Avery Mary Keller was a normal eleven year old girl. She loved hanging out with friends and family and even helping people around her hometown of Golden Gardens. She lived with her mom and grandma. Avery tried to fight excitement as she readied for bed one night because the next day was her twelfth birthday. Birthdays in her family were always a big deal. Family members she barely or never remembered always showed up and her mother went all out with food for the parties. Her mother was a legend when it came to the best sweets in town. She made brownies, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and even kept every type of candy in stock. The next day Avery's mom styled her hair up really pretty and even bought her a new outfit for her party. Around three guests started arriving as her mom and grandma prepared the food. Avery was always surprised by her grandmother. Even though she was in her early seventies she acted like she was maybe in her thirties. Around six the food was ready and the party moved outside. Her mother decorated the backyard perfectly. Purple and pink balloons were tied up everywhere and sparkly stuff seemed to be sprinkled all over them. Purple shiny streamers where hanging from the edge of the roof. A purple and pink cloth laid over the picnic table with matching plates, cups, and silverware. Above the table hanging from the two trees in the yard was a banner that said HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVERY! in big purple letters. "Do you like it?" her mom asked.

"I love it!" Avery said hugging her mom.

"Good" her mom said, "just remember Avery, I will always be here for you even when you don't see me"

"Ok" Avery said not sure what her mom meant. As the night went on Avery danced and played with her family. She wasn't sure why, but her family loved to play and dance any chance they got. After everyone left Avery went to get ready for bed. Her mom was brushing her hair as Avery went on about how fun her birthday party was. "I think this was the best birthday yet" Avery said.

"I can tell you really had fun" her mother said.

"I did" Avery said.

"You've grown up so beautiful" her mom said looking in the big vanity mirror across from them in Avery's room. Avery looked almost just like her. She had her glowing blue eyes and powder white skin. Her hair was red like her's, but a lighter shade. She was finally the age she had to be in order to find out the family secret. It wasn't a secret they could just tell her. It was one that Avery was going to have to discover herself and her mother knew what she had to do even though it was gonna be hard. "Well bedtime kiddo" her mom said. She tucked Avery in and kissed her goodnight. "I love you Avery Marie"

"I love you too Mommy" Avery said as her mother left the room.