With this story, I go back to my roots - The Murder Incident. A murder, a mystery and how it was done in a concise manner. (Some of you may find it a little dry though.) Anyways, I hope you enjoy it.

At the Crime Scene

Cases like these came only once in a while. After a lull following last month's serial murders, Adrian had finally been called to solve another murder. As expected, he had invited me to come along and help with his investigation.

This one was certainly the most bizarre case I had ever come across. The victim had been killed in a locked room in every sense of the word. He was found stabbed in a closed room with no way in or out except a door. There were no windows, no holes on the wall and no secret entrances. Just a single door, that was all.

Of course, there exist many tricks to lock a door from the outside; Adrian himself had taught me a few. But, the problem in this case was that the victim had entered the room (it was empty) in front of five witnesses. Then, the five witnesses waiting outside had heard screams of pain. They had broken the door down only to find the victim, their friend, dead on the floor with a large knife in his heart.

"Nobody else entered or exited the room?" Adrian was asking Cuthbert. We were at the crime scene, an old abandoned house at the edge of the town with the reputation of being haunted.

"No Adrian. The victim's friends were right outside the door – the only door."

The room was completely enclosed on all sides by six inch thick wooden walls. It was the same with the ceiling. There was nothing in the room except a chair, a table and a shelf. The wood that made them was rotting and they were slowly falling apart. The room was filthy – cobwebs completely each corner of the ceiling. The paint on the wall was peeling off. The carpet, torn and frayed and already caked with dust, was now more disgusting with all the blood on it. I could see dust hanging in the air with the little sunlight that managed to creep through the door (there was a window exactly opposite the door).

"So, the victim, Nord Kies, enters this empty room and locks the door. His friends are outside, waiting. Suddenly, they hear him screaming. When they break the door down, he is lying here dead," Adrian said walking up to the bloody spot, "with a knife in his chest. And there is no one else in the room."

"That's what they say. And that's what the footprints on the carpet suggest too. There were only three pair when we arrived. One belonged to Nord. The other two were his friends' who rushed in as soon as they saw him lying on the floor, bleeding with a knife protruding from his chest. Of those standing outside, one ushered the other two out of visual range so they didn't have to see the gory sight."

"So the question is, how did the killer manage to go inside the room, kill Nord and then leave the room when his friends were standing outside the only door. And that too without leaving a single footprint in a room full of dust," I commented.

"Beats me," Cuth said with a shrug. "My theory is the killer made a projectile kind of setup in here. You know, one that launched the knife towards Nord."

"That's ridiculous," Adrian said. He was looking at the picture in his hand. It was of the crime scene taken three hours ago. The body had been taken away, much to Adrian's annoyance, and he only had the photo to work with.

"Look at his face Peter," he said, passing the picture to me.

"He looks terrified," I replied.

"More like surprised," Adrian said. "Cuth, the knife - where is it?"

"I sent it to the forensics department for–"

"You won't find any fingerprints on it, that's for sure."

"I figure so …" Cuth trailed off. I could see discomfort in his face.

"What is it Cuth?" I asked.

"Well … the knife that was used to – that killed Nord … it was in the hands of a statue standing outside in the garden, near the gate. And it was there before the group came here."

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