The next day at school Mallory wasn't sure what she should expect. Though she certainly wasn't expecting for nothing to happen. Yes, nothing happened. At all. It was completely normal, average day. Mallory was ignored, as usual, nothing significant happened, as usual. Janus didn't even glance at her the entire day. She hoped with all her might that yesterday had just been a one-time thing to take out his anger on life.
At the end of the school day, Mallory strolled outside after packing up her stuff. A small smile graced her face because she was listening to her favorite song through her earphones. The brown-haired girl's head bobbed from side to side and she mouthed the words to the song as she listened. Mallory didn't care about the whispers she overheard coming out of the majority of the girls around her's mouths. They were always gossiping about something or other. Probably her.
She didn't care, really. She didn't... okay, sometimes it did hurt. Mallory never figured out the reason why everyone started avoiding her, even her own best friend-OLD best friend. Obviously, it wasn't jealousy. She wasn't pretty nor popular. Maybe threatening? Some person who didn't like her started spreading rumors? There were many possibilities as to why people ignored her.

Except, weirdly enough, Janus. He was the only one who talked to her at all. Even if it was just a greeting once a day in the morning, it was a meaningful part of her life.

After that day, so was his bullying. Everyday at six 'o'clock, he went to her home and convinced her parents to let her go with him to school to "discuss" things. And so the daily bullying began. Her parents noticed the bruises and small scrapes that appeared on her body each time, but she claimed she'd fallen so they wouldn't worry.

How did she stay sane? Mallory always tuned him out when Janus started insulting her. She didn't care about her body as long as it wasn't permanent or capable of killing her. Her attitude towrads life and personality changed. Mallory started out as a normal, cheery eighth grade girl with hopes and dreams. She turned into a stoic, cold-looking eighth grade girl who looked mature beyond her years.

It had been several months since Janus had started bullying Mallory. in the beginning she'd done futile attempts to make him stop but they never worked. So she gave up. There wasn't anything else she could do. Ultimately, she didn't really want to do anything. He'd been less brutal and harsh lately. It creeped her out and made her think he had some sort of big plan in mind. So she decided to end it. It, meaning her life. It was pointless. No meaning. So on that night, with slightly shaking hands, she committed suicide.

She left a cryptic suicide note that the police couldn't figure out. It was a four paragraph poem that said,

Bully, bully,

Who are you?

Please don't tell me

That it's true.

I liked you.

Punching, punching,

Kicks and cuts.


Innocent girl.


Months and months

And time goes by.

You won't believe

Who he is.


Stupid adults.

Gullible citizens

Are lied to.

Sorry I died.

Stupid. :P

Mallory's parents mourned but were secretly happy in the bottom of their hearts. Now they wouldn't be in debt, could pay the bills, and could even have money left over! There lives got a little sadder and a little happier. The girls at school felt guilty about gossiping about her. The teachers were sad about doubting her attempts to make them investigate Janus and find he was bullying her. Janus felt guiltiest. After confessing to bullying her, he was expelled by the school and grounded for life by his parents.

The third day after being expelled. Nothing to do. Janus spun around on his blue swivel chair before he caught sight of something that made his mouth drop open. Starting from the top of the head, he slowly looked at the person in front of him. Scarlet hair. Brown eyes, freckles. Long neck. Shoulders. Chest. Stomach. Waist. Skinny jeans covering a pair of long legs. Sneaker-clad feet with short ankle socks. Mallory Anthony in all of her glory was sitting cross-legged on the ground in front of him.

"WHAT THE-?!" he yelled, before falling off his chair in surprise and through her.