I'm not like you,
Nor will I ever be.
For I rather like who I'm becoming
Casting my past out into the sea.

You see, I'm not like you
You can't even accept the slightest change,
While I'm here changing every minute
But to you, this is strange.

No, I'm certainly not like you
For I'd be embarrassed to say I am.
To say that I cannot stand to go away
When honestly, I wouldn't give a damn.

I'll never be like you
You and your silly lies.
The ones that convince others you're like them.
And you're tangles in their games and ties.

Thing is, I was once you
The one who couldn't accept anything
That I was surely different
With no personal song to sing.

But I am no longer you
And I wish to never go back.
For if I ever were to
It'd be strength I'd lack.