Isabel was standing next to Adele and Kevin, she was wondering what was happening around her, the strange thing was that Skyler and Tara had been gone but have returned, were they in the battle or not?

The mahogany haired witch had an emotionless expression on her face; she was brushing off the dirt of her black combat pants as she fell onto the ground after Kevin rescued her from Sarah. Her hair was a mess and in tatters as it was long like Medusa, parts of her hair were behind her ear as she was in the comfort and safety of her two best friends and a couple in the circle, her eyes reverted to her lover and his cousin, they were untouched so it meant that what Kevin said earlier was starting to make sense to her, she never wanted it to be like that, finding out the guy she loved was evil so she tried to push that thought out of her head as it was one of Kevin's crazy delusions.

Isabel never thought that she could feel such a pure, innocent bond with her best friend's boyfriend, the feeling of an aching heart was present inside of her soul, she ignored those feelings to watch Adele and Kevin act all love dovey after a battle, most of the members of the circle were dirty from the fight apart from the leader and his cousin. She looked at them with a daring eye, the feeling of confusion was the first thing she started sensing within. The members of the circle got into the cars to go back to the new place they called home.

When they got back to the safehouse in Augusta, they were all sitting down around the dining table as a family, there was bowls full of vegetables, stews and bread with a birthday cake in the middle of the table, it had a green marzipan on top with little bits of dark green icing as it was Kirsty's favourite colour. The eighteen white, thin candles were lit up around the cake, the little drops of wax was falling onto the cake.

Kirsty was blushing as her face flushed tomato red as she wasn't embarrassed as easily because she was so confident and brave. Darren, Adele, Kevin, Jenny, Jeff and Paul were happy singing the traditional birthday song in Latin as it was the way witches did it. The six enthusiastic members of the Quilcene circle were around Kirsty as if it was a game of musical chairs which the first rule is to go around the chair.

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Afterwards the dirty-blond haired witch was cutting up the cake into ten pieces, her pink eyes reverted to Isabel, who was not joining in the song and the fun, her face was solemn and silent as if something happened directly to her, she seemed sad and unhappy so she didn't even touch a bit of her plate of dinner. Sometimes Kirsty wondered about her half-evil and half-good circle sister as she was always so quiet or reading a book, the only people she seemed to talk to were Skyler and Adele in the day.

As a present Darren gave his girl a CD with the collection of her favourite hard rock songs from Lita Ford to Alanis Morrisette. Kirsty was wearing a present from her father that reminded her to open on her eighteenth birthday; the present was one of the twenty talismans of amaranth, they were rare pendants in colours with meanings, it was a green one, the green represented the souls and spirits. Jenny had the red talisman from her eighteenth birthday from her mom, her red pendent represented seduction and temptation so she wasn't the only girl in the circle that wore a talisman of amaranth.

Kirsty was amused at the effort the circle made for her eighteenth as so much has happened to her, she could see a familiar man. However no one else in the circle could but her, he was white, his hair was like her's, his eyes were blue and he smiled, it was the spirit of her father Bernard Taylor. Although Kirsty hated having mediumship, the ability to communicate and see the dead, she liked it when the ghosts of family members came occasionally like her dad at every birthday.

Darren and Jeff were playing cards on the table against Paul and Kevin, the alpha male environment was present in the friendly game while Jenny and Kirsty were rocking out to the music on the stereo system. Adele was reading her copy of Emma on the dining table as she was a book-worm like Isabel, who was reading a copy of King Lear. The problem was that Skyler and Tara hated birthdays as it was a regular thing for them so they were not present in the dining room. From the corner of Kevin's eye, he could see the dark witches outside from the living room window so he ignored them. Kevin could see that their secret will be exposed one way or another if he had anything to do with it.

Isabel and Adele were in the kitchen with the lights dimmed, clearing up the dishes after dinner and cake, sometimes Isabel was afraid to tell Adele anything because she could sense that she was controlling her feelings with empathy so she tried to hide what she was feeling in front of her best friend.

Adele had a medium wound of her face as it was light red, must have been from the witch called Jolene. Isabel was angered by the fact that someone had the pure evil heart to hurt someone like Adele; someone that could turn the other cheek. The plates were empty as the fighting with the circle of demon-witch hybrids must have worked up an appetite. Isabel wanted to tell Adele something that was going to affect the rest of the circle.

"I want to tell you something" Isabel said as she started shaking, her fingers were trembling, it wasn't from the water from the kitchen sink

"What is it Izzy?" Adele replied as she placed her hand on her fingers, the gentle sensation was travelling through her nerves as she was feeling a bit calmer

"I think the lightning attack wasn't an accident"

"What do you mean?"

"I think Skyler or Tara did it"

"Why would you think that?"

"They were not present at the fight"

"What if they were in trouble like us, that Jolene girl was tougher than she looks?"

"I'm sorry, it's just I know dark magic when I see it and lightning is not easy to conjure"

"What are you saying?"

"Skyler and Tara let the other circle go"

"For what reason"

"I don't know yet"

"We will figure it out tomorrow" Adele said as her cell phone buzzed, the ringtone was Nightwish's Beauty and the beast, her favourite song 'damn it' she moaned as he left the kitchen to go into the backyard. To see the loveliness of the yellow crescent moon; the caller ID identified it as Grandma 1

"Granny, why are you calling me?" Adele whispered over the phone

"I'm coming tomorrow" the voice on the other line spoke in a grating tone


"I know where you kids are staying, it's important"
"Are you coming to take our powers away?"

"No, to tell you something very important"

"What is it?"

"The Gwen Parker girl, she can control the weather"

"So it was her causing all these thunder storms around the north"

"And she is also your sister"

"From who"

"Your father didn't tell you, I'm sorry about it. Henry is so stubborn sometimes"

"How could you tell me this?"

"Before you were born, he accidently had a child with a fledgling demon whore"

"You are lying; all of you Elders lie to get what you want"

"Adele, listen to me I….." the old woman yelled as Adele pushed the red button on her cell to end the call

Adele didn't want to bother to listen to her grandmother Sage, her father's mother and an Elder in the Wiccan society, she was the most kind-hearted girl in the circle but she couldn't digest the fact that weather witch was her sister.

Isabel was indoors looking at the window to see Adele standing there, she placed her hand on the window gently as Adele did the same, the feeling from physical touch was have been adrenaline-charged with skin on skin contact. A pair of azure blue eyes and forest green eyes were looking at each other through the glass barrier between them, the warmth and love in their eyes were reflected on the cool touch of the icy windows.

Adele started to have the warm fuzzy feelings inside her towards Isabel; if it was the end of the world then she will want to be left with Isabel as she is the only person that understands more than her own boyfriend. Adele couldn't comprehend the fact that she might be in love with her best friend, who knows what fate has in store for them. Isabel started into the vulnerability in the eyes of the blonde witch on the other side of the window.