight and there's. But soon enough I got used to it and flew without any problems, even doing tricks in the air. The boys were good spot for flying. The car they were in was moving faster than I think most cars should go. But after racing them for a day I stopped and slowed down to let them keep up with me. The trip to the nest was the long. Humans, as the boys were, needed to rest and eat so they stopped every time the sun would dip in to the horizon. Didn't they know that the singing was getting louder and that we needed to keep moving? If they could hear it then they would never want to rest, they'd want to keep moving and to move faster until the singing stopped. I looked down at them from the building that I was sitting on top of. They were starting a fire; Devon looked up at me and smiled. And just like that the singing stopped. All I could hear was their voices. The town that we were in was a place called Englewood; it was small with a lot of trees. So much so that they were taking over the buildings and all the streets; growing out of every crack in the floor, every vine snaking its way up every building. This was the same way for every town that we entered.

The acid rain had started to pour down and there fire was going out. There was so many profane words that Robert had to say to the sky. It was too funny and I saw Devon laughing at him when I smiled. How could Devon be so calm and relaxed about everything that's happening now? It was not normal… I decided to help them and flew down. The sun was on the horizon and the sky looked pink. When I got down there was no more fire left in the garbage can the boys had found and put wood into. I walked over to them. They were sitting on the hood of the car, it had stopped and had no more gas, and I stood in front of them and after a while turned and sat on the car too. Without looking at them I took my wing out and put it over their heads to stop the rain. I just looked ahead of me at the setting sun as I could feel their eyes on me.


M. it was the feeling of nurture vs. nature. It was the love of the one who nurtured and the greater love of her nature. It was a strong, warm light that penetrated whatever darkness came to ruin you. It taught you what it meant to be yourself. It was what I felt when I thought of M. I felt it in my soul, that light and that love, I felt it in my being. And maybe that's why I didn't kill Devon and Rob, and why I was helping them look for gas to start their car. They had to rig a gas pump and take some from the cars lining the streets. Me, I was using my claws to break into the machines and find food for them. It was one more thing that I figured I could do with the nails. I was inside a candy shop sitting on the counter with Robert looking at the rainbow collection that they had, Devon was outside filling his car with things that they needed for the rest of the trip. Rob looked at me from the corner of his eyes and made a sweeping motion with his hands at the sweets when he said, "Want anything? I mean I know you don't but you know it's better than…whatever it is that you eat." I looked at him with a raised eyebrow. If only he knew that 'whatever' it was that I ate was the flesh and meat of the dead that lie around him. But before I had a chance to tell him that, yes, it would be better than what I eat; I heard the high pitched screams coming from outside. I turned my head towards the door and ran out; with rob on my heels, to find Devon fighting off one of the changed ones with a lead pipe in his hands. The changed one had all her claws out and was batting her wings low to each Devon without getting hit by the pipe he was waving around.

"Don't all help me at once you guys!" he was screaming over his shoulder at us. My wings spread at the comment and I lifted myself going straight for the changed one. I charged her and took her to the ground hitting her back on a hood of a stray car. My teeth sharpened and came out with all its glory when I hissed and growled at her. I could see the color of her eyes at that moment, red with darker black on the inside; it was the color of war and the bloodlust in her soul that was reaching out through her eyes. In other words I would assume that she had lost her humanity. The changed one then pushed with a strength that even I didn't have, and shoved me off of her on to the ground. I hit with a thump and when I looked up I saw Devon and Robert fighting two other just like the changed one. Red soul less eyes, sharp claws ready to rip flesh and teeth beard ready to break bones. The changed on the car jumped off and walked past me without any notice of me. Getting up I saw Devon and Robert fighting two changed and another one coming right at them. I got up and grabbed the first thing that I could reach; it was the lead pipe that Devon dropped. Holding the pipe in two hands I came at the changed one from behind. I knocked her out and then toke a swing at her wings next. I heard the crack of her bones in the wings and know from that that she will never be able to fly with the wing. The neck one I went for was the one that Devon was fighting. He was in a fighting stance with razor braces on his hands and was taking very good jabs at the changed one. Good enough that the changed one already had a few cuts on her face and was trying to dodge more. I came up from behind her and I saw Devon saw because he pushed her in my direction. Taking aim I swung the pipe to hit her back, right where her wings were coming from. She screeched and bent back in horror then turned to me. As soon as she faced me she fell. There was three dagger sized jags in the back of her head. Devon had knocked her out with his hand braces. There was only one more changed and she was fighting Robert. He had two large kendo swords. Where did these boys get there weapons? With a thought I lifted my wings up and lifted myself up. It took a running start but I flew low enough for me to reach out, take Robert in my hands and lift him up. Going higher into the sky and then making a backflip in the air I turned around to go back and pick up Devon. They were heavy but what was I supposed to expect with two grown boys in my hands. The changed one followed me picking up speed. She was not far behind. All I could do to get away was to fly higher. I could hear Robert and Devon's shouts. Devon sounded like he was having fun, but Robert just keep saying for me to put him down. Then when I was above the changed one I did what Robert wanted and let go. He fell on her and with what looked like great fear stabbed her in the skull. The sword had come out through the other side of her head. She dropped with a thud on the ground, but I swiftly synced to pick up Robert before she had fallen. Gently slowing down and putting the boys down I landed and let my wings rest.

There was a cough and a whiz, then a hand on my shoe. It was the changed one with that Devon knocked out.

"She knows, go to her and be all She is" it was what she said before died. In that moment I heard it again. The signing, it was louder than ever this time. Calling and wanting was the only thing I could hear. She was mad at me but still wanted me, it was sweet sadness in Her voice, and it was a beautiful nightmare telling me that I was close and only had a little to go till I saw Her. I picked up my feet and started walking to Her. It was so near I felt like she was there in my ears saying my name, my real name. Then it stopped. It was Devon screaming my name.

"Chari! Where are you going? Wait up!" him and Robert had been running, weapons in hand, to keep up with me. They came to a halt when they did and when I turned I saw what they were looking at. It was the city, but it wasn't. There was a swirl of dark clouds in the sky and a litter of dead people every which way. Even they could feel that She was here and I knew that She was waiting for me. I was ready to meet my maker.