By the time the girls got the entire page decoded it read DEEP IN THE FOREST A TINY TOWN GLOWS. "This doesn't make sense" Avery said.

"I know, there isn't a town in the forest" Elysia said. Then there was a knock on Elysia's bedroom door. It was her mom. "Avery you're grandma called and said you should be getting home now" Elysia said.

"Ok" Avery said grabbing her stuff, "I'll talk to you later Elysia" When she got home she could smell her grandmother's home made vegetarian stew. Avery's entire life her family had eaten nothing, but vegetables and sweets. She asked her mother why once she said their kind never harmed animals. They were as pure as they were. Another weird thing about Avery's family is nothing ever had salt in it. Her mother had told her salt was dangerous for her family. That it could make them go crazy. Avery never understood, but she never questioned what her mother said until now. "Smells good" Avery complemented walking into the rose pink painted room.

"It should be done in about an hour" her grandmother said.

"Well just call me down when it's done" Avery said and ran up to her room. Avery hopped on her bed and relaxed. her bag plopped to the floor and that's when she saw the book Elysia had given her. She decided to read it to pass time until dinner since she was starving. She grabbed the book from the floor and opened it to the first page. The pages of the book were rimmed in gold and the paper looked aged. They were a dark vanilla color.

Along time before humans ever came to be earth was a pure place. It's only beings were fairies. The whole planet was one huge village ruled by the fairy royals. King Kheelen and Queen Aura. That name stroke a cord for Avery. Her's mother name was Laura. She wanted to cry, but fought the urge. King Kheelen was in charge of keeping the forest in which their village thrived safe and to train the toughest fairies in how to fight and Queen Aura made sure the village was calm and happy. She had made sure the fairies who gathered food only brought back the ripest and juiciest fruits and vegetables. Fairies only had a diet of fruits, vegetables and sweets. The didn't believe in hurting living breathing animals just so they could keep living. The Queen would sit and watch all the little fairies grow and play through the village. She wanted so much to be a mother to own little fairy. She knew being a mother would make her the happiest fairy in the village.

"Avery dinner!" she heard her grandmother call. She marked her page with her rose designed book mark and headed downstairs. She got down there and the scent of carrots, peppers, tomatoes, and spices filled the room. Avery sat down at her chair as her grandmother sat a bowl of the soup down in front her and handed her a grape soda. Avery chowed down. She hadn't eaten since breakfast. "This is so good" Avery said.

"Well thank you" her grandmother said sitting down across from her. Avery thought her grandmother looked so young for her age. With her light red hair, that was laced with a little grey, and her pale blue eyes. She looked like a slightly older version of her mother. "Heard from mom anymore?" Avery asked.

"No, but she did send you something" her grandmother said.

"What?" Avery asked. He grandmother walked over to one of the cabinets by the sink and took out a small pink pouch and handed it to Avery. She unzipped the bag. Inside were little jars. They looked to be filled with sparkling powder. "What is this?" she said holding one of the jars up. Each jar had bright pink powder in it.

"It's a candy that has been in our family for centuries called fairy dust" her grandmother explained, "I guess she thought you would like it"